Chapter 1204: How Dare You!

Translator: Legge

Actually, when the two Grand Elders descended above the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar, they realized that they were a step too late and could not save Su Zimo in time.

Both of them were shocked and furious!

After clarifying their guesses, Su Zimo’s life was even more important than theirs.

But now, an outsider had attempted to kill their young master right under their noses in the Dragon Bone Valley – that was akin to touching their Reverse Scale!

However, a strange scene happened the moment the two Grand Elders appeared.

Beneath the stone pillar, Su Zimo was still motionless. His eyes were closed as he continued to comprehend his divine powers, seemingly unaffected.

On the contrary, Wu Xie who attacked Su Zimo grunted dully with a change in expression, as though he was severely injured!

Initially, Wu Xie wanted to tear the Major Transference Talisman and was about to be teleported away. However, he was delayed for a moment due to the stagger of his body!

The entire process happened in a flash.

The two Grand Elders did not have time to think about the reason behind this and made a prompt decision to attack right away!

“Where can you run to?”

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder harrumphed coldly and two scorching beams of light shot out from his eyes. They were extremely fast and shot towards Elder Scorpion instantly.

However, the Major Transference Talisman was already shattered.

A gigantic pitch-black crack appeared behind Elder Scorpion and he leaped into it, disappearing.

The two blazing beams of light shot into the dark and cold crack without causing any ripples.

The gigantic crack closed rapidly.

Once the crack closed and s.p.a.ce was restored, the two Grand Elders would not be able to capture Elder Scorpion even if they had divine powers!

Unless… they killed their way into the Ghost Curse Tomb.

“You want to escape after coming to my Dragon Bone Valley to kill?!”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder was enraged and extended his arm from dozens of feet away. A menacing gigantic dragon claw appeared and reached into the crack!

Elder Scorpion made use of the dimensional tear to avoid the fatal attack of the Illumination Dragon Grand Elder and thought to himself that he was lucky. Before he could catch his breath, he felt a strong sense of danger!

Immediately after, a menacing claw descended from the darkness and grabbed him!


Against that claw, his body was like paper and was penetrated instantly, causing blood to flow!

There was no race that could defend against the sharpest claws of the Dragon race with their bodies.

Furthermore, among the Primordial Nine Races, the Witch race had the weakest physique.


Elder Scorpion let out a tragic cry.

In the void, just as the gigantic pitch-black crack was about to close, the Blue Dragon Grand Elder yanked Elder Scorpion out!

A few bloodied holes appeared on Elder Scorpion’s body.

Dark green blood flowed out slowly with a nauseating stench.

The dragon claw of the Blue Dragon Grand Elder had already pierced through Elder Scorpion’s body. His tendons and bones were broken and his organs were completely destroyed!

Conjoint Body Mighty Figures had boundless Dharmic powers and could regrow severed limbs.

An injury as such was not fatal for Elder Scorpion.

However, he had fallen completely into the hands of the Blue Dragon Grand Elder and his vitals were pierced. His blood qi was deteriorating and it was impossible for him to break free!

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder pinched this Conjoint Body realm expert of the Witch race as though he was carrying a weak chick.


Elder Scorpion’s face was frightfully pale as he spat out mouthfuls of blood.

He cursed internally.

If the mysterious spirit turtle in Su Zimo’s consciousness had not roared and caused a backlash to his Essence Spirit, causing it to pause for a moment, even the Blue Dragon Grand Elder would not have been able to capture him!

He would have most likely returned to the Ghost Curse Tomb by now!

Many dragons were stunned and did not know what happened.

A Grand Elder of the Dragon race would not appear so easily.

But now, two of them had appeared at the same time with a murderous intent!

Furthermore, Elder Scorpion caused the two Grand Elders to attack at the same time – it was clear how furious they were!

The witches were even trembling in fear!

None of them were fools.

They had witnessed the scene of Elder Scorpion tearing the Major Transference Talisman.

It was clear that Elder Scorpion wanted to abandon them and escape alone!

If Elder Scorpion were to escape, their fates would be imaginable against the wrath of the Dragon race experts.

“How dare you!”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder hollered.

That single casual statement from him contained the shock of a dragon roar.

Although Wu Xie was a Conjoint Body expert, he was severely injured and his blood qi was weak. He still felt a sharp pain in his ears and his features were contorted!

If that was the case for Wu Xie, it was even worse for the other witches!

“Ah! Ah! Ahhhh!”

The remaining ten-odd witches cried tragically and their eardrums were pierced. All of them fell to the ground with pained expressions, curled up as green blood oozed from their ears.

The two Grand Elders were truly enraged!

“I wonder what I did to provoke the killing intent of the Grand Elders of the Dragon race!”

Elder Scorpion grit his teeth and asked slowly.

“You’re asking the obvious!”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder sneered, “How dare you attack the young master of the Dragon race in the Dragon Bone Valley! You truly don’t know what’s good for you!”

The young master of the Dragon race?

The dragons were slightly stunned when they heard that.

However, the dragons did not think too much about it and merely thought that it was a slip of the tongue from the enraged Blue Dragon Grand Elder.

He should be referring to the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage.


Elder Scorpion chuckled and quibbled, “What a joke. Look at Long Zhu. Is he injured at all? Can he still be alive if I had attacked him?”

It was extremely easy for a Conjoint Body expert to attack an unguarded dragon who had just advanced to the Dharma Characteristic realm!

However, at that moment, Su Zimo was still standing beneath the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar and comprehending his divine powers without being affected.

This was truly strange.

The two Grand Elders were puzzled as well.

The strangest thing was that after Elder Scorpion attacked, he seemed to have received an impact and was injured instead!

Although they were puzzled, what sort of characters were the two Grand Elders?

They were all decisive to kill and were completely unmoved!

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder had white hair. However, his eyes were burning with rage as he said coldly, “Do you think that such words can protect your life?”

“Let me tell you clearly that it’s lucky that Long Zhu is fine today. If anything happens to him, the Dragon race will definitely wage war against the Witch race at all costs!”

Everyone could hear the killing intent in the tone of the Illumination Dragon Grand Elder!

A thought flashed through the minds of the dragons.

If anything happened to Long Zhu, the Dragon race would truly wage war at all costs!

However, what the dragons did not understand was that even though Long Zhu was the young master of the Illumination Dragon lineage, the two Grand Elders seemed to be way too emotional.

“Don’t kill me!”

Elder Scorpion was truly fl.u.s.tered.

He could clearly sense that the two Grand Elders of the Dragon race were truly bent on killing him!

In that life and death moment, his mind raced and a thought flashed through his mind as he said hurriedly, “I can trade a secret for my life!”

“What secret? I don’t want to know at all.”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder sneered with a disdainful expression.

In his opinion, this was merely Elder Scorpion’s final struggle.

Elder Scorpion said word by word, “You must want to know! Furthermore, this secret concerns the safety of the Primordial Nine Races!”

“If you kill me, you dragons will definitely regret it!”

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