Chapter 1215: Nine Transformations of the Martial Dao!

Although the 81 golden words looked extremely mysterious, even many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures and Half-Martial Ancestor experts could not make out anything from them.

“Those with spirit roots can sense the spirit qi of Heaven and Earth before advancing to Qi Condensation, Foundation Establishment and form their Golden Cores.”

Su Zimo’s aged voice continued ringing through Tianhuang Mainland.

Those words were common knowledge for cultivators.

However, he was now saying it for the!

“Those without spirit roots cannot sense the spirit qi of Heaven and Earth and can only look for other methods. Actually, a human’s body is a huge treasure with endless potential!”

“The essence of the Martial Sutra is to refine one’s body using secret skills and stimulate its potential to form a core!”

Although Su Zimo had a mortal body, he made use of the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness to condense a demon Inner Core.

Be it immortal, demon, Buddhist or fiend cultivation, core formation was an insurmountable realm and was one of the most important ones as well!

It was like a watershed.

After forming a core, one’s lifespan would increase to 500 years!

At that moment, it was not only the mortals in the world – even cultivators of many sects were listening to Desolate Martial impart his Dao regardless of their cultivation realms!

“The Martial Dao uses secret skills to refine the body and there are a total of nine transformations! Each transformation has a unique breathing method and body tempering technique that allows the body to transform and be reborn!”

“I call it the Nine Transformations of the Martial Dao!”

Actually, this half of the Martial Sutra contained many secret skill sutras that contained the profoundness of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects as well as Su Zimo’s own comprehension.

However, his inspiration came from his demonic cultivation.

It was as the Mighty Figure of Tomb Sect in the ancient battlefield had said, Su Zimo’s existence was unprecedented – he cultivated the demon, immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos!

That was the reason why he was able to create a Dao that belonged to him!

“First Transformation of the Martial Dao… Nine Bulls Two Tigers!”

The moment he said that, nine golden words appeared individually in the firmaments, s.h.i.+ning with a bedazzling light.

The nine golden words seemed to transform into nine little people that practiced nine different actions in midair before coming to a stop!

Those nine words were the breathing secret skill of the First Transformation.

Those nine actions were the body tempering secret skill of the First Transformation!

After attaining greater mastery of the First Transformation, one would possess immense strength!

“Second Transformation of the Martial Dao, Five Qi Essence!”

The Second Transformation aimed to refine one’s organs.

The five organs of the human body could also be called the five great divine treasures and possessed unimaginable potential!

By refining the five organs, one could condense the divine qi of the five treasures and clear their seven orifices – they would possess the amazing universal sight and hearing as well as receive an immense gain in strength!

Even five horses would not be able to tear them apart!

The Organs Refinement section of the Mystic Cla.s.sic of the Twelve Demon Kings of the Great Wilderness only began at the fifth section.

However, Su Zimo pushed forward the refinement of one’s organs in the Martial Dao!

As he said that, another nine golden words appeared in the firmaments, s.h.i.+ning with beams of light and displaying different stances.

“Third Transformation of the Martial Dao, Bronze Skin Steel Bones!”

This transformation focused on the skin and bones.

At greater mastery, one would be invulnerable against weapons and fire and water!

In the skies, nine golden words shone once more, taking on human form and conjuring nine body tempering secret skills.

“Fourth Transformation of the Martial Dao, Undulating Flexibility!”

At greater mastery of this transformation, one would be able to change their muscles, expand and contract their bones and tendons. Their appearances could be changed and they could be tall, strong or skinny!

“Fifth Transformation of the Martial Dao, Lead Mercury Amalgam Blood!”

The Fifth Transformation was marrow cleansing and blood swapping!

The bloodline would be condensed powerfully and flow gradually through one’s body like a Lead Mercury Amalgam. Their bones would be like snow – flawless without any impurities!

At greater mastery of this transformation, one would possess Lead Mercury Amalgam Blood.

