Chapter 1216: Fruit of the Martial Dao

Translator: Legge

The path of the Martial Dao was long and Su Zimo merely deduced the beginning.

However, the pa.s.sing of this half of the Martial Sutra was equivalent to completing the grand wish he made back then!

For all living beings in the world, as long as they were willing to, they could cultivate the Martial Sutra. After forming a core, they could choose according to their heart, cultivating immortal, Buddhist or fiend cultivation.

All living beings could cultivate!

This was equivalent to giving everyone a chance to change their fates.

Against cultivators, demon beasts and calamities, even the most ordinary mortals would be able to protect themselves and would no longer be at the mercy of others.

“Bro, did you see that?”

In the stone statue cemetery, Su Zimo murmured softly. His old face had a complicated expression – there were emotions, regrets and longing…


He sighed deeply. “It’s time to leave.”

He had 50 more years to live.

That bit of lifespan was insignificant for Void Reversions who had 5,000 years of lifespan. The flame of life in his body could extinguish at any moment!

Su Zimo had no confidence of advancing to the Dharma Characteristic realm in that condition.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, breaking through a major cultivation realm as such was extremely difficult.

Only when a cultivator’s blood qi was strong and their entire life was at its peak could they succeed in breaking through.

For Void Reversions, once they were over 4,000 years old, they were considered to be in their later years, let alone someone with only 50 years of lifespan remaining!

There were extremely few people who could break through to the Dharma Characteristic realm after 4,000 years old!

Su Zimo was already 4,950 years old and was only hanging on by a thread.

Right then.

The 81 golden figures in the skies transformed into streaks of golden light and returned to the stone statue cemetery, gathering before Su Zimo.

In the blink of an eye, all 81 of them fused together to form a palm-sized golden ball that shone with a bedazzling light!

“What is this?”

Su Zimo was momentarily stunned.

He actually had a bloodline connection to the golden ball.

“Could that be a Dao Fruit?”

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind as he recalled some of the records he had read in the ancient books at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley.

Legend has it that before pa.s.sing away, some accomplished monks would condense their lifetime’s worth of cultivation essence into Dao Fruits and leave them in the form of relics for fated people.

That was an extremely high realm!

Even Mahayana Patriarchs could not do it, let alone Su Zimo!

What was even stranger was that there was a faint fluctuation of life coming from the golden fruit that was different from the Dao Fruits in the legends!

In reality, Su Zimo’s guess was not wrong.

That golden fruit was the Fruit of the Martial Dao!

Ordinary Dao Fruits contained the essence of a cultivator’s cultivation and contained many legacy secret skills and insights.

It was impossible for those Dao Fruits to possess any fluctuations of life.

However, Su Zimo’s situation was different.

That Dao Fruit did not condense the essence of his cultivation, but the profoundness of the Martial Dao!

Not only that, the Dao Fruit received the augmentation of a vow that contained the will of the Martial Dao as well as the beliefs of the!

The culmination of those various powers produced a Martial Dao Fruit filled with the vibrancy of life!

This was an unprecedented phenomenon even in the 3,000 worlds, let alone Tianhuang Mainland!

This Martial Dao Fruit could be considered as an anomaly beyond the Three Realms and was not part of the five elements – it was unprecedented!

Su Zimo looked at the golden fruit before him and pondered for a long time. Unable to make out anything, he put it away in his storage bag.

Thereafter, Su Zimo dragged his aged body and walked out of the cemetery step by step.

Outside the Three Tribulations Domain.

Many cultivators were gathered there, discussing fervently.

“Desolate Martial should have deduced the Martial Dao in this Dao Inheritance Ground, right?”

“It should be. This dimensional tear is still around.”

“Strange, it’s less than 15 years since the battle between Desolate Martial and Xuan Yu. Why would Desolate Martial say that he has spent close to 5,000 years?”

Those cultivators had not only come out of curiosity, but also because of the orders of their sects!

Among them were cultivators from the ten upper sects and aristocratic families of the North Region.

Right now, Su Zimo was definitely an important figure in the entire cultivation world, especially in the North Region!

Back then, after the battle with Xuan Yu, he was encircled by many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures but he managed to escape unscathed.

The death of six Mighty Figures without exception was still a mystery among the upper sects!

For sects and factions such as Dragon Tiger Sect and Dark Ghost Sect who had offended Su Zimo in the past, they were even more concerned about Su Zimo’s situation and activity out of guilt.

As the crowd discussed, a figure gradually appeared in the Three Tribulations Domain. Under the Yin wind, he staggered as though he could fall at any moment.

The clamor gradually quietened down.

All the cultivators watched fixedly.

Before long, the figure gradually became clear and had already exited the Three Tribulations Domain.

It was an old man with white hair and a face filled with wrinkles. His eyes had turned cloudy and his blood qi was weak.

The old man’s spine was slightly bent and he was hunched.

After close to 5,000 years, that skinny and aged body could no longer support the worn green robes on his body!

The cultivators were stunned and opened their mouths slightly.

Everyone’s eyes were filled with disbelief!

This was Dao Being Desolate Martial?

Was this the once invincible monster incarnate who killed many t.i.tular disciples here and looked down on the world?

Was this the peerless paragon that could be reborn after being killed by a Half-Martial Ancestor expert?

None of the cultivators could see the image of Su Zimo anymore.

The sharpness, drive and dominance of the past seemed to have vanished without a trace after 5,000 years.

The only thing that was familiar about the old man was his green robes.

All the cultivators present could tell with a single sweep of their spirit consciousness that Su Zimo was at the end of his lifespan and was on the brink of death!


Finally, some cultivators could not help but burst into laughter.

“Desolate Martial, oh Desolate Martial, you were once domineering and arrogant. To think that this day would come for you!”

“This is karma!”

A series of sarcastic remarks sounded from the crowd.

All these years, these so-called paragons were suppressed too badly by Su Zimo!

That name had already become a nightmare for many cultivators that they could not forget!

The t.i.tular disciples of the various super sects were killed by Su Zimo singlehandedly. As long as Su Zimo was alive, they would always be beneath him!

“Sigh, what a pity.”

A cultivator shook his head gently and lamented, “To think that even a monster incarnate like Desolate Martial wouldn’t be able to escape the sands of time.”

“I wonder what he experienced to end up with such an outcome.”

“To impart martial arts to all living beings is something that defies the heavens and is extremely difficult! I’m sure that Desolate Martial has expended all his effort for the half Martial Sutra!”

Some people gloated, some lamented and some watched coldly from the sidelines.

The behavior of humans no longer caused any stirs in Su Zimo’s heart.

He smiled faintly and arrived before the dimensional tear.. Without looking at everyone, he strode in and vanished.

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