Chapter 1219: Final Arrangements

When he sensed the commotion in the hall, the red-headed ghost could not help but run over.

“Where did this child come from?”

He widened his eyes and sized up Monk Yuan Bei and Su Zimo, muttering.

He was only gone for a short while – how did a child appear out of nowhere from these two old men?

A chill ran down the red-headed ghost’s spine and he shook his head hurriedly, casting that thought away.

Although the prime body was only a newborn baby, it did not cry or shout. Instead, it watched Monk Yuan Bei and the red-headed ghost silently without any fear through its jet-black eyes.

Pausing for a moment, it grabbed the broken skin of the golden fruit and stuffed it into its mouth.

The broken fruit skin was a great tonic as well!

When the red-headed ghost saw that, he could not help but click his tongue in wonder.

He had lived for so long but he had never encountered such a situation.

As he looked at the infant, he felt that he was not facing a child, but a mature and unfathomable existence!

‘How could that be?’

On the other side, Monk Yuan Bei’s expression changed slightly as he murmured.

“What’s wrong?” The red-headed ghost asked.

Monk Yuan Bei pointed at the prime body and said sternly, “I can’t read that infant’s mind at all!”

Monk Yuan Bei was a Mahayana Patriarch and cultivated the great divine power of the Buddhist monasteries, Heart Peering, allowing him to read the minds of others with ease.

As long as Monk Yuan Bei released that divine power, there would be no secret against him!

However, when Monk Yuan Bei released his Heart Peering earlier on to check out what the infant was made of, he realized that he could not read the infant’s mind at all!

As a Mahayana Patriarch, he could not even see through an infant!

If news of this were to spread, it would definitely cause an uproar.

Su Zimo smiled without replying.

The existence of the prime body was a variable.

It was beyond the three realms and five elements.

Even the Patriarch of Enigma Palace who specialized in divination would not be able to see through the prime body, let alone Monk Yuan Bei’s Heart Peering!

n.o.body could divine the fate of the prime body!

With the existence of his prime body, it would not be a loss for Su Zimo even if his Green Lotus True Body died for the Dao.

Of course, he would not give up.

If his Green Lotus True Body could enter the Dharma Characteristic realm, the benefits of his deduction of the Martial Dao would be immense!

“Who is that infant?”

The red-headed ghost could not help but ask.

“He is me.”

Su Zimo smiled gently.


The red-headed ghost was stunned.

“It’s like the Green Lotus True Body and the existence of the Dragon True Body. This infant is my Martial Dao True Body,” Su Zimo explained simply.

Monk Yuan Bei and the red-headed ghost were in deep thought.

Legend has it that among the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects of the upper world, there were top-tier cloning techniques such as the Three Pures of the immortal sects, the Three Corpses of the fiend sects, the past, present and future bodies of the Buddhist monasteries.

But now, by chance, Su Zimo managed to deduce three true bodies exclusive to him!

“How about leaving this child here to accompany us?”

The red-headed ghost could not help but say, “I’m almost going to throw up looking at this old monk all day. This child can accompany me instead.”


Su Zimo agreed readily.

Although his prime body was the Martial Dao True Body, it was in the form of an infant and could not protect itself. It was the best choice to stay at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley to cultivate with the protection of Monk Yuan Bei and the red-headed ghost.

“Zimo, you’re still going back?”

Monk Yuan Bei asked.


Su Zimo nodded.

“Take care,”

Yuan Bei did not say much and merely reminded.

Su Zimo laughed self-deprecatingly. “I’m almost at the end of my lifespan. Even those great enemies of the past won’t be bothered to attack me, right?”

With that said, Su Zimo bowed deeply to Monk Yuan Bei and the red-headed ghost, leaving his prime body behind before turning to leave.

After returning to the North Region, he did not have much time and did not bid farewell to any old friends. He summoned his spirit vessel and sped towards Ping Yang Town.

Thankfully, his Essence Spirit did not wither under the nourishment of the Creation Lotus Platform.

Otherwise, controlling the spirit vessel for such a long time would consume his life rapidly!

This day, a gray-haired old man in green arrived at Ping Yang Town.

Standing in front of Ping Yang Town, the old man gazed at the town and murmured emotionally, “Big brother, I’m back.”

“Grandpa, I’m sorry.”

A child who ran out of Ping Yang Town b.u.mped into Su Zimo’s embrace and bowed hurriedly, apologizing with a blushed face.

“No worries,”

Su Zimo smiled gently.

The child seemed to feel guilty as he pointed to the town and whispered, “Grandpa, let me tell you a secret.”

“There’s a peach blossom immortal in Ping Yang Town. You can stay in the town for a period of time. If you’re lucky and into the peach blossom immortal, you can live for dozens of years after eating the peach he gives you!”

“Thank you.”

Su Zimo smiled, rubbed the child’s forehead and stepped into Ping Yang Town.

Some of the Ping Yang Town elders looked at Su Zimo’s back view and felt that it was familiar. However, they shook their heads and denied it immediately.

When Su Zimo arrived at the courtyard, a tender voice hollered before he could enter.

“Who are you?”

A tender child suddenly appeared and blocked in front of Su Zimo, looking at him angrily. “No one is allowed in here!”

Su Zimo remained silent and merely smiled at the boy.

Even after more than ten years, Tao Yao still looked like a child without any changes.

“Eh? Y-You are… young master?”

Tao Yao widened his eyes in shock.

Thereafter, Tao Yao sniffed and no longer had any doubts. Instantly, his eyes reddened and he sobbed. “Young Master, you’re back! I’m so happy! B-But your lifespan…”

Tao Yao hurriedly took out a huge bunch of peaches from his storage bag and placed them all in Su Zimo’s embrace, urging repeatedly, “Young Master, eat! Eat them all!”

Tao Yao’s peaches could increase a mortal’s lifespan by dozens of years.

However, they were of little use to Su Zimo.

Su Zimo did not decline and took over the peaches. He took a huge bite and praised, “Not bad!”

Tao Yao said nothing and merely sobbed.

He could sense Su Zimo’s twilight aura.

He was afraid that he would never see Su Zimo again!

“I am fine,”

Su Zimo wiped away the tears on Tao Yao’s face and said gently, “I’m going to give you a mission.”

“Tell me, young master!”

Tao Yao pursed his lips and nodded vigorously.

Su Zimo said, “I want to cultivate here and prepare for my final breakthrough. I must not be disturbed during this period of time and you must guard me here.”


Tao Yao’s expression was resolute. “I’ll definitely not let anyone disturb you!”

After a moment of silence, Su Zimo hesitated for a moment before saying, “If I fail in my breakthrough and my lifespan is up, you don’t have to feel sad. Just bury me in this courtyard.”

To be fair, even he was not confident of entering the Dharma Characteristic realm.

He had to prepare for his final arrangements.

“You won’t die, young master!”

Tao Yao cried again and shook his head fervently.

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