Chapter 1211: Divine Powers Fight

Translator: Legge

The dragons were extremely excited at the sight of this ma.s.sive battle.

The Dragon race advocated melee combat the most and focused on violence and savageness without requiring much technique.

And now, Su Zimo had pushed that violence to its limits!

The Dragon race advocated strength as supremacy. Up till this point of the battle, Su Zimo’s methods had already subdued many dragons.

Of course, there were still some dragons who were unwilling to believe what happened.

Could the five-clawed divine dragon that had transformed into a complete dragon not defeat Long Zhu?


Right then, the horns on Long Cang’s head flashed with streaks of lightning, releasing an intense power of thunder!


Caught off guard, Su Zimo’s expression changed and he felt his hands go numb. An incomparably strong electric current surged into his body and destroyed his lifeforce!

Instinctively, Su Zimo released his grip.

Long Cang seized the opportunity to escape and roared before soaring into the air!

“Power of thunder!”

“Heavens, Long Cang has awakened the power of thunder!”

“As expected of a five-clawed divine dragon. To think that Long Cang would be hiding such a powerful trump card!”

A series of exclamations sounded from the dragons.

Among the Dragon race, apart from the powers of metal, wood, water, fire and earth, there were other powers that could awaken – the power of thunder was one of them!

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder and the others turned around.

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder smiled faintly and looked pleased.

No matter what, Long Cang was from the Blue Dragon lineage. The stronger Long Cang was, the more pride he felt.

“This was comprehended when Long Cang entered the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm.”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder said, “To be precise, Long Cang awakened two divine powers at the Dharma Characteristic realm as well and underwent two body transformations!”

The Horned Dragon Grand Elder nodded. “No wonder. If not for those two transformations, Long Cang would have lost long ago.”

On the battlefield.


This was the first time that Long Cang made Su Zimo suffer. He could not help but feel delighted and burst into laughter, shouting, “Long Zhu, it doesn’t feel good being electrocuted, right?!”

“Puny tricks!”

Su Zimo laughed as well and his eyes shone brightly. Suddenly, two b.a.l.l.s of flames burned and shot towards Long Cang with two scarlet beams of light!

After entering the Dharma Characteristic realm, the Illumination Dragon Eye had transformed into a divine power completely!

“Thunder Dragon Descent!”

Long Cang did not dare to be careless as lightning coiled around his horns. Instantly, a divine thunder dragon was formed and charged towards the two scarlet divine lights.


The two divine powers collided and a gigantic semicircular fluctuation spread out, emitting a blinding light as air currents surged!

Long Cang fell from midair.

Su Zimo retreated a few steps in succession as well!

This divine power fight was even!

“Good, good, good!”

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he praised in succession, “Here’s another divine power from me!”

He roared into the skies and a divine light burst forth from his glabella, entering the firmaments.


Immediately after, a loud bang sounded from the skies!

The clouds exploded and a gigantic, thick stone pillar descended slowly from the skies.

The stone pillar was grayish-white and there was a five-clawed divine dragon climbing on it. It gave off an ancient aura and possessed a rampant might that could suppress the dragons!

“Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar!”

A series of cries sounded from the dragons.

“Who would have thought that there would be a divine power within the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar!”

“That’s right. Long Zhu received a baptism in his human form by accident and obtained the inheritance of this divine power.”

“When I enter the Dharma Characteristic realm, I’ll definitely choose to undergo baptism in my human form as well.”

Many dragons who did not understand what happened thought that the reason why Su Zimo received the inheritance of the divine power was because he had not transformed into a complete dragon.

The stone pillar looked exactly the same as the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar.

However, it was dozens of times larger than the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar and its aura was much more terrifying and berserk!

Even Long Cang who was dozens of feet long was like a slender snake beneath the stone pillar, as though it could be squashed into sludge!

A huge shadow loomed over.

As the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar approached, the pressure became increasingly clear. In fact, many dragons felt suffocated and their faces turned pale!

If that was the case for the dragons watching in the vicinity, it was easy to imagine the pressure Long Cang was under on the battlefield against the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar.

“Divine Dragon’s Claw!”

The dragon claws beneath Long Cang’s abdomen shone with cold lights and surged with the power of divine powers!

This was an innate divine power awakened by the Blue Dragon lineage!

The combined attack of four claws was enough to tear everything apart!

Pshew! Pshew! Pshew!

Four dragon claws swiped viciously at the stone pillar that was crus.h.i.+ng down!

“Squeak, squeak!”

The dragon claws swiped across the stone pillar, causing stone fragments to fly everywhere with an ear-piercing sound!

Long Cang’s claws snapped and fresh blood flowed, dying the stone pillar red!

Although the divine dragon’s claws were strong, they could not defend against the power of the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar!

“Divine Dragon’s Tail Whip!”

Long Cang released another secret skill of the Dragon race!

Shrugging his body that was dozens of feet long, the strength in his body started from the dragon’s head and pa.s.sed through its spine to its tail before being flung out viciously!


The dragon tail collided against the stone pillar!

Cracks finally appeared on the stone pillar and the power of divine powers began to dissipate.

It was even worse for Long Cang.

His four claws were dripping with blood and most of the scales on his tail had already fallen off. He slammed heavily onto the ground and coughed out blood!

Even so, Long Cang’s eyes shone brightly!

He managed to block it!

At that moment, there were no thoughts about victory or loss in his mind.

All he knew was that with the help of this battle, his combat strength had increased once more and he had a breakthrough – he could even sense the aura of the Conjoint Body realm!


It was worth it!

Although Long Cang was drenched in blood, he was still laughing like a lunatic.

“Let the battle end here.”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder said in a deep voice.

It was clear who was stronger in the current situation.

“I haven’t lost yet!”

Long Cang shook his head gently and glared at Su Zimo who was not far away, prepared to launch his final attack!

“You can still fight?”

Su Zimo asked.

“The divine dragon claw was merely a divine power awakened by the Blue Dragon lineage.”

Long Cang said slowly, “As a five-clawed divine dragon, I have a final move for this divine power that I awakened! I’ll only acknowledge you as the young master if you can take this move!”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder seemed to have thought of something and retreated once more.

The strongest killing move of a five-clawed divine dragon was on his fifth claw!


Long Cang lunged forward once more. Ignoring the blood flowing down his body, the fifth dragon claw beneath his abdomen extended. Its bones were menacing and its sharp claws could penetrate everything!

An extremely terrifying aura emanated from the fifth dragon claw!

The entire void was penetrated by the fifth claw!

Long Cang’s counterattack!

The reason why he braved the danger of being severely injured and withstood the Ancestral Dragon Divine Pillar without using the divine power was because of that final attack!

This was his greatest trump card!

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