Chapter 1220: Tao Yao’s Fury

Dragon Tiger Sect.

“Master, I received definite news that Desolate Martial has already left the Dragon Burial Valley and returned to Ping Yang Town. He hasn’t appeared since.”

A tall disciple said in a deep voice.

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect sat on a high seat and nodded slightly with a cold glint in his eyes.

An elder said in a deep voice, “In that case, Desolate Martial must have sensed that his lifespan was about to end and decided to return to his roots. There’s no need for the sect master to deal with a person who’s about to die.”

“Desolate Martial will always remain a huge problem to the Dragon Tiger Sect as long as he’s not dead!”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect had a sharp gaze. “Previously, our sect partic.i.p.ated in the fight between the dynasties and attacked Ethereal Peak. The Mighty Figure of our sect even tried to kill Desolate Martial. How can he let things go after these grudges were sowed?”

“I won’t be at ease unless I see Desolate Martial die with my own eyes!”

The elder wanted to continue persuading. However, he saw that the Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect was resolute and seemed to have made up his mind.

He sighed internally and shook his head in silence.

“What about Ping Yang Town?”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect asked again.


The tall disciple said, “I loitered around there for a long time but there are only mortals in the town. Although their lifespans are longer, none of them cultivated before. Oh, there are many peach blossom trees surrounding the town as well.”

“In other words, Desolate Martial doesn’t have anyone protecting him?”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect narrowed his eyes and murmured.

After pondering for a moment, the Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect looked at the tall disciple below and ordered decisively, “Tian Zhe, you’re my eldest disciple. You’ve joined my sect for many years and are the number one of the Void Reversion realm in the sect. I’ll leave this heavy responsibility to you!”


The disciple named Tian Zhe replied in a deep voice.

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect said, “Choose another ten Void Reversion disciples with extraordinary combat strength to accompany you. You must not lose this time round!”

“Shall I infiltrate Ping Yang Town and wait for an opportunity to strike?”

Tian Zhe asked.

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect sneered coldly and shook his head. “There’s no need for you to hide your tracks. Head over straight and say that you’re visiting Dao Being Desolate Martial and want to spar with him.”

“Desolate Martial is a prideful person with a sharp edge. Up till this point of his cultivation, he has never been defeated! Even if he’s in his twilight years, he won’t fear you and will definitely accept the challenge and fight you!”

Tian Zhe understood and said, “At that time, I can kill him openly!”

“That’s right!”

A killing intent flashed through the Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect’s eyes as he continued, “If the situation doesn’t seem right, all of you will gang up and kill him!”

Pausing for a moment, he continued indifferently, “If you can kill Desolate Martial, all his treasures will belong to you.”

Tian Zhe’s eyes lit up.

After Desolate Martial imparted the Dao, the mortal world was shaken and became extraordinarily lively!

All living beings in the world wanted to attain immortality!

Who wouldn’t want to live forever?

However, most mortals did not have the chance or qualifications to become immortals.

But now, with such an opportunity placed before them, who wouldn’t be tempted?

Almost every mortal would attempt to cultivate the Martial Dao.

However, although the Martial Sutra was the same, everyone had different endowments and different levels of comprehension.

Some mortals could comprehend the obscurities within.

However, some mortals could only comprehend the basics.

There were also many mortals who did not understand.

It was the same in Ping Yang Town. Be it men, women, old or young, all of them tried to cultivate the Martial Sutra.

Unexpectedly, it was much easier for the mortals in the town to cultivate the Martial Sutra and they required less effort!

This day.

11 uninvited guests arrived outside Ping Yang Town.

Those cultivators had powerful auras and did not hide their tracks. Wearing the robes of Dragon Tiger Sect, their leader was a burly man – it was Dao Being Tian Zhe of Dragon Tiger Sect!

Under Tian Zhe’s lead, ten Void Reversions strode towards Ping Yang Town.

Before they arrived at the town, the peach blossom branches intertwined and stopped them as though they were alive!

“Everyone, please return. Entry and exit to Ping Yang Town is forbidden during this period of time!”

A slightly tender voice sounded.

Tian Zhe sneered internally and ignored that voice. Instead, he said loudly, “I’m Dao Being Tian Zhe of Dragon Tiger Sect. I’ve long heard of Desolate Martial’s great name. I’m here specially to visit. Please accept my visit, Desolate Martial!”

“What are you shouting for?”

With a whoosh, a boy appeared at the entrance of the town, frowning slightly and looking at Tian Zhe and the others somewhat angrily.

“Kid, who are you?”

A Void Reversion asked with a grin.

“I’m Tao Yao and I serve my young master.”

The boy replied seriously.

Although Tao Yao did not say who his young master was, Tian Zhe and the others could guess.

Tian Zhe grinned. “Kid, hurry back and inform your young master that I’m here to visit!”

“He does not welcome any guests right now. Everyone, please return.”

Tao Yao cupped his fists politely still.

The smile on Tian Zhe’s face widened.

The fact that Desolate Martial was unwilling to meet them was further proof that he did not have much lifespan remaining!

He had absolute confidence of killing a dying man!

Tian Zhe’s expression darkened as killing intent seeped out. He said sinisterly, “Kid, you can’t make the decision for this matter. If you dare stand in our way, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

Initially, he thought that the boy would definitely be scared out of his wits if he revealed any bit of ferocity after his threat.

Unexpectedly, Tao Yao did not show the slightest bit of fear. Instead, his expression turned stiff.

“You guys wish to harm my young master?”

Tao Yao was inexperienced in the ways of the world and was indeed pure and kind. However, he was no fool.

“Senior Brother, why are you getting entangled with a kid like him?”

A Void Reversion strode forward and reached out for Tao Yao’s throat. “We can just kill a kid like this with ease!”

“You guys are truly up to no good!”

Tao Yao looked at the Void Reversion’s extended palm and suddenly attacked without warning. His seemingly skinny arm suddenly rested on the Void Reversion’s arm.

A coil and a tremble!

Crack! Crack! Crack!

The jarring sound of bones cracking could be heard!

Right in front of Tian Zhe and the others, the Void Reversion’s arm was snapped and more than half the bones in his arm were shattered!

The Void Reversion only reacted after a brief pause; his expression was stiff as cold sweat poured down instantly.


The person let out a tragic cry!

“Everyone, watch out! This kid has cultivated into a demon and is a fiend demon!”

Tian Zhe cursed, “d.a.m.n it, I misjudged him!”

“Leave quickly or don’t blame me for being nasty!”

Tao Yao warned seriously.

If it was monkey and the others, they would have killed this group of people without a second word.

However, Tao Yao was different. His hands had not been tainted by blood nor had he killed any living being.

Right now, snapping the arm of the Void Reversion was the most severe move he had ever made!

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