Chapter 1203: Attack of Wu Xie

“If I’m not wrong, these should be the four divine powers recorded in the divine power section.”

Su Zimo looked at the four mysterious b.a.l.l.s of light that revolved around his Essence Spirit in his consciousness.

It was only now that The Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness was truly revealed.

Initially, only eight demon kings were formed after he cultivated to the Yang Spirit section!

If the four mysterious b.a.l.l.s of light meant that there were four demon kings, there would be a total of twelve including the previous eight!

Just as he was pondering, one of the b.a.l.l.s of light in his consciousness shattered!

Within, a palm-sized divine turtle appeared. It was extremely sentient and floated in an ocean, looking at Su Zimo motionlessly.

The moment Su Zimo met with the divine turtle’s gaze, his mind buzzed.

A mysterious realization gradually flowed through his heart.

After entering the Dharma Characteristic realm, the first divine power of the divine power section was dispelled!

The divine power came from one of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness, the Sea Calming Turtle!

In the vast wilderness, there was a desolate ocean.

Among them, a True Dragon reigned supreme and was invincible, known as the Desolate Ocean Dragon King!

In the depths of the endless desolate ocean, there was a spirit turtle that was much older than the Desolate Ocean Dragon King!

Normally, the spirit turtle hid in the depths of the desolate ocean in silence.

However, once it appeared, even the Desolate Ocean Dragon King would not be able to cause much of a stir!

Through the gaze of the Sea Calming Turtle, Su Zimo gradually recalled some of the legends about the vast wilderness.

It was like a memory inheritance.

Through the gaze of the spirit turtle, there was not only the legacy of those legends, but also a divine power!

Su Zimo stood motionlessly beneath the stone pillar with his eyes closed.

All of a sudden!

An extremely terrifying energy fluctuation burst forth from his body and was released!

The dragons widened their eyes in shock and disbelief.

That was the power of divine powers!

Su Zimo who had just awakened two divine powers had a third divine power burst forth from his body!

Furthermore, the aura of that divine power seemed to be even more terrifying than the first two!

If the dragons were shocked when Su Zimo awakened his second divine power…

By the time the third divine power descended, the world was silent!

The scene before them had completely exceeded their understanding!

The dragons held their breaths and focused, merely looking at the figure beneath the stone pillar with widened mouths. Their expressions were filled with extreme shock and their eyes could not help but reveal a hint of reverence!

“A third divine power has awakened?”

In the cave, the two Grand Elders shuddered and were dumbfounded.

Even with their experience, they could not understand such a situation, let alone the other dragons!

A large shadow shrouded the top of the Dragon Bone Valley!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Stomping on the Dragon Bone Valley like four heavenly-piercing pillars, every single step caused the ground to quake and the weather to change!

The dragons looked up instinctively.

A spirit turtle with an ancient aura was carrying a gigantic and heavy turtle sh.e.l.l on its back. Walking over slowly, it looked like a G.o.d!

The gigantic, malevolent phantom of the Ancestral Dragon that appeared when Su Zimo awakened his second divine power had yet to dissipate completely from within the clouds above the firmaments.

After the spirit turtle descended, the phantom of the Ancestral Dragon cried tragically and dissipated instantly – it could not defend against it at all!


Some of the dragons were so shocked that they could no longer speak.


A dragon pointed to the foot of a spirit turtle not far away.

There was a gigantic pit!

This was an actual pit created by the phenomenon of the spirit turtle after Su Zimo awakened his divine powers!

The Ancestral Dragon phenomenon that descended when his second divine power was awakened was merely a phantom.

However, that spirit turtle was completely corporeal!

This meant that the third divine power that was awakened might be even more terrifying than the second divine power of the Ancestral Dragon’s inheritance!

At that moment, a pair of sinister eyes were hidden among the dragons.

Initially, Elder Scorpion was still hesitant.

However, when he saw Su Zimo awaken his third divine power, he made up his mind to attack!

He had to kill Long Zhu!

This lad was way too terrifying!

Of course, Elder Scorpion did not dare to attack brazenly either.

He merely activated the secret skill of the Witch race in secret and released a wisp of imperceptible spirit consciousness that silently pierced into Su Zimo’s consciousness!

At that moment, there were many dragon elders present.

However, the attention of those dragons were drawn in by the terrifying gigantic spirit turtle in the firmaments and did not notice Elder Scorpion’s actions at all!

At the same time, in a cave far away, the Blue Dragon Grand Elder felt emotional and lamented, “Young master’s potential is way too terrifying!”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder nodded as well. “That’s right. Furthermore, the young master has many secrets on him. There might be even more than we imagined!”

All of a sudden!

The two Grand Elders seemed to have sensed something and their expressions changed.

“Wu Xie, how dare you!”

Without hesitation, the two Grand Elders roared and vanished from the spot, descending above the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar!

Although Wu Xie’s actions were obscure and could deceive the other dragon elders, it could not deceive the two Grand Elders.

However, even if the two Grand Elders sensed it and wanted to stop it, it was already too late!

They truly had not expected Wu Xie to be so audacious as to attack a dragon in the Dragon Bone Valley!

When he heard the roars of the two Grand Elders of the Dragon race, Elder Scorpion sneered internally.

The moment he attacked Su Zimo, he had already torn a Major Transference Talisman in his palm!

If Su Zimo were to die and he used the Major Transference Talisman to escape, even the two Grand Elders of the Dragon race would not be able to capture him!

As for the other witches that followed him, it did not matter even if they died in the Dragon Bone Valley.

It did not matter if some people from the Witch race were compensated to be able to kill such a monster incarnate of the Dragon race!

His wisp of spirit consciousness had already entered Su Zimo’s consciousness and transformed into a figure that was identical to him.

Elder Scorpion was shocked when he saw the phenomenon in Su Zimo’s consciousness!

Even with his cultivation, he felt shudders in the consciousness against the three b.a.l.l.s of light!

At that moment, Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit was meeting the spirit turtle’s gaze. It was receiving its inheritance and did not notice the danger at all.

“Fufu, so what if you’re a monster incarnate? Pay with your life!”

The spirit consciousness sneered and was about to attack.

All of a sudden!

In the consciousness, the spirit turtle that was floating silently at the side turned around and looked at Elder Scorpion’s spirit consciousness with a cold gaze.


Opening its mouth, the spirit turtle let out a deafening roar at Elder Scorpion’s spirit consciousness!


The spirit consciousness conjured by Elder Scorpion dissipated instantly!

Not only that, even Elder Scorpion in the crowd was shocked and grunted. He felt a sharp pain in his Essence Spirit and almost fainted!

Elder Scorpion realized that his Essence Spirit was already injured!

What was that?!

He cursed internally.

How could there be such a terrifying spirit being in Long Zhu’s consciousness that could sense killing intent and attack him?!

At that moment, the two Grand Elders of the Illumination Dragon and Blue Dragon lineages arrived!

Elder Scorpion had already torn the Major Transference Talisman preemptively and a gigantic pitch-black dimensional tear appeared behind him!

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