Chapter 1201: Second Divine Power!

The Ancestral Dragon’s action was not obvious.

The dragons near the stone pillars were already kneeling on the ground with lowered heads and did not notice this detail.

If not for the fact that the two elders were fixated on the Ancestral Dragon, they would not have noticed it either.

However, they still could not believe it.

After all, they were thousands of kilometers away in the cave and could not see everything clearly. The moment the Ancestral Dragon s.h.i.+rked might have been their imagination.

However, if the Ancestral Dragon was truly afraid, what was he afraid of?

What was in Long Zhu’s body that caused the Ancestral Dragon to feel fear and retreat?

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the Dragon race would not bow down to any race!

As an Ancestral Dragon, he would not cower in the face of the other Primordial Eight Races or emperors, let alone a Void Reversion with an impure bloodline of the Dragon race!

However, how else would they explain that scene?


The two elders exchanged glances filled with shock and surprise.

If the Ancestral Dragon was truly fearful, the guess that flashed through their minds earlier on was most likely true!

That was the only guess that could explain the Ancestral Dragon’s s.h.i.+rk of fear!

That was the only guess that could explain why Long Zhu could awaken the dragon qi of the five lineages even though he was not a five-clawed divine dragon!

Of course, that was way too shocking.

If it was confirmed, it would cause a ma.s.sive change in the entire Tianhuang Mainland!

Even the two Grand Elders did not dare to make a conclusion with a single subtle action from the Ancestral Dragon.

Both of them held their breaths and remained silent.

Although they were in the cave, they were even more nervous than the other dragons as they glared at the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar without blinking.

At that moment, the might of the Ancestral Dragon had dissipated entirely.

His hostility and anger towards Su Zimo earlier on had vanished without a trace as well.

There was no activity for a long time and some dragons looked up instinctively.

All of a sudden!

The Ancestral Dragon soared into the air and spiraled down, transforming into an ancient and pure dragon qi that burrowed into Su Zimo’s head!


The dragons were dumbfounded.

Immediately after, a powerful aura burst forth from Su Zimo’s body!

The wounds on his body were healing at a visible speed. His skin that was burned by the lava flowing out of his eyes peeled off and new muscles grew.

His scarlet hair grew once more and danced wildly like flames as his aura climbed rapidly!

“What’s going on? The Ancestral Dragon disappeared?”

“The Ancestral Dragon did not kill Long Zhu and instead gave him an opportunity?”

The scene before them was completely different from what everyone had imagined!

In the cave, the Illumination Dragon Grand Elder’s heart skipped a beat as realization flashed through his eyes. “I got it! That Ancestral Dragon was merely condensed from a dragon qi in the stone pillar.”

“That’s right.”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder nodded as well. “The ancient books in the clan clearly recorded that apart from the five dragon lineages, there’s another qi of the Ancestral Dragon in the stone pillar. However, it has never appeared throughout history.”

“To think that it would be true!”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder lamented.

This meant that Su Zimo’s bloodline had not only awakened the dragon qi of the five lineages, but also of the Ancestral Dragon!

This Ancestral Dragon Qi was even more precious than the five dragon qi combined!

Su Zimo was already covered in injuries after the baptism of the five dragon qi.

If not for the fact that he cultivated the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness regularly and possessed shocking regeneration capabilities, he would have been destroyed by the dragon qi of the five lineages!

Thereafter, he entered the Dharma Characteristic realm and awakened his innate divine powers. The scorching lava formed by his divine powers baptised his body and bloodline once again.

Standing beneath the stone pillar, Su Zimo’s half dragon body looked battered and wretched.

But now, with the augmentation of the qi of the Ancestral Dragon, his body shone with a powerful vitality once more!

Every single dragon scale on his body shone with a scarlet crystalline glow, as though they had been refined countless times!

The divine power in Su Zimo’s eyes faded gradually.

The awakening of his innate divine powers was coming to an end.

His eyes shone with a scarlet red glow and his gaze was like a torch – even the Dharmic powers in the void burned when he looked at it!

That gaze was enough to kill!

At that moment, Su Zimo was already awake. He surveyed his surroundings and froze instinctively.

“Why… are you guys kneeling on the ground?”

He asked with a frown.

Earlier on, the Ancestral Dragon was clearly enraged and the dragons knelt down in fear.

Even on the stone platform, Illumination Dragon Elder, Long Zhong and the others, including Elder Scorpion and the rest of the Witch race, knelt down.

But now, Su Zimo was the only one standing beneath the stone pillar.

It was as though he was the ruler of the world, causing all the dragons to kneel and submit!

Of course, among the dragons, a figure stood upright with a sharp aura. He glared at Su Zimo with a surging battle intent!

Long Cang!

Even the elders of the Dragon race knelt down.

However, he did not bow down!

He possessed the bloodline of a five-clawed divine dragon and would not bow down even against the Ancestral Dragon!


Elder Scorpion looked terrible as he stood up hurriedly.

It would be embarra.s.sing if news of this were to spread.

As a Conjoint Body expert, he knelt in front of a dragon that had just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm.

The dragons rose one after another as well, still filled with questions.

Right then, Su Zimo’s body shuddered and he looked a little dazed. Once again, a terrifying aura spread from his body!

“This is…”

“Divine powers!”

“What’s going on? Why is there divine power spilling out from Long Zhu’s body?”

The dragons were shocked and exclaimed.

“Something’s not right. This divine power seems to be even stronger than Long Zhu’s newly awakened innate divine power!” A dragon elder said sternly.

“Could it be…”

The dragons thought of a possibility.

“Long Zhu has awakened his second divine power!”

A dragon elder exclaimed.

The dragons were in an uproar!

Although there was a chance for a five-clawed divine dragon to awaken the five innate divine powers, it was not something that one could comprehend fully upon entering the Dharma Characteristic realm.

It was a gradual comprehension as one’s cultivation advanced.

Even Long Cang only awakened a single innate divine power when he entered the Dharma Characteristic realm.

But now, it was clear that Su Zimo had awakened a second one!

“How could this be?”

“His bloodline is impure and he can’t even conjure a complete dragon body. How can a second divine power be awakened?”

The dragons were puzzled and discussed.

“It’s the qi of the Ancestral Dragon!”

A dragon elder said in a deep voice, “The qi of the Ancestral Dragon not only changed Long Zhu’s bloodline and body, it also granted him a second divine power!”

“There’s such a good thing?”

“I’ve got it! Long Zhu must have received a baptism as a half dragon and by some freak coincidence, obtained the acknowledgment of the qi of the Ancestral Dragon!”

The dragons did not know the reason at all nor did they notice the Ancestral Dragon’s fearful s.h.i.+rk as they made wild guesses.

All of a sudden!

The power of divine powers burst forth from Su Zimo’s body!

Instantly, the world shook and a phenomenon descended!

The dragons were shocked!

A terrifying pressure descended from the skies and many dragons could not withstand it. They cried out tragically and had just stood up when they knelt down once more with a thud!

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