Chapter 1218: Martial Dao True Body!

The red-headed ghost did not care if the Green Lotus True Body died for the Dao – everything was fine as long as the Dragon True Body was fine.

However, Monk Yuan Bei sighed internally with a look of pity.

Su Zimo was a human after all. The death of his Green Lotus True Body would mean that the last traces of his connection to the human race would vanish as well!

His Essence Spirit, bloodline and soul would no longer belong to the human race.

Monk Yuan Bei could not bear it.

However, even with his capabilities, he could not save Su Zimo.

With less than 50 years of lifespan remaining, his blood qi was weak, his body would age and his Essence Spirit would wither – it was impossible for him to break through to the Dharma Characteristic realm!

“Zimo can pa.s.s down his Dao to all living beings. Even if his Green Lotus True Body is sacrificed for the Dao, it will remain eternal,” Monk Yuan Bei said.

The red-headed ghost nodded. “I do admire him for that. The fact that he’s able to create the Martial Dao given his cultivation and allow all mortals of the human race to cultivate is an unimaginable merit for the human race!”

“That half of the Martial Sutra alone is enough for him to match the Human Emperor!”

In the blink of an eye, 10 days pa.s.sed.

Su Zimo slept for 10 days in the grand hall of the old temple before waking up!

He was too tired after 5,000 years of deduction.

If not for some obsession in his heart, there was a high chance that he would have fallen asleep and never woke up.

The old monk was waiting beside Su Zimo. When he saw Su Zimo awake, he asked with a kind expression, “Zimo, what are your plans from now on?”

“I’ve got to leave.”

Su Zimo said softly, “I’m going to return to Ping Yang Town.”

His lifespan was almost up. If he could not break through, it would be best if his Green Lotus True Body was buried in his courtyard in Ping Yang Town beside his older brother, Su Hong.

Monk Yuan Bei could read Su Zimo’s mind and sighed internally.

A fox dies in its hole and a leaf lands at its roots.

This might be the best outcome for Su Zimo upon returning to Ping Yang Town.

“Don’t worry, master, I haven’t given up.”

Sensing the sadness in Monk Yuan Bei’s heart, Su Zimo smiled gently. “I still have a chance to break through in the remaining 50 years!”

For anyone else, it was impossible for them to break through with the remaining 50 years of lifespan.

However, that was not impossible for Su Zimo!

That was because after 5,000 years, he had acc.u.mulated more than 30 top secret inheritances of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects!

There was also the Creation Lotus Platform in his consciousness.

Although Su Zimo’s blood qi was deteriorating and his body was aging, his Essence Spirit did not wither under the nourishment of the Creation Lotus Platform!

His Essence Spirit could still sense Heaven and Earth!

Those were his backing!

Of course, his lifespan was still too short and Su Zimo had no confidence of breaking through either.

That was the reason why he chose to return to Ping Yang Town.

It would naturally be best if he could succeed.

However, if he failed, it could be considered as returning to his hometown. He still had his Dragon True Body and there was still a chance for him to meet Die Yue – it was not a bad outcome as well.

Furthermore, Tao Yao was still waiting for him in Ping Yang Town.

Right then, Su Zimo’s heart stirred. As though he sensed something, he touched his storage bag and took out a golden fruit.

“This is…”

Monk Yuan Bei focused his gaze.

The golden fruit gave off a mysterious aura that even he could not identify!


He sighed gently.

What was even stranger was that there was a lifeforce surging out from the golden fruit. It was increasingly clear and intense, as though it could gush out at any moment!

Su Zimo’s eyes widened as well.

It felt as though something was about to be born from the golden fruit!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

All of a sudden!

Cracks appeared on the surface of the golden fruit.

There was a thud, as though something was knocking on the sh.e.l.l of the fruit.

Before long, many shards fell off and a pink and tender infant gradually appeared. Lying in Su Zimo’s palm, it clenched its fists and waved its arms.

Su Zimo and Monk Yuan Bei were stunned.

What was going on here?

Su Zimo frowned in deep thought and a guess gradually formed in his mind.

As for Monk Yuan Bei, he had a shocked expression and glared at the infant’s moving arms for a moment. The shock in his eyes intensified!

“How is that possible?”

He was dumbfounded when he realized that the infant’s arms were not flaying wildly.

Its tender arms moved with an obscure trajectory, as though they could trigger the most mysterious power in the world!

Those actions looked familiar.

Monk Yuan Bei pondered for a moment and his heart skipped a beat.

Those motions and postures were secret body tempering techniques that Su Zimo had created in the Martial Sutra!

Su Zimo also vaguely realized that this infant might be a life form that was born after the Martial Dao Fruit gained sentience.

At the same time, Su Zimo was the origin of the Martial Dao Fruit itself!

The moment that thought crossed his mind, the infant stopped waving its arms and opened its eyes!

At that moment, an extremely mysterious connection was formed between Su Zimo and the infant.

The connection was no different from the one between the Green Lotus True Body and the Dragon True Body!

Ordinary Dao Fruits would not gain sentience nor would they possess any signs of life.

As for the Martial Dao Fruit, it was augmented by grand wishes, martial intent and the faith of all living beings. By chance, it gave birth to a spirit intellect and life itself!

This infant that was born from the Martial Dao was Su Zimo as well!

Su Zimo was elated.

Initially, he had some regrets after deducing the Martial Dao and creating half of the Martial Sutra.

After all, be it the Green Lotus True Body or the Dragon True Body, it was extremely difficult for them to cultivate to this stage. Their Dao foundations were firm and there was no way for him to cripple their cultivations to cultivate anew.

In other words, although Su Zimo was the one who founded the Martial Dao, he did not have the chance to cultivate it.

Furthermore, he had already resolved the problem of mortals without spirit roots not being able to cultivate after deducing half of the Martial Sutra. Yet, he would no longer have the energy to continue deducing from nowon.

Now that he had this infant, all his problems were resolved!

That infant was born because of the Martial Dao and was born for the Martial Dao!

The infant’s cultivation path was completely blank and he could cultivate the Martial Dao and continue to deduce the Martial Dao after the Nine Transformations!

Similar to the Dragon True Body and Green Lotus True Body, the infant was a Martial Dao True Body!

To a certain extent, the infant was the true Su Zimo.

That was because the infant inherited his ambitions, determination, pride, Dao heart and even his Martial Dao!

Be it the Dragon True Body or the Green Lotus True Body, in truth, both had already deviated from the true Su Zimo by this point of their cultivations.

The Dragon True Body was not a human, but a dragon.

The Green Lotus True Body was also a body made from the stem and leaves of the lotus.

None of them could be considered as ‘Su Zimo’.

Prior to this, it was difficult for Su Zimo to determine which of the two true bodies was his true self.

That was the reason why he had not established either as the prime body.

The moment he caught sight of the infant, Su Zimo no longer hesitated.

This Martial Dao True Body was him!

Among the three true bodies, the Martial Dao True Body was his prime body!

His prime body would break free from the restraints of the Dragon True Body and Green Lotus True Body completely and deduce his own Dao, creating an unprecedented glory!

Even Die Yue could not predict Su Zimo’s future from this point on.

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