Chapter 1212: Reign Over Five Lineages!

“Fifth claw?”

Su Zimo focused his gaze.

The menacing claw that crushed over with a terrifying aura made his heart skip a beat!

There were truly not many powers of the same cultivation realm that could make him feel shudders.

His physique and bloodline were strong. After transforming into his half dragon form, he was covered in scarlet scales and his defense was extremely strong. Even connate Dharmic weapons of the same level could not hurt him!

However, that claw was extremely terrifying!

It was enough to rip his body apart!

Su Zimo extended his right hand slowly with scarlet flames burning on it as an extremely terrifying power spread out!

“Divine Phoenix Bone!”

The other dragons could not make out anything, but the five Grand Elders of the Dragon race exclaimed internally.

After entering the Dharma Characteristic realm, Su Zimo’s transformation was in all aspects and his overall combat strength increased!

More importantly, the instant he entered the Dharma Characteristic realm, he sensed the power of the Divine Phoenix Bone!

The power of the Divine Phoenix Bone was extremely terrifying.

However, prior to this, Su Zimo had no connection to the Divine Phoenix Bone and he could not control its power either.

Each time the Divine Phoenix Bone was activated, it was with external help.

After entering the Dharma Characteristic realm, he could already release the power of the Divine Phoenix Bone on his own!

“Activate the divine phoenix’s claw?”

Against Long Cang’s incoming fifth claw, a thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind – he was prepared to fight it head-on with the divine phoenix’s claw.

However, there was a hidden danger.

After entering the Dharma Characteristic realm, Su Zimo had yet to truly release the divine phoenix’s claw and it was difficult for him to gauge his mastery of it.

Long Cang was in an extremely bad condition right now. If he were to miscalculate and end up killing the latter…

Su Zimo hesitated for a moment before the power within the Divine Phoenix Bone dissipated.

“Eh? What’s Long Zhu doing?”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder noticed this detail and frowned slightly.

The Illumination Dragon Grand Elder said in a deep voice, “Is Long Zhu not prepared to retaliate and is instead defending with all his might?”

“However, the power of the fifth claw is extraordinary. It’s too difficult to defend against it!” The Horned Dragon Grand Elder shook his head.

In the Dragon Blood Battlefield.

Waving his hands, Su Zimo drew a semicircle on both sides of his body before gathering it in front of his chest. His fingers s.h.i.+fted as he conjured hand seals and drew in front of him.

At the same time, his glabella shone and a divine light shot into his hands.


Su Zimo’s gaze intensified.


An incomparably mighty divine power descended!

Heaven and earth rumbled!

Su Zimo’s hands s.h.i.+fted in front of him and conjured a gigantic stone s.h.i.+eld. It was rough and ancient with curved patterns etched on it in a mysterious manner.

The stone s.h.i.+eld resembled the sh.e.l.l of a divine turtle!

“This is…”

The dragons widened their eyes.

Even the five Grand Elders were shocked.

They had never seen such a divine power before!

Furthermore, that divine power seemed like it had nothing to do with the Dragon race!

“Could this be the third divine power that Long Zhu comprehended?”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder asked softly.

“That should be the case.”

The other four Grand Elders nodded.

The five Grand Elders were right – that divine power was the first divine power in the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness. It came from the Sea Calming Turtle and was known as the Spirit Turtle s.h.i.+eld!

According to the divine power section, if one could comprehend this divine power completely, they could reach the peak of defense!

If he wanted to comprehend the Spirit Turtle s.h.i.+eld completely, he would have to comprehend the patterns on the surface that contained endless secrets!

The patterns on the Spirit Turtle s.h.i.+eld intertwined densely.

At that moment, only a small portion of it shone faintly.

If all the patterns on the surface were to light up, it would mean that the divine power was cultivated to its perfected stage!

The moment the Spirit Turtle s.h.i.+eld was formed, Long Cang’s fifth claw struck the stone s.h.i.+eld and let out a piercing sound!

Sparks flew everywhere!

The two of them were motionless.

The entire world seemed to have stopped!

The dragons held their breaths.

All of them knew that the outcome of this battle could very well be decided in that instant!


Finally, a pained expression appeared on Long Cang’s face as he let out a tragic cry. Blood dripped from his claws as he fell back!


His body that was dozens of feet long slammed heavily onto the battlefield, causing dust to fly everywhere.

On the other side, Su Zimo held his s.h.i.+eld with both hands and did not budge a single step at all!

Victory was decided.

“Long Zhu shall be the young master!”

Long Cang let out a long breath. After saying that, he could no longer hold on and fainted on the spot.

He was severely injured in succession and it was already his limit to be able to last till this point.

The dragons were motionless as they looked at the figure standing in the center of the battlefield in a daze for a long time.

Even some of the elders of the Dragon race could not believe that Long Cang was completely defeated, let alone them!

“What are you waiting for?!”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder said in a deep voice, “Bring Long Cang to the primordial divine spring and heal him quickly!”

Even if Long Cang was defeated, he was still a five-clawed divine dragon of the Dragon race. Su Zimo was the only one above him and nothing must happen to him.

Some Blue Dragon elders moved one after another and brought Long Cang with them to the primordial divine spring.

“There’s no doubt about this battle.”

The Horned Dragon Grand Elder lamented. “Don’t forget, there’s even two powerful Dharmic arts that the young master has yet to use.”

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder said, “In my opinion, he has more trump cards than those two Dharmic arts! At the very least, he did not reveal his Divine Phoenix Bone.”

“What are you saying so much for? Hurry and get down to business.”

The Hornless Dragon Grand Elder urged.

The five Grand Elders were in high spirits and exchanged glances with smiles.

The Blue Dragon Grand Elder declared, “Everyone, the internal ceremony will continue. However, our young master has already been decided. Does anyone have any objections?”


After a brief pause, the dragons cheered.

Among them, the Illumination Dragon lineage shouted the loudest with an excited expression.

The Dragon race believed that the strong reigned supreme. If Su Zimo could defeat Long Cang, he would be the young master of the Dragon race and no one would question that!


The Blue Dragon Grand Elder nodded. “Long Zhu shall revert to his original name of Long Mo and he will be the young master of our race to reign over the five lineages!”

“Young master! Young master! Young master!”

The dragons of the five lineages cheered in unison.

Standing in the Dragon Blood Battlefield, Su Zimo surveyed his surroundings and enjoyed this moment, feeling emotional.

After entering the Dharma Characteristic realm, his combat strength increased exponentially and he could even kill Conjoint Body Mighty Figures with his many trump cards!

Even against a Half-Martial Ancestor, he could protect himself.

He was no longer the existence 10 years ago who barely survived after his body was crippled by a single strike of a Half-Martial Ancestor.

Unknowingly, he had already arrived at this point!

Up till this point of his cultivation, he had experienced countless dangers along the way. The path he crossed was like a bottomless abyss that was extremely treacherous!

Although she was still untouchable, he was relieved that he was one step closer to the figure in his memories.

“I wonder how things are with the Green Lotus True Body and if there are any opportunities for him to enter the Dharma Characteristic realm.”

Su Zimo muttered softly.

He did not know that his Green Lotus True Body had entered the Dao Inheritance Ground.

At that moment, the battle was over and he began to summon the Green Lotus True Body in his heart.

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