Chapter 1221: Retreating in Defeat

“Junior Brother Qian!”

Another Void Reversion was enraged and withdrew a Dharmic weapon from his storage bag right away. He raised his gigantic axe with one hand and cleaved down at Tao Yao’s head without any mercy!

Tao Yao swayed and arrived before the Void Reversion instantly.

It was too fast!

At that moment, the Void Reversion had just raised his gigantic axe and it had yet to land!

Tao Yao extended his arm and his seemingly tender palm landed on the person’s chest.


That person’s chest caved in slightly and at least eight bones were broken!


The Void Reversion spat out blood and fell.

“Everyone, together! This fiend demon has some skills!”

Tian Zhe retracted the contempt in his eyes and shouted with a grim expression. Summoning his Destiny Dharmic Weapon, a sinister long sword slashed towards Tao Yao.

His sword was created from the blood of tens of thousands of demon beasts and was known as the Myriad Beast Blood Sword, a connate Dao Being Dharmic weapon.

A single slash could even conjure the faint phantom of ten thousand beasts – it was incomparably strong!

Furthermore, the sword was extremely evil and contained the resentment and malevolent aura of all the beasts – any cultivator that was careless would be affected mentally!

This sword played a huge part in why he was able to become the number one Void Reversion in Dragon Tiger Sect!

At the same time, the remaining eight Dragon Tiger Sect cultivators attacked as well.

Some conjured hand seals.

Some summoned Dharmic weapons and approached Tao Yao with strange steps, prepared to fight him in close combat and restrain him.

Since they were from the same sect, their chemistry was flawless!

Tao Yao’s expression was unchanged as he scratched his chest.

A small sword made of peach blossom wood and was as thin as a needle was revealed.

The peach blossom sword was initially hung on his neck.


Tao Yao hollered softly.

The peach blossom sword fell into the void and expanded instantly, turning three feet long. Its body shone with faint lightning as it collided with the Myriad Beast Blood Sword!


Tian Zhe sneered with a fierce gaze and hollered, “How dare you take out a puny wooden sword to embarra.s.s yourself? Break it!”

Countless Dharmic weapons had been destroyed by the Myriad Beast Blood Sword.

The peach blossom sword was una.s.suming and there were no Dharmic patterns on it – its power must be limited.

Even a metal sword made of universal materials might not be able to withstand the sharpness of the Myriad Beast Blood Sword, let alone one made of peach blossom wood!


The Myriad Beast Blood Sword collided against the peach blossom sword.

There were no sparks.

It was not as Tian Zhe had imagined either!

On the contrary, as though it was severely injured, the phantoms of the demon beasts were dispersed the moment they appeared!

Not only that, the malevolent blood qi on the sword was suppressed completely!


Tian Zhe was dumbfounded.

There was no way he knew that in the legends, peach blossom wood was an immortal wood that could purge ghosts and evil – it was the most effective against ferocious weapons like his!

The two swords fought.

The Myriad Beast Blood Sword was completely disadvantaged!

At the same time, many Dharmic arts descended.

Tao Yao was calm. With a stern expression, he waved his hands and his fingertips moved, forming pink flowers that looked extremely coquettish.

The pink peach blossoms floated up and collided with the Dharmic arts.

Although the Dharmic arts of Dragon Tiger Sect were terrifying, they were shattered by the peach blossoms and their Dharmic powers dissipated!


Tao Yao’s figure flashed and he extended his palm, slapping a Void Reversion heavily on the cheek.

That single slap shattered half of the person’s cheek!

“Bad guy!”

Tao Yao spat.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

His figure flashed consecutively and pa.s.sed by everyone from Dragon Tiger Sect. He attacked decisively and figures were sent flying one after another in a wretched manner.

Back then, even monkey and the others were defeated by Tao Yao!

Apart from Night Spirit, monkey and the others were suppressed by Tao Yao!

Dragon Tiger Sect specialized in body tempering. Although the physique and bloodline of those Void Reversions were strong, they were still far inferior compared to Tao Yao.

In less than half an hour, ten Void Reversions were defeated by Tao Yao!

Bones cracked and everyone shrieked repeatedly.

If Dao Being Tian Zhe had not noticed that the situation was bad and escaped in time, he would have been suppressed by Tao Yao as well!

“You’re not allowed to shout!”

Afraid that those cultivators would disturb Su Zimo’s seclusion, Tao Yao hollered softly and pointed forward while conjuring hand seals with both hands.


On the peach blossom trees on both sides of the road, many peach blossom branches grew wildly, forming cages that imprisoned the ten Void Reversions!

Thereafter, a fragrance wafted out from the peach blossoms on the tree branches.

The cultivators turned drowsy and the pain on their bodies lessened instantly. All of them became dazed with lost gazes.

“I’ll lock you bad guys here as a punishment!”

Tao Yao said seriously.

Those Void Reversions were all paragons of Dragon Tiger Sect.

Even in the cultivation world of the North Region, they were famous figures!

But now, all of those cultivators looked dispirited. Trapped in cages and hung on peach blossom trees by the road, they looked extremely wretched.

Dao Being Tian Zhe had long fled far away and felt relieved when he saw that.

It was lucky that he escaped quickly. Otherwise, his outcome would be the same as his fellow sect mates – he would be hung on the peach blossom trees with no choice.

“This town is way too evil!”

His expression was terrible as he mumbled, “I wonder where this peach blossom tree demon came from. To think that he’s so strong!”

After pondering for a moment on the spot, Dao Being Tian Zhe turned to leave.

The situation was beyond his capabilities and expectations.

Dragon Tiger Sect.

“What are you talking about?”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect slammed the table and stood up, saying in rage, “The 11 of you were defeated by a Void Reversion peach blossom tree demon?!”

“That peach blossom tree was way too ruthless. We were no match for it at all.”

Dao Being Tian Zhe felt bitter.

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect had a cold expression. Pondering for a moment, he grit his teeth and said, “Seems like I’ve got to get Junior Brother Fei Ming to make a trip!”

“A Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord?”

An elder at the side frowned. “Sect master, aren’t you afraid of angering the Mahayana Patriarch of Dragon Burial Valley and implicating the sect by asking a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord to deal with Desolate Martial?”

“What are you afraid of?!”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect said coldly, “We’re not asking Junior Brother Fei Ming to bring people over to deal with Desolate Martial, but to kill that peach blossom tree demon first!”

“When the peach blossom tree turns into a demon, it’s meant to harm others. As people of the orthodox path, it’s only right for us to slay demons. Who can question that?”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect had a clear mind. By killing Tao Yao, they would naturally be able to meet Su Zimo and deal with the latter using various means later on.

“Even so…”

The elder was about to persuade but was interrupted by the Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect.

“Elder, there’s no need to say more. I’ve already decided.”

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect said in a deep voice, “We’ve got to speed up on this matter. News of their defeat will spread very quickly and things might change if we drag on!”

True enough!

Before long, the upper sects and aristocratic families of the North Region as well as Ethereal Peak and the Great Zhou Dynasty received the news.

Desolate Martial had already returned to Ping Yang Town after leaving the Dragon Burial Valley and the situation was unknown!

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