Chapter 1196: A Desperate Move

At this point, Illumination Dragon Elder Four could no longer persist.

Using an arm in exchange for the life of the young master of the Witch race and avoiding a war – that was the best solution.

“Child, you’ll have to suffer,”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness and sighed helplessly.

The Blue Dragon elder said, “Long Zhu, sever your arm. Go back and recuperate well thereafter. If there’s nothing else, don’t come out for now.”

“You want my arm?”

Su Zimo smiled and said slowly, “No!”


The expressions of the Blue Dragon elder and the others changed.

The current situation was already the best they could do for Long Zhu. It would be ungrateful of him if he was still unsatisfied!

Long Zhong sneered, “This is not up to you. Don’t forget who you are!”

The Hornless Dragon elder shook his head gently and said in a gentle voice, “Child, don’t worry. Although losing an arm will affect your combat strength somewhat, you won’t encounter any life and death dangers in the Dragon Bone Valley.”

“As long as you continue cultivating and advance to the Conjoint Body realm, you will naturally be able to regrow your arm.”

“I understand that,”

Su Zimo nodded and changed the topic. “However, it’s impossible if you want my arm.”

The Divine Phoenix Bone was in his right arm – how could he sever it and give it to the Witch race?!


Elder Scorpion laughed. “In my opinion, that lad’s bloodline is impure and he can be considered as someone from a foreign race. He doesn’t care about the safety of the Dragon race at all.”

“The reason why he did that was most likely because he wanted to sow grudges between our two races!”

Those words were meant to kill.

Apart from Illumination Dragon Elder Four, the other elders of the Dragon race had odd expressions!

Everyone had to be wary of anyone that wasn’t of the same race as them.

Even if they did not believe it now, the seeds of doubt would be planted!

Furthermore, Su Zimo’s background was unknown and was suspicious to begin with!

The methods of the Witch race were not limited to fighting.

Even through words, they carried killing potential!

Long Zhong said coldly, “I knew that something was off with you when you refused to hand over the secret skills previously! Now, you’re even trying to go against the orders of us elders!”

“If you won’t sever your arm, I’ll do it personally!”

Long Zhong strode forward and released the terrifying might of a Conjoint Body, grabbing towards Su Zimo’s right arm!


A figure darted in and punched Long Zhong’s palm.

Long Zhong took two steps back.

Illumination Dragon Elder Four was the one who interjected in time in front of Su Zimo.

“Illumination Elder Four, what are you doing? How dare you protect this lad still?!” Long Zhong glared and hollered.

The Blue Dragon elder frowned slightly as well. “Illumination Elder Four, you’re too protective of him.”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four knew very well that he could no longer deal with the current situation.

After a long silence, he said, “I have to inform the Grand Elder of the Illumination Dragon lineage about this before I can make a decision.”

“Is there a need to alarm the Grand Elder for such a small matter?”

The Winged Dragon elder shook his head in disappointment as well.

The Grand Elders of the five lineages were the most experienced existences of the Dragon race and had n.o.ble statuses – they would not appear easily!

“Long Zhu, don’t make things difficult for others,”

At that moment, Long Cang stood out as well.

Su Zimo smiled. “The Dragon race must not bow down! How can you forget what you just said in the blink of an eye?”

Long Cang said in a deep voice, “This is not bowing down. This is merely a step back!”


Su Zimo asked instead, “If it was you, would you agree to having your arm severed?”


Long Cang smiled. “Long Zhu, you’ve disappointed me. You have decent talent and immense potential, but you’re not qualified to compare to me!”

Pausing for a moment, he declared proudly, “I can tell you that I won’t sever my arm or even a single finger! Furthermore, there won’t be any dragon that’s qualified to have me sever my arm! That’s because I’m the young master of the Dragon race and will reign over the five lineages!”

“I remember that you’re not one yet.”

Su Zimo smiled gently.

“Is there a difference?”

Long Cang said indifferently, “I’m the only five-clawed divine dragon of the Dragon race, the number one of the Heavenly Dragon Ranking. Once the ceremony of the race is held, I will be conferred the t.i.tle of young master. The difference is merely ceremonial.”

That was the truth.

Almost every dragon, including the elders, had already acknowledged Long Cang as the young master of the Dragon race.

However, according to the rules, the conferment of the t.i.tle would have to wait till the ceremony of the Dragon race took place where there would be a fight within the race to determine the young master.

However, there was no one in this generation who could threaten Long Cang’s status.

In fact, no dragon would even bother to fight him at the Dragon race ceremony and cause trouble for themselves.

Therefore, there was indeed merely a ceremonial difference before Long Cang was conferred the t.i.tle of the young master.

Su Zimo said, “In other words, if I’m the young master of the Dragon race, you guys won’t be qualified to have me sever my arm?”

Long Cang roared in laughter. “Good, you want to challenge me! I admire your courage, but unfortunately, you’re not qualified!”

“You can consider fighting for the position of the young master of the Dragon race after you cultivate to the Dharma Characteristic realm. You’re still far from that!”

According to the rules of the Dragon race, fights could only be fought within the same cultivation realm.

Su Zimo was at the Void Reversion realm while Long Cang was at the Dharma Characteristic realm.

“Dharma Characteristic realm…”

Su Zimo focused his gaze and said slowly, “It’s not completely impossible!”

He had already cultivated to the perfected Void Reversion realm and it was unlikely for him to advance to the Dharma Characteristic realm within a short period of time.

However, there was a high chance of success in the Dragon Bone Valley with external help!

A look of determination flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes as he said in a deep voice, “Elder Four, please take me to the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar. I want to be baptized by it!”


A series of cries sounded from the dragons.

“How is that possible?”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four denied as well.

The Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar was a mythical object that originated from the primordial era in the Dragon Bone Valley and contained a terrifyingly pure power!

Every dragon had a chance to receive the baptism of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar and their physical and bloodline powers would increase tremendously, awakening their innate divine powers.

However, there was a prerequisite – the Dragon race had to advance to the Dharma Characteristic realm first.

It did not mean that one could not accept it at the Void Reversion realm.

It was because the body of a Void Reversion could not withstand the baptism of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar!

The baptism was extremely terrifying – even the physique of a Dragon would explode instantly!

Back then, Long Cang only underwent the baptism after entering the Dharma Characteristic realm as well.

Most importantly, there was no need for the Dragon race to take such a huge risk and undergo the Ancestral Dragon’s baptism in advance.

However, the situation that Su Zimo was in right now did not give him much time.

If he wanted to advance to the Dharma Characteristic realm as soon as possible, he would have to take the risk!

Furthermore, Su Zimo believed that although the other dragons could not do it, his body and bloodline that cultivated the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness could withstand the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar!

He had that thought long ago.

However, at this point of the situation, he was even more convinced of that thought!

The reason why Su Zimo wanted to advance to the Dharma Characteristic realm was not only to challenge Long Cang and resolve the current crisis.

More importantly, he had a feeling that the Yang Spirit section of the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness was not the final section!

Die Yue might have left something else behind.

The only way for him to find out was to advance to the Dharma Characteristic realm!

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