Chapter 1192: Scale


Elder Scorpion’s heart skipped a beat and he gasped. His palm trembled and the Dharmic art that he had just conjured dissipated instantly!

How was that possible?

How could a bloodline from that race still exist?!

Elder Scorpion’s eyes were filled with shock and his aura was unstable.

“Elder, what happened?”

Sensing the abnormality in Elder Scorpion, a witch hurried forward and asked softly.

Elder Scorpion closed his eyes and remained silent, merely panting slowly to compose himself.

Was he seeing things?

He was still in disbelief as he recalled what he had seen.

The Dharmic art he released earlier on was incomplete and was close to a divine power.

Even with his capabilities, he could only rely on the remnant memories of this place to trace back to what happened.

It was already impossible for him to release that Dharmic art again and catch a clear glimpse of that terrifying figure.

He could only recall through his memories.

There was no mistake!

Even if he was in a daze and did not manage to catch sight of that figure clearly, there was no way he could be mistaken about the aura that came from the primordial era!

Even after the sands of time had pa.s.sed, the aura emitted by that figure still gave him shudders.

It was a shuddering feeling.

It was like a rat meeting a cat.

Even if he wanted to resist, he could not!

To his relief, the figure had yet to truly grow.

Elder Scorpion’s expression darkened.

Still worried, he released his spirit consciousness and scanned the surroundings carefully. He did not miss out on anything, even beneath the scorched earth and cracks of the ruins!

A long time later, his body shuddered and he arrived beside a ruin of rocks in a flash. Waving his sleeves, he sent many rocks above flying, creating a huge pit.

Thereafter, he bent down and removed his hood, revealing a pair of ghastly green eyes that glared at the huge pit before him.

There was nothing else there but a black scale lying quietly.

Even though it was buried by the ruins, the scale was still s.h.i.+ny without any scratches.

It was only when he saw the scale that Elder Scorpion was certain that the bloodline still existed!

Furthermore, it was growing stealthily!

This was a huge matter!

The death of the young master caused a huge stir in the Witch race.

However, if word of this were to spread, the entire Witch race would explode!

“Elder Scorpion, what’s wrong?”

A witch walked forward and stuck his head out, asking curiously.

Elder Scorpion’s spirit consciousness moved and he put away the scale instantly.

He had no intention of telling the younger generation of the Witch race behind him about this for the time being lest they panic.

“It’s fine,”

He replied casually without batting an eyelid.

“Where should we go next?”

The witch asked again.

“Dragon Bone Valley!”

Initially, Elder Scorpion wanted to make use of the secret skill of the Witch race to trace the aura left behind by the young master and check out where the latter had been.

However, since this discovery, he could only change his plan at the last minute. They would head to the Dragon Bone Valley right away to resolve that matter as soon as possible before returning to the sect!

Without hesitation, Elder Scorpion ordered and everyone from the Witch race stood up to leave.

Three days later, Dragon Bone Valley.

The Dragon True Body was cultivating in seclusion within its lair.

The spirit refinement technique of the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, the Yin and Yang Spirit sections, came from the Dragon King Desolate Ocean.

The words of the Dragon race within were difficult to understand.

Prior to this, Su Zimo’s cultivation speed was extremely slow and he stumbled.

However, after coming to the Dragon race, he learned the Dragon race’s language and cultivated some basic aura cultivation techniques of the Dragon race. Many of the confusion in the Yin and Yang Spirit sections were easily resolved.

It now took him half the effort to cultivate the two cultivation techniques!

In the span of a mere 11 years in the Dragon Bone Valley, Su Zimo’s cultivation had improved tremendously and he was even at the perfected Void Reversion realm!

This day, Su Zimo was awakened by a voice transmission.

He had already instructed that n.o.body was to disturb his seclusion if nothing major happened within the clan.

Now that someone was calling for him, it meant that something major had happened to the Dragon race!

Su Zimo pushed the doors open and walked out.

Long Xi was standing at the entrance with an anxious expression. When she saw Su Zimo come out, she said hurriedly, “Not good, the Witch race has arrived!”

Witch race!

A cold glint flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes.

The reason why the Witch race came to the Dragon race at this time should be because of the young master of the Witch race.

Long Xi continued, “I heard that the Mighty Figure of the Witch race leading them has terrifying combat strength and has been famous for a long time. He’s older than most of the elders in the race!”

“Many elders of the race are receiving them at the Divine Dragon Hall and they want you to join them.”

“I’ve got it,”

Su Zimo nodded and was about to move.

“Long Zhu, you…”

Long Xi hesitated for a moment and instructed, “Be careful when you’re in the hall. Don’t go against this Mighty Figure of the Witch race.”

“What’s wrong?”

Su Zimo raised his brow and asked instead, “As the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage, would the Witch race dare to attack and kill me in the Dragon Bone Valley?”

Long Xi shook her head. “That won’t happen. Don’t worry, the Dragon race protects their own. The elders will definitely protect you.”

After a brief pause, she continued, “However, a young master of the Witch race with a n.o.ble status has died after all. It’s not easy to explain this matter either. You might have to suffer a little, but it’ll pa.s.s after a while.”

Su Zimo nodded and did not say anything more, heading to the Divine Dragon Hall with Long Xi.

Before long, he arrived at the entrance of the grand hall.

Even before he entered the hall, Su Zimo already felt waves of pressure!

On the main seat opposite the entrance sat five figures with powerful auras – they were elders of the five lineages of the Dragon race!

The arrival of the five elders was clear proof of how highly they regarded the Witch race!

Among them was Elder Four of the Illumination Dragon lineage who held Su Zimo in high regards.

The other four elders looked familiar as well.

The elder of the Horned Dragon lineage was Long Zhong.

Prior to this, he tried to force Su Zimo to hand over Barren and the Reverse Scale secret skills. Unfortunately, he did not succeed.

At that moment, Long Zhong’s expression was grim as he glared at Su Zimo coldly and harrumphed.

A figure sat at the bottom right of the five elders.

He was extremely young and wore green-blue armor. With a burning gaze and a straight back, he sat there with a mighty aura that could almost match the five elders!

Young dragons like Long Xi could only stand in the Divine Dragon Hall.

However, this dragon was not only sitting.

Furthermore, his seat was only beneath the five elders!

That was because he was the number one of the Heavenly Dragon Ranking and the only five-clawed divine dragon of the Dragon race – Long Cang!

Opposite him, an old man in green robes sat to the left of the five elders.

The old man’s hair was thin and he wielded a white walking stick in his left hand. His cheeks were gaunt and his eyes were deep with a green glint.

The most prominent feature of the Witch race was their green eyes!

The deeper the green color, the purer the bloodline of the Witch race!

Behind the old witch stood 12 juniors of the Witch race.

The atmosphere in the hall was heavy.

That was because apart from those people, there was another person lying in the middle of the hall.

However, it was a dead man.

It was the young master of the Witch race!

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