Chapter 1198: Five Lineage Dragon Qi

15 minutes pa.s.sed.

The divine dragons blazing with scarlet flames in the skies were still endless and swooped down continuously.

Su Zimo stood on the stone platform and endured the baptism of the Illumination Dragon qi!

His body and bloodline were transforming rapidly!

“The baptism of the dragon qi and the blazing flames… this is going to be an extremely terrifying torture!”

Some Illumination Dragons had undergone the baptism of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar before. Therefore, they could empathize with that feeling and still had lingering fears.

“By the looks of it, Long Zhu won’t be able to last long and will be burned to ashes.”

“However, his body is truly strong as well. To think that he could last till now against the impact of the scarlet flame divine dragons.”

Just as some of the dragons were discussing, the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar vibrated once more!


Immediately after, a dragon roar sounded!

Another claw lit up on the five-clawed divine dragon on the stone pillar!

The dragons were shocked!

This was a sign that a second dragon lineage’s qi had been awakened!

True enough.

After the dragon claw lit up, streaks of green light burst forth from the stone pillar. The moment they left the stone pillar, green divine dragons were formed and coiled in midair, communicating with the scarlet flame divine dragons.

The green and scarlet divine dragons swooped down at Su Zimo at the same time!

“Long Zhu’s bloodline is so strong!”

“Long Zhu might not be able to withstand the awakening of a single lineage’s dragon qi. Now that there are dragon qi of two lineages descending, he’s definitely dead!”

The dragons discussed.

When he saw that, Illumination Dragon Elder Four had mixed emotions.

In the entire Dragon Bone Valley, there were less than ten people who were qualified to awaken dragon qi of two lineages!

Naturally, it was good that he was able to awaken the dragon qi of two lineages.

However, that also meant that Su Zimo would have to endure twice the impact and baptism of the dragon qi. How could a Void Reversion’s body endure the terrifying power?

“It wasn’t easy for our Illumination Dragon lineage to produce a monster incarnate. Is he going to be destroyed just like that?”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four gripped his fists tightly and was extremely nervous!

On the stone platform, Su Zimo was still holding on.

The baptism of the dragon qi of two lineages was unable to cause devastating damage to his body and bloodline just yet.

However, that pain was indeed arduous.

His entire body hurt.

The dragon qi had not only infiltrated his flesh and bloodline, but also his marrow and organs!

Flesh and blood were incinerated, bones shattered and organs melted. Immediately after, life was restored to him under his powerful regeneration capabilities and the process repeated itself.

As time pa.s.sed, the figure that was surrounded by dragons on the stone platform was still standing!

Could Long Zhu have survived this calamity?

That thought flashed through the minds of the cultivators.

All of a sudden!

With a boom, the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar shook once more!


Immediately after, a third dragon roar echoed through the entire Dragon Bone Valley!

The dragons were shocked!

Under countless gazes, a third dragon claw lit up on the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar!

Dragon qi of a third lineage had been awakened!

This time round, it was not only the other dragons; even the elders of the five lineages present were shocked.

There were less than ten dragons in the entire Dragon Bone Valley who had awakened the dragon qi of two lineages.

However, there was none who managed to awaken the dragon qi of three lineages!

This meant that Long Zhu’s bloodline talent was second only to the five-clawed divine dragon who had awakened all five dragon lineages!

Streaks of white light tore through the air and formed divine dragons that descended from the skies, entering Su Zimo’s body.

The dragon qi of three lineages descended at the same time!

Su Zimo’s body swayed unsteadily and his body trembled.

However, he grit his teeth and endured it. Churning his blood qi, the sound of tsunami surged within his body as he absorbed the power of the dragon qi of three dragon lineages to strengthen himself!

He cultivated the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness all year round and experienced the bone-piercing Yin wind and the pain of the Karmic Flames in the Dao Inheritance Ground. Later on, he received nourishment from the primordial divine spring.

This body could be said to have been through countless hards.h.i.+ps – how could it be defeated by the three dragon qi?!

In the depths of the Illumination Dragon lineage, in a cave deep in the mountains.

A white-haired old man with a face full of wrinkles sat in a lotus position with a scarlet walking stick beside him, resting with his eyes closed.

The old man was the Grand Elder of the Illumination Dragon lineage!

Even when two dragon roars sounded from the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar, he was unmoved, as though he was petrified.

However, he only opened his eyes when he heard the third dragon roar. Nodding his head, he murmured, “Dragon qi of three lineages. Not bad.”

On the other side, in the depths of a cave in the Blue Dragon lineage, there were countless jewels and treasures.

An old dragon with blue scales and beard was sprawled on it, snoring soundly.

When he heard the third dragon roar, the old dragon did not even open his eyes. He merely turned around and mumbled, “I wonder which cub is receiving the baptism. What a stir.”

Before long, a fourth dragon roar sounded from the direction of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar!

The old dragon was motionless.

After a brief pause, the old dragon suddenly transformed into his human form and leaped up from his spot. There was disbelief in his eyes and there was no hint of drowsiness.

“He has actually awakened the dragon qi of four lineages!”

The old dragon looked in the direction of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar and his gaze seemed to be able to penetrate the barrier and descend there.

“He’s at the Void Reversion realm!”

The old dragon was even more shocked!

At that moment, the vicinity of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar was already silent.

No one spoke.

All the dragons were fixated on the figure on the stone platform with dumbfounded expressions!

Dragon qi of four lineages!

Four of the five claws on the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar were lit up!

The dragon qi of the four lineages descended and struck Su Zimo’s body.

The dragon qi rampaged within his body and released a terrifying destructive power. Su Zimo could no longer stand as he knelt on the ground with his head lowered and a pale expression!

His body was gradually expanding!

It was as though there was a terrifying power within his body that was about to burst through his skin!

At that time, he would definitely die and even his Essence Spirit would not be able to avoid it!

When he saw that, Illumination Dragon Elder Four turned around suddenly and glared at Elder Scorpion with hatred in his heart.

If Su Zimo were to die here, Elder Scorpion would be the culprit!

If not for Elder Scorpion’s pressure, Su Zimo would not have received the baptism of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar at the Void Reversion realm!

Elder Scorpion had a pleased expression and smiled, awaiting the final outcome quietly.

On the stone platform.

Scarlet scales appeared one after another on Su Zimo’s body!

Under the impact of the dragon qi from four lineages, he was forced to undergo dragonification to increase the strength of his fles.h.!.+

Of course, this dragonification was far from its peak. He merely grew some dragon scales – it was far from his dragonification in battle.


Right in front of everyone, Su Zimo stood up from his spot and his aura rose continuously. His gaze was burning and the scarlet scales on his body burned with flames that were almost transparent and shone with a crystalline l.u.s.ter!

“He made it!”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four was delighted.

Right then, a fifth dragon roar sounded!


The dragons gasped!

On the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar, the five claws beneath the divine dragon’s abdomen shone completely!

Dragon qi of all five lineages descended!

The smile on Elder Scorpion’s face had vanished as well.

What did the descent of dragon qi of five dragon lineages imply?

Could another five-clawed divine dragon be born from the Dragon race?!

“How is that possible?”

Long Zhong exclaimed.

Long Cang was initially sitting not far away with a calm expression. However, at that moment, he could not help but stand up!

It was only at that moment that he realized he had a match!

At the same time, the Dragon Bone Valley shook and the dragons were shocked!

Many elders of the Dragon race appeared in the firmaments to witness this scene!

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