Chapter 1195: The Dragon Race Must Not Bow Down!

Elder Scorpion praised internally.

Although Wu Jie’s challenge seemed reckless, it was actually a win-win situation.

Wu Jie was one of the top paragons of the Void Reversion realm in the clan!

Otherwise, he would not have been qualified to accompany Elder Scorpion and travel outside.

If both parties were to fight, it would be best if Wu Jie could take the opportunity to kill Long Zhu – that would be revenge for the young master!

If the two of them were in a stalemate, he could stand out and accuse the Dragon race after a few rounds.

If Long Zhu could not even suppress Wu Jie within a few rounds, how could he kill the young master of the Witch race?!

The Dragon race schemed against the young master of the Witch race and even hid the truth intentionally… If those two facts were true, it would be enough for the Witch race to wage war!

At that time, there was no way the Dragon race would wage war against the Witch race for the sake of a remnant beast!

“Is there a need for a life and death battle?”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four frowned slightly and asked.

Elder Scorpion asked with a fake smile, “This is an affair between the juniors, what are you worried about? Feeling guilty?”


Illumination Dragon Elder Four roared in laughter and cursed the latter as an idiot internally.

He was worried.

However, he was not worried about Su Zimo. Instead, he was worried that Wu Jie would be killed by Su Zimo with a single move!

At that time, if another witch were to die in this hall in front of everyone, the situation might turn even worse.

“Since the Dragon race has no objections, there are some things we have to make clear beforehand.”

Elder Scorpion said in a deep voice, “Since it’s a fight between the younger generation, as seniors, there’s no need for us to interfere. What do you guys think?”

“Of course.”

The Blue Dragon elder nodded.


Elder Scorpion glanced sideways. “Wu Jie, go on.”

Wu Jie walked out slowly with an arrogant expression and shouted at Su Zimo, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, why aren’t you saying anything? Are you afraid?!”

“Don’t be hasty,”

Su Zimo smiled gently. “I’ll send you on your way right now to meet your young master.”

Before his sentence was finished, Su Zimo’s blood qi burst forth and he arrived before Wu Jie in a flash with a torrential aura, as though a G.o.d of death had descended!

“You… ”

Wu Jie’s expression changed starkly.

He had not expected Su Zimo to be this strong and possess such ferocious speed that the voids trembled wherever he pa.s.sed!

It was too fast!

How terrifying was Su Zimo’s blood qi and physique?

After cultivating the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness and fusing it with dragon blood, a full power burst could cover dozens of feet in an instant!

The moment Wu Jie relaxed his guard in the hall, Su Zimo had already arrived before him!


A single punch!

Wu Jie’s head exploded on the spot and his Essence Spirit was destroyed!

Long Cang’s eyelids twitched.

Apart from Elder Four of the Illumination Dragon lineage, the other four elders were stunned as well.

Elder Scorpion was about to sit back on his chair and watch the battle properly.

However, he did not expect that the battle would end before he even sat down.

Wu Jie who was still alive earlier on had turned into a headless corpse!

Elder Scorpion planned everything.

In fact, he was prepared for how he was going to interfere if Wu Jie was disadvantaged.

However, he had not expected Wu Jie to be killed in a single round!

Or rather, this could only be considered as half a round and Wu Jie did not even manage to retaliate.

In reality, if he were to increase the distance between them, Wu Jie would be on guard and it would be difficult for him to be killed in a single move unless Su Zimo used any major killing moves.

Wu Jie possessed the bloodline of the Witch race after all. As long as he attacked with his full strength and released many secret skills of the Witch race, he would be able to defend against Su Zimo’s attacks.


He no longer had a chance.

If he said that he would kill with a single move, he would definitely make sure there was no need for a second attack!

Elder Scorpion glared at Su Zimo coldly.

Illumination Dragon Elder Four came to Su Zimo’s side and s.h.i.+elded him. “I just reminded you not to engage in any life and death battles.”

Elder Scorpion closed his eyes for a long time before letting out a long breath. “Dragon race, aren’t you going to give me an explanation?”

“What explanation do you want? Who can you blame if that person wants to die?”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four sneered.

Elder Scorpion shook his head. “I don’t care about the process. I only know that the young master of my race died in your Dragon Bone Valley for no reason. I came to demand an explanation yet you guys killed another of my clansmen!”

“Everyone, what do you think the Witch race will do if word of this spreads?”

Elder Scorpion said sternly, “Does the Dragon race intend to wage war against the Witch race for the sake of a remnant beast with an impure bloodline?!”

Apart from Elder Four of the Illumination Dragon lineage, the elders of the other four lineages fell silent.

The Horned Dragon elder, Long Zhong, had a feud with Su Zimo to begin with.

That was secondary.

The elders of the other three lineages did not have much feelings towards Su Zimo either.

Su Zimo had only entered the Dragon Bone Valley for 11 years.

Was it worth it to wage war against the Witch race for a remnant beast that merely entered the Dragon Bone Valley 11 years ago?

That was ridiculous!

Although the Dragon race was indeed protective of their own, they would not be so unwise.

“Actually, Long Zhu’s bloodline is impure and he did not have the chance to enter the Dragon Bone Valley initially,”

Long Zhong said, “We already did him a huge favor allowing him to cultivate in the Dragon Bone Valley. Who knew what he would go on to get into big trouble again. There’s truly no reason for us to have bad blood with the Witch race for the sake of a remnant beast.”

The Blue Dragon, Winged Dragon and Hornless Dragon elders were tempted as well.


Illumination Dragon Elder Four had a fiery temper and shouted, “Even if his bloodline is impure, he’s still the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage. No one can let him die!”

“Illumination Elder Four, do you think you can shoulder the responsibility of implicating the entire Dragon race because of a remnant beast?” Long Zhong shouted.

“F*ck your mother! Do you want to fight?!”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four cursed.

“You… ”

Long Zhong soared up with a murderous aura as well.

“Interesting, interesting,”

Elder Scorpion rubbed his palms and laughed. “The fact that the Dragon race can fight because of a remnant beast is truly a rare sight for the Primordial Nine Races.”

“Alright, both of you, quiet down! You’ll be a joke to others!”

The Blue Dragon elder frowned.

After a moment of silence, he glanced sideways and asked, “Long Cang, what do you think?”


Long Cang glanced at Su Zimo and said firmly, “He’s not an ordinary remnant. He’s the number one of the Hidden Dragon Ranking. How can he be used to repay a life?!”

“The Dragon race must not bow down!”

As a five-clawed divine dragon, Long Cang’s words carried a lot of weight.

Even if he was on opposing ends with Su Zimo, there were some things he was clear about.

“No matter what, you guys owe the Witch race an explanation,”

Elder Scorpion said, “Our young master and another clansman died in the hands of a remnant beast. Does the Dragon race want me to return empty-handed?”

The Blue Dragon elder asked, “What do you want?”

Elder Scorpion said indifferently, “Since that’s the case, I’ll take a compromise. Slay that person’s right arm and I’ll take it back to the Witch race with an explanation.”

The Blue Dragon elder and the others finally heaved a sigh of relief.

A compromise on both parties with just a lost arm on Long Zhu. At the same time, a war with the Witch race could be avoided – this was the best outcome that would please everyone.

After all, the death of the young master of the Witch race was no small matter!

If the young master of the Dragon race were to die in the Witch race, the Dragon race would not let things go so easily.

This time round, even Illumination Dragon Elder Four said nothing.

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