Chapter 1205: Not Even A Single Hair!

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder frowned slightly and hesitated.

He could tell that Elder Scorpion did not sound like he was lying.

What could have happened that would affect the safety of the Primordial Nine Races?

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder said indifferently, “Why not listen to him? I want to see what secrets he can reveal!”

“Elders, you have to give me a promise to spare my life.”

Elder Scorpion’s gaze was dark as he grit his teeth. “Otherwise, I won’t tell you even if I die!”

“We’ll have to see what you can say if you want to live,” The Blue Dragon Grand Elder sneered.

Elder Scorpion said in a deep voice, “Don’t worry, this secret is enough to trade my life!”


The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder nodded. “Don’t worry, as long as the secret you reveal can move us, we’ll let you live.”

When he heard that, Elder Scorpion’s spirit consciousness moved.

Suddenly, a black scale flew out from his storage bag.

When they saw the scale, the two Grand Elders of the Dragon race were slightly stunned and looked confused.

But soon, the two of them seemed to have thought of something and their hearts skipped a beat. Their expressions changed and their eyes were filled with disbelief!

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder released his grip and without even looking at Elder Scorpion who was on the ground, he held the black scale at his fingertip and focused.


He gasped.

There was no mistake about the scale’s appearance and the aura it emanated!

The pupils of the Illumination Dragon Grand Elder constricted slightly with a bewildered expression.

The two Grand Elders could tell that the scale could not be from the primordial era. Otherwise, the aura on it would have dissipated long ago.

The scale looked like it had just fallen off and was relatively tender.

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder flipped his palm.

Apart from the two Grand Elders, the other dragons did not manage to make out what it was.

This was no small matter and it was inconvenient for outsiders to know about it unless they knew the exact situation!

“What’s going on?”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder glared at Elder Scorpion on the ground and asked sternly.

“The two of you can’t recognize it?”

Elder Scorpion asked instead with a mocking expression.

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder took a deep breath. “A bloodline of it is still alive?”

Elder Scorpion said slowly, “That’s right. As you can see, it has already returned in this generation!”

The other dragons were confused, but the two Grand Elders knew the seriousness of the matter!

Elder Scorpion continued, “Don’t blame me for not reminding you guys, but it’s growing. Right now, it should be at the Void Reversion or Dharma Characteristic realm!”

“Once it grows up, hehe…”

He gave a strange laugh and did not continue.

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder pondered for a moment before asking again, “How can I be certain that this is true? Isn’t it too hasty to judge based on a single scale?”

“If you don’t believe me, there’s nothing I can do either,”

Elder Scorpion said, “This time round, if it wasn’t by chance, I wouldn’t have been able to discover its tracks. If I’m not wrong, Gu Sect was destroyed by it!”

It was easy to verify the matter. As long as one were to take a look at Gu Sect’s mountain gate, they would know if it was true.


Elder Scorpion asked, “It’s enough to trade my life for this secret, right?”

This time round, the two Grand Elders remained silent.

That secret was way too shocking. It would be worth it even if Elder Scorpion was spared a hundred or even a thousand times for it!


The Blue Dragon Grand Elder waved his hand and threw the scale to Wu Xie.

Elder Scorpion was delighted but he maintained his composure and grinned. “Thank you for your kindness, Grand Elder.”

Immediately, Elder Scorpion turned slightly and growled, “Help me, let’s go!”

It was only then that the remaining witches reacted and advanced one after another, helping the severely injured Scorpion Elder up. They summoned their spirit vessels and sped out of the Dragon Bone Valley, not daring to linger for a moment.

That was not the only reason why the two Grand Elders chose to release Elder Scorpion.

It was also because Su Zimo was safe and sound!

If Su Zimo were to die, the two Grand Elders would not give Elder Scorpion the chance to reveal the secret in their wrath!

What Elder Scorpion said was way too terrifying.

Even after Elder Scorpion left, the two Grand Elders remained silent with grim expressions.

In that short period of time, Su Zimo had already finished comprehending his divine powers!

As the inheritance divine power ended, the spirit turtle that he was looking at in his consciousness vanished as well.

There were only three b.a.l.l.s of light left in his consciousness.

Su Zimo could not see what was within and neither did he know which demon king the three b.a.l.l.s of light corresponded to.

He opened his eyes and snapped out of his stupor only to discover two old men with long beards standing in the air, frowning in deep thoughts with grim expressions.

The other dragons were mostly confused.

As for Elder Scorpion and the others of the Witch race, they had already vanished.

Earlier on, he was comprehending his divine powers and was unaware of everything that happened.

Although he was done comprehending the divine powers, the body tempering process was not over yet!

Su Zimo awakened his third divine power.

Now, his body and bloodline underwent another transformation!

This meant that he endured four transformation processes after he advanced to the Dharma Characteristic realm!

This was a true complete transformation.

At that moment, even Long Cang felt waves of pressure.

Even when Su Zimo awakened his second divine power, Long Cang was 70% confident that he could suppress Su Zimo!

At that moment, he was not even confident of success.

Of course, the more that was the case, the more excited he was!

He was not afraid of failure – he was afraid that no one would be able to defeat him!

“We’ve got to think about this matter at length. Let’s take a mental note of it first.”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder sent a voice transmission to the Illumination Dragon Grand Elder.


The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder nodded and looked at Su Zimo beneath the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar. “If Long Zhu can awaken his true bloodline and revert to his true form, he might be able to fight it!”

“That’s right.”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder said, “However, we don’t know where the opportunity for Long Zhu to awaken his bloodline will be.”

Pausing for a moment, the Blue Dragon Grand Elder suddenly frowned. Surveying his surroundings, he asked loudly, “What was the Witch race doing here?”

Neither of them knew why Wu Xie was in the Dragon Bone Valley yet.

The Horned Dragon elder, Long Zhong, recounted how Su Zimo killed the young master of the Witch race and another witch thereafter. Finally, he said, “This matter started because of Long Zhu.”

“Wu Xie wanted an explanation. Later on, under our persistence, he asked Long Zhu to sever his arm to resolve the matter.”

Long Zhong’s statement was somewhat exaggerated and was even veering towards tattling.

Illumination Dragon Elder Four frowned when he heard that but he did not know how to refute. After all, what Long Zhong said was the truth.

“Sever his own arm, sever his own arm…”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder had a dark expression and grit his teeth.

Long Zhong could not guess the thoughts of the Blue Dragon Grand Elder and continued, “To think that this lad would ignore the big picture completely and was not willing to sever his arm!”

“Sever your head!”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder could no longer hold it in and cursed. He charged in front of Long Zhong and smacked his head with a huge slap!

“Who gave you permission to sever his arm?!”

“Who gave you permission to sever his arm?!”

Each time he said that, the Blue Dragon Grand Elder would give Long Zhong a tight slap.

Right in front of everyone, Long Zhong was beaten silly with a helpless expression.

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder said angrily, “He cannot lose even a single hair, let alone an arm!”

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