Chapter 1208: Nine Demon Kings, Complete Silence!


Extremely powerful!

That simple attack caused Su Zimo to feel a suffocating pressure. Long Cang’s tsunami blood was almost gus.h.i.+ng out of his body and arrived instantly!

In terms of bloodline alone, the power released by Long Cang was even stronger than Di Yin!

Of course, by now, Su Zimo had undergone a complete transformation and was unlike before.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

Su Zimo’s blood qi surged and his body seemed to be surging with raging tides!

He did not retreat at all against Long Cang who descended from the skies like a G.o.d and punched in reverse against the latter’s palm!


The fist and palm collided!

The dragons could clearly feel the entire Dragon Bone Valley tremble!

The collision of bloodline and physical body released a tremendous amount of energy at that moment!

There was a momentary pause and the world seemed to have stopped.

Immediately, that energy fluctuation burst forth and spread in all directions with a terrifying aura!

A single clash was enough to cause such a commotion and stirs broke out within the dragons.

The Dragon race loved to fight and was naturally excited about such a rare battle throughout history!

“Finally, someone from our race can fight against Long Cang!”

“That’s far from it. The two of them merely exchanged a single round.”

“Who do you guys think will win this battle?”

That was a question that all the dragons were guessing.

“I’ll bet on Long Zhu. He has awakened three divine powers and undergone four baptisms of his bloodline and body.”

“It will definitely be Long Cang, there’s no doubt about that.”

“Although Long Zhu has awakened three divine powers and underwent four transformations, don’t forget that his bloodline is impure! A five-clawed divine dragon is innately superior to dragons, let alone dragons with impure bloodlines.”

“That’s right! Also, don’t forget that Long Zhu has just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm and Long Cang is already at perfected Dharma Characteristic realm!”

Most of the dragons, including the elders of the Dragon race, were still biased towards Long Cang.

Only the five Grand Elders in midair remained silent.

If their guess was correct, it would be extremely difficult for Long Cang to win this battle.

Long Cang’s only shot at victory was his ability to conjure his complete true form while Long Zhu was unable to for now!

In that short period of time, Su Zimo and Long Cang had already fought for more than ten rounds in the Dragon Blood Battlefield.

They were collisions in terms of strength.

Although it looked simple, crude and savage, it was extremely dangerous.

If any strike were to land, the other party would be severely injured!

In the eyes of the dragons, the two of them seemed to be on par.

However, on the battlefield, Long Cang had another feeling that he was getting more alarmed the longer they fought!

Right now, he had already pushed his power of blood qi to its limits but he could not gain any advantage still.

On the contrary, each time Su Zimo attacked, his blood qi would surge with a boundless might – his strength was increasing exponentially instead!

“How could this be?”

Long Cang’s heart skipped a beat!

He possessed the bloodline of a five-clawed divine dragon and was a king of the Dragon race with an extremely strong bloodline – how could he be suppressed by someone else?!

More importantly, Long Cang believed that he was invincible in melee combat.

However, he could not gain any advantage against Su Zimo.

Su Zimo would reveal his melee combat techniques from time to time – tough, gentle, swift, agile and ever changing – even he was troubled by them!

Long Cang felt that he was not facing a dragon.

It was the king of all demons!

Long Cang realized that if this continued, he might be the one unable to hold out!

“Good, good, good!”

Long Cang could still speak despite the ma.s.sive battle as he praised loudly, “Ever since I awakened the bloodline of a five-clawed divine dragon, you’re the first person who has forced me to this extent!”


He reared his head and howled into the skies, letting out a resounding dragon roar!

Immediately after, an extremely terrifying power burst forth from his body and his blood qi surged, forming swiftly behind him!

A menacing and ma.s.sive divine dragon descended upon the world!

The divine dragon was covered in green scales and had a sharp gaze. It had a head, legs and sharp claws.

Most importantly, there were five dragon claws beneath the divine dragon’s abdomen!

A five-clawed divine dragon had descended!

A unique pressure of the Dragon race spread.

Against that pressure, the dragons felt shudders and lowered their heads instinctively. None of the dragons dared to match the five-clawed divine dragon behind Long Cang!

“Bloodline phenomenon!”

A dragon elder said sternly, “To think that Long Zhu’s combat strength would be at this level and even forced out Long Cang’s bloodline phenomenon!”

“In that case, the battle is about to end.”

“That’s not for sure,”

Illumination Dragon Elder Four shook his head. “From what I know, Long Zhu has also cultivated a Bloodline phenomenon!”

“There are differences in strength between Bloodline phenomenons. Even if Long Zhu manages to cultivate a Bloodline phenomenon, can his Bloodline phenomenon withstand the impact of a five-clawed divine dragon?”

Another dragon elder pouted his lips in disapproval.

On the battlefield.

The moment Long Cang released his Bloodline phenomenon, scarlet demonic qi rumbled around Su Zimo, forming menacing, lifelike ancient demon kings one after another!

Wild Bovine Demon King!

Stone Bear Demon King!

Anaconda Demon King!

Sanguine Ape Demon King!

Divine Steed Demon King!

h.e.l.l Tiger Demon King!

Wind Leopard Demon King!

Seven demon kings had appeared!

The bloodlines of those demon kings were extremely ordinary. However, they were not disadvantaged against the five-clawed divine dragon!

“What are those?”

“Why would Long Zhu possess a bloodline phenomenon as such?”

The many dragon leaders frowned.

Right then, another ma.s.sive demon king descended after the seven demon kings. Its body was slender and created raging tides with a burning gaze and unrestrained might!

The eighth demon king, Desolate Ocean Dragon King!

The eight demon kings exuded an ancient aura. Even though they were merely phenomenons, they still emitted a strong blood stench!

No one knew how much blood the eight demon kings had spilled!

Long Cang’s five-clawed divine dragon was already disadvantaged against the descent of eight demon kings!

However, be it Long Cang or the five-clawed divine dragon behind him, not only did they not retreat in fear against such a confrontation, they even released an even stronger battle intent!


Long Cang opened his mouth and the five-clawed divine dragon behind him opened its mouth at the same time.

The man and dragon roared at the same time with a thunderous sound!

This was the authority of a five-clawed divine dragon that was not to be challenged!

Everyone could sense that Long Cang and the five-clawed divine dragon behind him were truly enraged!

Right then, the scarlet demonic qi behind Su Zimo surged and another ma.s.sive object was formed!

The dragons had just seen this ma.s.sive creature before.

It was the phenomenon that descended when Su Zimo awakened his third divine power!

To think that the phenomenon would become Su Zimo’s bloodline phenomenon!

The ninth demon king – Sea Calming Turtle!

The nine demon kings descended and surrounded Su Zimo. Long Cang’s aura had just risen when it was suppressed rapidly!


Su Zimo opened his mouth and the nine demon kings opened their mouths at the same time, letting out earthshaking roars!

The dragons were silent!

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