Chapter 1194: Challenge


The Blue Dragon elder shook his head. “We don’t know either.”

Although they knew about the conflict between Su Zimo and the young master of the Witch race, they did not know why the latter attacked him.

Su Zimo was probably the only one who knew the reason behind it.

Long Cang glanced sideways at Su Zimo deeply.

He had already noticed that something was amiss back then and it was not surprising that the Witch race elder thought about it.

Elder Scorpion said, “This is the Dragon Bone Valley. Even a fool knows what will happen if he attacks a dragon! Did my young master go mad and wanted to court death?”

“Is the Dragon race going to use such a ridiculous reason to dodge the question?”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four took a deep breath and said, “Although it sounds ridiculous, there were many dragons present at the time and everyone saw it clearly.”

“Would I believe such words?”

Elder Scorpion sneered, “This means that you’re telling me that the young master of my race came all the way to Dragon Bone Valley to commit suicide!”

“We are all part of the Primordial Nine Races and you are all reasonable people,”

He continued indifferently, “I’d like to ask everyone if you would let the young master of the Dragon race run to our race’s Ghost Curse Tomb and die there for no reason. Would you let things go if we gave you such an explanation?”

The elders of the five lineages exchanged glances without saying anything.

The Blue Dragon elder pondered for a moment. “Elder Scorpion, now that things have come to this, there won’t be any outcome even if we insist on our claims. What do you want? Why don’t you say it?”

“My race’s young master died. Naturally, the murderer has to pay with his life!”

Elder Scorpion said slowly.

“That’s impossible!”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four denied flatly.

Elder Scorpion opened his mouth and revealed a few lone yellow teeth. “The fact that we’re only asking the Dragon race to repay the death of our young master with a single life is already the most we can compromise!”

“If the young master had died outside, it won’t be enough even if millions of living beings were buried with him!”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four shook his head. “Don’t even think about it. Long Zhu is the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage and will definitely not pay with his life!”

Throughout the entire process, Su Zimo watched coldly from the sidelines.

As a junior of the Dragon race, he did not have the chance to speak either.

Right from the beginning, it was Illumination Dragon Elder Four who protected him and fought against Elder Scorpion without being disadvantaged!


Elder Scorpion glanced at Su Zimo and sniffed in the air before saying with a fake smile, “If I’m not wrong, the dragon blood in Long Zhu’s body is not pure at all!”

The expressions of the elders of the five lineages changed slightly.

That was indeed the truth.

Up till now, Su Zimo was still unable to conjure a complete dragon form!

Elder Scorpion said, “The Dragon race has already fallen so badly. To think that a remnant beast with an impure bloodline would become a young master!”

The moment he said that, the elders of the five lineages looked terrible.

The Horned Dragon elder, Long Zhong, harrumphed coldly. “That’s a matter of the Illumination Dragon lineage. There’s no such situation among the other four dragon lineages!”

“In that case, what’s wrong with sacrificing the life of a remnant beast with an impure bloodline for our young master?”

Elder Scorpion said, “Why? Is there really no one else from the Illumination Dragon lineage that you have to depend on this remnant beast?”

The elders of the Blue, Winged and Hornless Dragon lineages did not say anything.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, there was nothing inappropriate about using a remnant of the Dragon race in exchange for a friends.h.i.+p with the Witch race and ending this conflict – it was definitely worth it.

However, this remnant of the Dragon race was different.

Firstly, he was the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage.

Secondly, he was the number one of the Hidden Dragon Ranking!

Most importantly, the Illumination Dragon lineage thought highly of this lad. Whether or not they would accede to the request depended on the Illumination Dragon lineage.

Therefore, the elders of the three lineages said nothing.

However, the Horned Dragon elder, Long Zhong, was tempted. “In my opinion…”


Illumination Dragon Elder Four could already read Long Zhong’s mind and rejected him before he could finish.

“The Witch race can discuss any compensation and conditions they want. However, he’s the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage. It’s impossible for him to die!”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four’s tone was resolute and unquestionable!

The situation was in a stalemate.

Elder Scorpion’s expression darkened completely as well.

Long Cang did not say anything the entire time.

It was not that he was not qualified.

He possessed the bloodline of a five-clawed divine dragon and his status in the hall was almost on par with the elders of the five lineages!

The reason why he did not say anything was because he did not agree with Elder Scorpion’s suggestion either.

The life of the young master of the Witch race was precious.

However, the lives of those of the Dragon race were not cheap either!

It was impossible to repay a life with a life!

Although he declared that he wanted to suppress Su Zimo, deep in his heart, he thought highly of the latter.

In fact, he even wanted Su Zimo to grow before he defeated the latter!

“I am Wu Jie and I have a doubt.”

Right then, a witch stood out from behind Elder Scorpion.

The person named Wu Jie had a dark expression and a cold gaze. He looked at Su Zimo and asked, “You’re just a b.a.s.t.a.r.d with an impure bloodline. Your cultivation realm is only at the Void Reversion realm, the same level as my young master.”

“I want to know how a b.a.s.t.a.r.d child like you managed to kill our young master in a single move!”

Someone had long reported the situation to the Witch race.

That was the reason why Wu Jie said that.

Elder Scorpion did not stop him, as though he was waiting for an answer as well.

In his opinion, that was impossible as well.

From what he knew, the young master of the Witch race still had protection talismans and other treasures – how could he be killed in a single move?

Furthermore, both of them were at the Void Reversion realm. The reason why the young master of the Witch race could become the young master was because he was invincible among his peers and had terrifying combat strength – how could he be killed so easily?!

“What are you trying to say?”

Su Zimo asked with a calm expression.

Wu Jie declared loudly, “I’m saying that if you can’t provide an answer, it will mean that it was a deliberate attempt by the Dragon race to kill our young master!”

That was a huge accusation.

The Witch race could start a war against the Dragon race because of this!

“You want an answer? It’s simple.”

Su Zimo said indifferently, “Your young master was weak and was killed by me in a single move.”


Wu Jie pointed at Su Zimo and hollered, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, there’s no way you can hurt our young master!”

Su Zimo’s expression turned cold.

Elder Scorpion’s attack that struck his Dao heart without warning earlier on had already aroused his killing intent.

Now that Wu Jie did not know what was good for him and scolded him as a b.a.s.t.a.r.d, his killing intent intensified!

There were not many people who dared to speak to him like that after he established his Dao.

Wu Jie stood out and glared at Su Zimo, saying slowly, “I’m also at the Void Reversion realm. Since you’re so powerful, how about we fight to the death? It doesn’t matter!”

“Let’s see what you’ve got that can kill our young master in a single move!”

Elder Scorpion remained silent and did not express anything – it was clear that he acknowledged the matter.

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