Chapter 1209: That’s All?

The nine demon kings descended and glared at the five-clawed divine dragon not far away with murderous auras like fiends!

Long Cang’s Bloodline phenomenon was completely disadvantaged in terms of aura!

“Alright, let’s see which of your phenomenons can defend against my five-clawed divine dragon!”

Long Cang hollered and the five-clawed divine dragon behind him roared. It soared into the air and lunged towards Su Zimo with a shocking aura!

Before Su Zimo gave any orders, the nine demon kings surrounding him charged forward!

Ten ma.s.sive demon beasts fought in midair.

Although they were phenomenons derived from blood qi, each collision would cause a series of explosions, causing the void to tremble and the weather to change!

The moment they exchanged blows, the five-clawed divine dragon was disadvantaged.

Although the five-clawed divine dragon was strong and could kill three or four demon king phenomenons with ease, there were a full nine demon kings that surrounded it!

Furthermore, among the nine demon kings, the combat strength of the Sea Calming Turtle was almost comparable to the five-clawed divine dragon!


The five-clawed divine dragon roared and extended its claws, ripping the Wild Bovine Demon King’s body apart. Instantly, the phenomenon dissipated.

Of the nine demon kings, there were eight remaining!

As for the five-clawed divine dragon’s back, it was sliced by the Wind Leopard Demon King as well.

If not for the protection of the indestructible dragon scales, that attack might have ripped the five-clawed divine dragon into two!

The fight between the phenomenons was extremely tragic!

In less than a dozen breaths, three demon king phenomenons on Su Zimo’s side dissipated.

As for the five-clawed divine dragon, it was covered in wounds and was in a tragic state!


“How could this be?”

“Could the five-clawed divine dragon of our Dragon race not defeat these demon beasts with inferior bloodlines?”

The dragons were dumbfounded.

n.o.body expected this outcome of the bloodline battle!

All the dragons could tell that although three of the nine demon kings were dead, the five-clawed divine dragon’s stamina was depleted and its aura was weakened – even the glow on its body had dimmed significantly.

If this continued, the five-clawed divine dragon would definitely lose!

Long Cang had a grim expression as he swiped his wrist gently, causing a wisp of incomparably pure dragon blood to appear.

He chanted in dragon language and conjured hand seals, directing the wisp of dragon blood onto the five-clawed divine dragon phenomenon!

The five-clawed divine dragon shuddered and its aura surged!


The five-clawed divine dragon roared and regained its divine power. It attacked once more and released its divine might, tearing the Wind Leopard Demon King into pieces!

Although it was only a wisp of bloodline, it possessed an extremely terrifying power.

That was the bloodline of a five-clawed divine dragon!

By using a secret skill to refine his bloodline and fuse it with the five-clawed divine dragon phenomenon, it was akin to Long Cang granting a rebirth to his phenomenon!

Even so, the difference between them was still great.

There were still five demon king phenomenons on Su Zimo’s side!

Before long, another one was destroyed. However, cracks started appearing on the body of the five-clawed divine dragon and it was on the brink of collapse.

Finally, the Sea Calming Turtle collided against the five-clawed divine dragon.

Both phenomenons dispersed at the same time!

As for Su Zimo’s side, there were only three phenomenons left – Sanguine Ape Demon King, h.e.l.l Tiger Demon King and Desolate Ocean Dragon King!

The three phenomenons did not stop and charged towards Long Cang who was not far away.


Long Cang did not show the slightest bit of fear. Instead, he praised with a bright gaze and rose against three gigantic beings!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He was using his body to fight against Su Zimo’s bloodline phenomenon!

Both parties collided violently!

After a brief pause, a figure crashed onto the ground like a meteor, creating a human-shaped pit with dust and gravel!

However, before long, the figure leaped up – it was Long Cang.

He looked a little wretched but it was clear that he was not severely injured.

The three phenomenons in midair had already turned into spots of light that scattered into the void!

Long Cang had destroyed Su Zimo’s three Bloodline phenomenons with his body!

How terrifying was his strength?!

“I knew that Long Cang wouldn’t be defeated so easily.”

“Long Cang seems fine. Instead, his aura is getting stronger!”

“Let’s wait and see. Long Cang’s counterattack is about to begin! Up till this point of his cultivation, he had never been in such a sorry state! The greater the impact he receives now, the sharper his counterattack will be!”

Many dragon elders heaved a sigh of relief.

Unlike the dragons, the elders were calm.

They could tell that although Long Cang could shatter Su Zimo’s three Bloodline phenomenons, it was only partly because he was strong enough. More importantly, the three demon king phenomenons were almost depleted as well.


Long Cang roared in laughter. “That’s all there is to your Bloodline phenomenon. Although there are many demon beasts, they are nothing but small fries!”

“Is that so?”

Su Zimo smiled calmly without retorting.

Long Cang was indeed strong!

The last time he saw an existence that could take on phenomenons with his body was the G.o.d race leader he encountered in Myriad Phenomenon City.

However, the true terror of Su Zimo’s Bloodline phenomenon was not the initial nine demon kings!

All of a sudden!

Behind Su Zimo, demonic qi surged and a blood-colored b.u.t.terfly gradually appeared.

There were two bright moons imprinted on the wings that resembled a pair of eyes.

The blood-colored b.u.t.terfly was only around ten feet wide and was way too tiny compared to the nine previous demon king phenomenons.

However, after the blood-colored b.u.t.terfly descended, the entire Dragon Bone Valley fell into a dead silence!

A terrifying aura spread.

The dragons felt their hearts skip a beat!

Even when the nine demon kings and five-clawed divine dragon phenomenons descended, they were merely shocked.

However, that blood-colored b.u.t.terfly made them feel fear!

Not to mention the dragons below, even the many dragon elders who were watching in midair gasped!

“W-What is that demon beast?”

A dragon elder’s voice trembled.

The five Grand Elders of the Dragon race had grim expressions as they fixed their gazes on the blood-colored b.u.t.terfly.

Even with their experience, they could not identify the origin of the blood-colored b.u.t.terfly!

“There’s another Bloodline phenomenon?”

Long Cang’s expression changed as well and he was on guard!

The b.u.t.terfly looked extremely weak and had yet to materialize. It was only in a half illusory state and was almost negligible compared to the torrential aura of the previous nine demon kings.

Even so, Long Cang still felt a strong sense of danger!

That was despite the fact that he was dozens of feet away from the blood-colored b.u.t.terfly.

“That’s all there is to my bloodline phenomenon?”

Su Zimo smiled.


The wings of the blood-colored b.u.t.terfly flapped gently.

Its movements were so subtle that it was almost impossible to notice.

However, that slight flap caused a terrifying storm!

The void around Long Cang distorted, changed, collapsed and caved in!

Long Cang’s eyes widened and he could only last for a moment. As though he was struck by lightning, he was sent flying and spat out a mouthful of blood, tumbling into the distance motionlessly!

The place fell into an uproar!

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