Chapter 1214: Half of the Martial Sutra

Su Zimo opened his eyes with a hint of vicissitude.

Repeated deduction day after day for 4,000 years – this was an immense torture for anyone!

There was no one accompanying him on that path – it was dark and lonely without any light.

He did not know where the end point was either.

If it was anyone else, they would have broken down mentally, unable to endure it.

However, Su Zimo’s Dao heart that was established here was unshakable. He could only survive till now after pa.s.sing the test of the Three Tribulations Domain!

Even so, his Dao heart wavered.

After more than 4,000 years, there was still no conclusion to his deduction of the Martial Dao.

Su Zimo could sense that he was infinitesimally close to the final secret, but he was still a step away.

That single step could be an insurmountable chasm!

Of course, there was another possibility.

The direction he chose to deduce was wrong from the beginning.

Deducing a Dao from scratch was like a dot that could spread endlessly with boundless possibilities!

If a mistake was made from the start, it could carry on and lead one further and further away from the end point.

A gentle breeze blew and a few strands of gray hair brushed past his eyes.

Su Zimo pursed his lips and his gaze dimmed.

He did not have much lifespan left.

He had 700 years at most!

At that moment, if he were to leave the Dao Inheritance Ground and return to Tianhuang Mainland, he had a chance of entering the Dharma Characteristic realm in one go.

However, if that was the case, all the comprehensions and inspiration he gained over the years would most likely dissipate and he would have to start afresh.

At that time, was he going to spend another 4,000 years?

How many changes would happen in Tianhuang Mainland after 4,000 years?

He could not afford to wait! Neither could his old friends and kin!

Furthermore, the difficulty he would face would only increase if he restarted his deduction!

He had a feeling that if he were to leave this time round, he would never get the chance to deduce the Martial Dao!

Su Zimo glanced sideways at the 30 odd stone statues and said softly, “Seniors, don’t worry. I’ll stay here. Even if I fail, I won’t let down your Dao hearts and hopes!”

He was already prepared to die with his Green Lotus True Body!

Su Zimo closed his eyes again and continued to deduce.

Time was still flowing rapidly.

Su Zimo’s lifespan was decreasing!

600 years.

500 years.

400 years…

The l.u.s.ter on his face was gone and it was filled with wrinkles, making him look extremely old.

Even if his body was the Green Lotus True Body, his blood qi was already starting to deteriorate at the moment and his hair and beard were white, emanating an aura of twilight within his body.

Su Zimo did not get up still.

Before long, he only had 200 years left.

He was already 4,800 years old!

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo shuddered and suddenly opened his eyes. A bedazzling glint flashed through his initially cloudy eyes!


Many mysterious sutras reverberated in his mind, forming a Dao that became increasingly clear!

At that moment, a mysterious power surrounded him.

It was not spirit energy, Dharmic powers or divine powers.

However, that power was still dissipating and had yet to materialize.

Su Zimo was in no hurry to get up. He closed his eyes and continued to deduce!

He was only at the initial mastery of the Martial Dao and had many loopholes and flaws. He had to continue deducing and perfecting those loopholes.

Time pa.s.sed.

Su Zimo’s lifespan was almost up!

Time was running out!

Unknowingly, he only had a hundred years left to his lifespan!

To be fair, one was at the end of the road by the time their lifespan was less than a hundred years.

Under such circ.u.mstances, it was extremely dangerous for someone like him to spend so much effort to deduce the Martial Dao – he could die at any moment!

However, Su Zimo did not stop his deduction!

Finally, when his lifespan was less than 50 years, he opened his eyes once more.

Su Zimo stood up slowly and a sincere smile finally appeared on his old face.

The mysterious power had already appeared beside him, forming gigantic golden words. There were a total of 81 of them and they surged with an unstoppable aura and will!

That was the aura of the Martial Dao!

That was the will of the Martial Dao!

The Martial Dao was about advancing courageously. It was about being true to one’s heart and the ability to execute grat.i.tude and hatred at will!

The Martial Dao was unyielding; a resisting boldness of millions of people!

The deduction of the Martial Dao itself was a manifestation of the Martial Dao!

Su Zimo’s expression was emotional as he looked at the many golden words around him and murmured softly, “Go on, let all living beings in the world see this!”

81 gigantic golden words soared into the skies as though they were sentient!

The Dao Inheritance Ground was a world of its own and was isolated from the outside world.

However, at that moment, the s.p.a.ce could not stop the 81 golden words and it shattered, causing the world to tremble!

81 golden words descended upon the firmaments of Tianhuang Mainland!

At that moment, it did not matter if one was mortal or a cultivator.

It did not matter if one was from the immortal, Buddhist or fiend sects.

It did not matter if one was a demon or from the Primordial Nine Races.

All the living beings of Tianhuang Mainland noticed the 81 golden words above their heads!

The entire world was shaken!

“What is this?”

“Could it be a commotion caused by some extraordinary Mahayana Patriarch?”

“It seems to be from the Dao Inheritance Ground!”

Tianhuang Mainland was in an uproar.

Many mortals did not know what was going on and knelt down to pray in fear of impending trouble.

“I am Desolate Martial. After 5,000 years, I finally created half of the Martial Sutra. All living beings in the world are able to cultivate this and become immortals!”

Right then, an old voice sounded from midair.

In the stone statue cemetery, Su Zimo merely whispered. However, his voice spread through the entire world with the augmentation of the 81 golden words!

Hundred Refinement Sect.

Figures burst forth from the cave abode and descended in midair.

Their leader was none other than Mighty Figure Extreme Fire of Hundred Refinement Sect!

“This is…”

Mighty Figure Extreme Fire had a shocked expression as he looked at the firmaments in disbelief and trembled. “Could Zimo have successfully established his Dao?”

Ethereal Peak.

The old immortal crane, Nian Qi and many other cultivators of the sects appeared at the same time and looked up.

“Young Master has succeeded!”

Nian Qi clenched her fists with a delighted expression.

Great Zhou’s palace.

Ji Yaoxue and Xiaoning stood together emotionally.

Ping Yang Town.

Tao Yao stood in the courtyard and tilted his head. Blinking his large eyes, he pondered and said, “In that case, young master is about to return?”

“Who is Desolate Martial?”

Many mortals of Ping Yang Town asked curiously.

“I heard that Desolate Martial is Second Young Master Su of our town!”

“Ah, it’s him!”

“Is Second Young Master Su asking us mortals to cultivate as well?”

“Hurry, memorize it!”

Many mortals watched fixedly at the 81 golden words in midair.

At the same time, the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend super sects came out of seclusion one after another. In fact, even many Half-Martial Ancestor experts appeared!

“Desolate Martial wishes to establish a Dao and impart martial arts to all living beings!”

“Could a junior truly have accomplished such an unprecedented act?”

Some people were shocked while others were doubtful.

Enigma Palace.

A slightly rotund cultivator danced with joy and shouted excitedly, “Old man, hurry and come out! Brother Su succeeded!”

“Stop your fuss, I’m watching,”

In the void, a figure appeared and gradually materialized.

The old man wore a Confucian crown and held a folding fan in his hands. With a grim expression, he looked at the golden words in the firmaments and said in a deep voice, “If this half of the Martial Sutra is truly as Desolate Martial has described, it will be a supreme merit that will bring blessings to the and ensure their eternal existence!”

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