Chapter 1193: Confrontation in the Hall

The moment Su Zimo appeared at the entrance of the grand hall, he attracted gazes.

The eyes of the dozens of witches were filled with hostility and killing intent!

Su Zimo believed that if they were not in the Dragon Bone Valley, those witches might have charged forward and torn him into pieces!

The old man from the Witch race who was sitting turned over and his green eyes suddenly rippled.


He narrowed his gaze and glared at Su Zimo’s face.

He seemed to have seen that appearance somewhere before!

The old man from the Witch race pondered for a moment and a thought flashed through his mind.

Ten Thousand Gu Swamp!

The cultivator who released the flames!

When he used his secret skill to retrace the past, he vaguely remembered that the green-robed cultivator looked like this!

Of course, he was not certain either.

After all, he had merely caught a fleeting glance and his attention was drawn over by another terrifying figure.

Furthermore, he vaguely remembered that the cultivator had green robes and black hair.

However, the person before him was clad in blazing battle armor and had shoulder-length scarlet hair.

Their auras were completely different as well.

“Who are you?”

The old man of the Witch race asked slowly.

“He’s Long Zhu, the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage.”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four stood up and nodded to Su Zimo, rea.s.suring the latter. He introduced, “This is Elder Scorpion of the Witch race.”

“In that case, you were the one who killed our young master?”

Elder Scorpion asked.


Su Zimo entered the hall fearlessly.

“Why did you set the Ten Thousand Gu Swamp on fire?!”

Elder Scorpion glared at Su Zimo fixedly and suddenly changed the topic.

The questioning technique was extremely ingenious.

He did not ask if Su Zimo had been to the Ten Thousand Gu Swamp.

Instead, he asked directly why Su Zimo set the Ten Thousand Gu Swamp on fire.

It would give Su Zimo the illusion that he already knew everything!

If Su Zimo had been to the Ten Thousand Gu Swamp and set the fire, his expression would definitely reveal flaws and his mind would waver!

Unfortunately, the one who had been to the Ten Thousand Gu Swamp was the Green Lotus True Body.

His Dragon True Body did not know about that matter!

When he heard Elder Scorpion’s sudden question, Su Zimo was stunned and could not react in time.

Noticing the slight change in Su Zimo’s expression, Elder Scorpion could not help but wonder internally, “Could I have thought too much?”

“Elder Scorpion, what are you talking about?”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four asked with a frown, puzzled.

Elder Scorpion turned to look at the elder of the five lineages in the middle and pointed at Su Zimo. “Did he leave the Dragon Bone Valley a year ago?”

“Absolutely not.”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four shook his head in denial.

The elders of the other four dragon lineages shook their heads as well.

Even if the Horned Dragon elder, Long Zhong, had some animosity towards Su Zimo, he had to admit that the latter had been in the Dragon Bone Valley for the past few years.

Furthermore, it was extremely difficult for any dragon to want to leave the valley – Su Zimo was not qualified!

Elder Scorpion nodded and let the matter go for the time being. There were no emotions on his bark-like face.

Without any warning, he turned around once more. There was a strange power in his eyes that seemed to penetrate Su Zimo’s body and strike his Dao heart!

Su Zimo was expressionless but his heart skipped a beat.

The Witch race specialized in beguiling techniques.

This was the first time he had seen a technique that could break a cultivator’s Dao heart with a single glance!

This was indeed a secret skill of the Witch race.

If a cultivator’s Dao heart was slightly imperfect, there was a high chance that their foundation would waver against that gaze and they might even end up losing their mind in their future cultivation!

If a cultivator’s Dao heart had any flaws, that gaze would be able to destroy their minds completely!

That power was almost impossible to detect and defend against.

Unfortunately, although Su Zimo’s body possessed the bloodline of the Dragon race, his Dao heart was the same – it was unshakable and even the Three Tribulations Domain could not sway it!

The strange power descended and dissipated without causing any ripples on Su Zimo’s body.

Su Zimo’s expression was calm and composed!

A hint of surprise flickered through Elder Scorpion’s eyes briefly.

It seemed as though nothing had happened throughout the process.

However, those with sharper eyes were clear that Su Zimo had just experienced immense danger!

If he did not deal with it correctly, the best outcome would be for his Dao heart to waver and his cultivation to be stuck in the future.

If it was bad, there was a high chance that his Dao heart would have collapsed on the spot!

Illumination Dragon Elder Four broke out in cold sweat and heaved a sigh of relief.

Elder Scorpion merely cast a single glance this time round. Even then, Elder Four could not even stop the former.

Furthermore, that power was untraceable and he did not know how he should interfere even if he wanted to!

Thankfully, Su Zimo defended himself.

Illumination Dragon Elder Four’s expression darkened. “Elder Scorpion, as a Conjoint Body expert, don’t you think that it’s shameful for you to attack a junior of the Dragon race?”


Elder Scorpion chuckled dryly. “It’s just a small test. If this junior can’t defend against it, he can only blame his shallow cultivation.”

“That’s easy for you to say!”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four sneered, “If he failed to defend, there was a high chance his cultivation would have been crippled by you!”

That warmed Su Zimo’s heart.

No matter what, Illumination Dragon Elder Four truly had his best intentions at heart.

Furthermore, he had caused huge trouble by killing the young master of the Witch race.

The fact that Illumination Dragon Elder Four was so domineering when the Witch race came to question him was proof of how much the Illumination Dragon lineage valued him.

“That’s enough,”

The Horned Dragon elder, Long Zhong, waved his hand. “We called this lad here because we have important matters to discuss. Don’t harp on this matter. Furthermore, isn’t he fine?”

The elders of the other three lineages nodded as well.

Illumination Dragon Elder Four harrumphed and said nothing more.

Elder Scorpion chuckled but did not let it go. Instead, he glared at Illumination Dragon Elder Four and asked, “So what if he’s crippled? Our young master of the Witch race is already dead! Which of you dragons is going to pay for this blood debt?!”

It did not matter which of the Primordial Nine Races it was, the death of a young master was a monumental event!

Even the death of an ordinary clansman of the Primordial Nine Races could bring about a calamity!

The might of the wrath of the Primordial Nine Races was clear judging from the catastrophe that befell the Great Qian Empire 10,000 years ago.

If this matter was not handled properly, there was a high chance that the Dragon and Witch race would end up on bad terms!

Illumination Dragon Elder Four said in a deep voice, “There’s more to this matter. Furthermore, your young master of the Witch race was the one who released an Essence Spirit secret skill on Long Zhu first. Long Zhu was forced to retaliate before killing him by accident. It was definitely not intentional.”


Elder Scorpion said coolly, “Not intentional? That’s easy for you to say. Is the Dragon race implying that our young master of the Witch race deserved to die?”

“Elder Scorpion, there’s no need to get angry,”

The Blue Dragon elder said.

The elders of the five lineages still took the Blue Dragon elder as the leader.

The Blue Dragon elder pondered for a moment. “Elder Four of the Illumination Dragon lineage did not mean that. He merely said that this should be a misunderstanding.”


Elder Scorpion stood up slowly with a dark expression. “The young master of the Witch race came to your Dragon race as a guest but was killed here by someone from your Dragon race. Are you telling me now that this is a misunderstanding?”

“The most amusing thing is that the explanation of your Dragon race is that our young master of the Witch race attacked this lad first! In that case, let me ask you, why would our young master come to the Dragon Bone Valley to kill a dragon?”

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