At perfected stage, it would be Tsunami Blood!

However, it was not only for mortals. Even for cultivators, it was extremely difficult to cultivate to the Tsunami Blood realm!

Furthermore, in the Martial Sutra, one would be able to advance to the next transformation upon cultivating to the Lead Mercury Amalgam Blood realm!

“Sixth Transformation of the Martial Dao, Blood Qi Golden Core!”

After refining their organs and swapping blood through their marrow, one’s blood qi would be robust and finally converge, forming a Golden Core of blood qi in their dantian – they would officially advance to the Golden Core realm!

Above the clouds, the nine tiny golden figures practiced nine different styles before hugging their blood qi eventually to condense a Golden Core!

“Good, good, good!”

Within Enigma Palace, the old man with the Confucian crown nodded repeatedly with a shocked expression.

Even with his eyesight, it was difficult for him to comprehend the obscurities behind those actions in a short period of time!

However, the old man was clear that if one cultivated the technique and had sufficient endowments, those mortals without spirit roots would definitely be able to form a core using this half of the Martial Sutra!

After forming a core, all paths would lead to the same goal.

No sect would reject the inclusion of a Golden Core.

Although there was only half of the Martial Sutra, after any mortal cultivated to the Sixth Transformation of the Martial Dao, they could join any sect to cultivate the spirit refinement techniques thereafter.

One would break free from the shackles of a spirit root once their core was formed!

Su Zimo’s cultivation realm was only at the Void Reversion realm and it was already his limit to be able to deduce the cultivation techniques and secret skills required for core formation.

Therefore, there was only half of the Martial Sutra.

“Seventh Transformation of the Martial Dao, Astral Infusion!”

From then on, the difficulty of cultivation increased exponentially and even if there were 10,000 people, there might not be a single person who could cultivate it successfully.

Of course, if they succeeded in cultivation, their combat strength would increase tremendously!

“Eighth Transformation of the Martial Dao, Indestructible Diamond!”

This transformation was even more terrifying!

Although it was not beyond the realm of core formation, one’s body would be indestructible like a diamond and possess shocking regeneration capabilities with an immensely strong bloodline!

“Ninth Transformations of the Martial Dao, Dragon Elephant Force!”

This was the final transformation of the Martial Dao!

At its peak, one’s strength was comparable to a divine dragon and elephant!

Even at the Ninth Transformation of the Martial Dao, one was not beyond the core formation realm.

How terrifying was it for a Golden Core to possess the power of the divine dragon and elephant?!

The final nine golden words were displayed in midair and froze slowly.

The 81 golden words transformed into 81 small golden figures that stood in midair. They shone with a brilliance that seemed eternal!

At that point, Su Zimo paused and took a deep breath before continuing.

“The later three transformations of the Nine Transformations are extremely difficult and cannot be forced. If you want to continue cultivating, it would suffice just to cultivate to the Sixth Transformation to condense an Essence Spirit!”


In Hundred Refinement Sect, Mighty Figure Extreme Fire was shocked and said slowly, “Even I feel that the power contained in this half of the Martial Sutra is mysterious and I look forward to it!”

“If I can cultivate again, I’ll definitely try to cultivate this Martial Dao!”

“The merit of creating this is comparable to the eternal Human Emperor!”

Another Conjoint Body Mighty Figure lamented.

Mighty Figure Extreme Fire said, “The rarest thing is that Zimo did not hide anything at all and spread this half of the Martial Sutra to the entire world. Even I can’t compare to his magnanimity!”

In the cultivation world, n.o.body would casually impart any cultivation techniques or insights they had.

However, this half of the Martial Sutra that Su Zimo spent 5,000 years to tirelessly deduce… he imparted it without holding anything back at all!

Desolate Martial wishes to establish a Dao and impart martial arts to all living beings!

Desolate Martial imparted his Dao and brought blessings to the entire world!

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