Chapter 1207: Battle Commencement

In the Dragon Blood Battlefield, Su Zimo and Long Cang were already facing one another.

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder declared, “Although we can fight to the death in the Dragon Blood Battlefield without any reservations, both of you are paragons of our race. It’s our loss to see any of you die.”

Many dragon elders nodded in agreement.

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder continued, “You can fight to your heart’s content in this battle, but you must not use your Essence Spirit secret skills!”

A fight between Essence Spirits was the most dangerous and one could die at any moment.

At that time, they might not even be able to save either one of them in time.

With the regeneration capabilities of the Dragon race’s bloodline, one’s body could recover if they were injured.

If worse came to worst, there was still an utmost treasure like the primordial divine spring.

“That’s for sure.”

Long Cang nodded. “Victory has to be decided in my battle with Long Zhu, not life and death.”

Su Zimo smiled and nodded as well.

Illumination Dragon Elder Four and the others heaved a sigh of relief.

If the Blue Dragon Grand Elder did not mention it, they would have stood out and stopped the two of them from using their Essence Spirit secret skills as well!

While the Blue Dragon Grand Elders and the others did not know it, they had witnessed the might of Reverse Scale personally.

Even the young master of the Witch race was killed by this Essence Spirit secret skill. Although Long Cang was a five-clawed divine dragon, it was unknown if he could defend against it.

Suddenly, Long Zhong said, “Long Zhu has another Dharmic art that can’t be used either.”


The Grand Elders were surprised and asked instinctively.

Long Zhong said, “Long Zhu learned a Dharmic art from somewhere that can reduce one’s lifespan!”

The Horned Dragon Grand Elder frowned slightly. “What’s wrong with reducing one’s lifespan? Although such a Dharmic art is rare, it’s not that scary.”

Long Zhong shook his head. “Long Zhu’s Dharmic art is different. The effect of this Dharmic art ignores the other party’s cultivation realm!”


The expressions of the five Grand Elders changed slightly.

Ignore one’s cultivation realm?

“You mean to say that our lifespans will be reduced if he releases this Dharmic art on us?” The Horned Dragon Grand Elder asked, still in disbelief.

“That’s right!”

Long Zhong nodded hurriedly. “That’s not all! The lifespan reduction of his Dharmic art is irreversible! No matter how one recuperates in the future, there’s no way of recovering the lost lifespan!”

The five Grand Elders exchanged glances.

That was a little scary!

Was there such a domineering Dharmic art in this world?

However, all five of them felt relieved at the thought of Su Zimo’s bloodline.

Long Zhong did not notice it still and was prepared to strike while the iron was hot. He instigated, “If our other clansmen can cultivate such a powerful Dharmic art as well, the strength of our race will definitely increase significantly!”

He did not say that it was his own selfish reasons. Instead, he expressed it as though he was selfless and was considering it for the sake of the Dragon race and their fellow clansmen completely.

Long Zhong continued with sadness, “I tried to persuade Long Zhu to hand over that Dharmic art out of goodwill. Unexpectedly, he rejected me without caring about the interests of the Dragon race!”

The five Grand Elders looked grim.

Long Zhong was secretly delighted when he saw that.

He thought that the five Grand Elders were angered because Su Zimo was hiding something.

Long Zhong prepped himself and continued, “This lad is not grateful for our race taking him in at all. He won’t even hand over a Dharmic art. He doesn’t even treat us as his clansmen!”

That was a serious accusation!

Many dragons were moved by his words and whispered among themselves.

In the Dragon Blood Battlefield, Long Cang frowned and said in a deep voice, “Since that Dharmic art belongs to Long Zhu, he can hand it over if he wants to. If he doesn’t want to, so be it. Elder, there’s no need to accuse him of anything.”

Su Zimo had a calm expression and was indifferent towards the matter, merely waiting for the att.i.tude of the five Grand Elders.

The Horned Dragon Grand Elder had a dark expression as he looked at Long Zhong and asked slowly, “You were the one who asked him to hand over the Dharmic art?”

“That’s right!”

Long Zhong nodded hurriedly.


The moment he said that, a crisp sound rang.

A red palm print had already appeared on Long Zhong’s face!

The Horned Dragon Grand Elder attacked and slapped Long Zhong viciously, saying hatefully, “Who gave you the right?!”


It was another slap.

“What rights do you have to claim a Dharmic art cultivated by someone else?”


A third slap.

“Why don’t you take a look at your bloodline and potential? Even if that Dharmic art was given to you, do you f*cking think you can learn it?!” The Horned Dragon Grand Elder cursed as he slapped Long Zhong’s mouth.

The dragons watched with widened eyes!

Elder Long Zhong was way too unlucky today.

He had just been slapped a few times by the Blue Dragon Grand Elder and now, he was beaten up again!

Furthermore, the dragons were confused and did not know why Long Zhong was beaten up!

Even Long Zhong himself was stunned, let alone them!

What’s going on today?

Where am I?

Who am I?

Why is everyone slapping me?

Long Zhong’s head buzzed from the slaps and was already in a mess!

There was no way Long Zhong knew that the five Grand Elders were worried that Su Zimo would be disgusted by his actions!

If Su Zimo were to leave the Dragon race, that would be the greatest loss for the Dragon race!


The Horned Dragon Grand Elder ground his teeth and cursed, “Go back and reflect on yourself in front of the wall. Don’t come out without my orders!”


Long Zhong could only grit his teeth and agree before turning to leave angrily.

In the Dragon Blood Battlefield.

Long Cang smiled gently and said, “Long Zhu, you don’t have to worry. If you can’t use this or that, you will feel restricted and there won’t be any point to this battle. If I defeat you, it’ll be an unfair victory.”

“No worries,”

Su Zimo said indifferently, “Even without Barren, you won’t be able to win!”

Actually, even without Long Zhong’s suggestion, Su Zimo had no intention of using Barren.

Barren’s lifespan reduction was way too domineering.

If he was dealing with enemies, he naturally had nothing to fear.

However, Su Zimo had a good impression of Long Cang and naturally did not want to cause Long Cang’s lifespan to be wasted for no reason just for the sake of this fight.

At the Void Reversion realm, when he pushed Barren to its limits, it could reach a level where one’s lifespan was reduced by 500 years a breath!

But now that he was at the Dharma Characteristic realm, the power of Barren was doubled!

1,000 years could be reduced with a single breath!

Normally speaking, the lifespan of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords was less than 10,000 years.

In other words, ten breaths of Barren could kill a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord!

Long Cang possessed the bloodline of a five-clawed divine dragon. Even if he had a long lifespan, he could not withstand the speed of the lifespan reduction!

Long Cang no longer tried persuading Su Zimo.

In his opinion, Su Zimo would naturally release that Barren Dharmic art when he was forced to a dead end!

He wanted to witness the power of that Dharmic art!


Long Cang hollered and strode forward. Leaping up from the ground, he arrived above Su Zimo’s head instantly with a torrential aura!


The sound of a tsunami surged from Long Cang’s body.

Tsunami blood was deafening!

As a five-clawed divine dragon, it was not surprising for Long Cang to cultivate to the tsunami blood realm.

The moment he attacked, he did not hold back at all and channeled the power of his bloodline to its limits. He reached out and slapped Su Zimo’s head fiercely!

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