Chapter 1222: Gathering

Although Su Zimo was a Void Reversion, his every action would attract the attention of the major sects and factions of the North Region!

“Desolate Martial is in his twilight years and is already a foot into the coffin. However, he still has many treasures with him. We can’t let him take those treasures with him.”

“Once Desolate Martial dies, his treasures will become ownerless and there will definitely be a bloodbath at that time!”

Who in the world did not want to become the second Dao Being Desolate Martial?!

When Su Zimo was strong and powerful, countless cultivators and sects coveted his treasures.

Now that he was in his twilight years, countless cultivators and sects in the North Region were tempted.

“I heard that Desolate Martial has less than 50 years to his lifespan. Could he truly be able to advance to the Dharma Characteristic realm?”

“Absolutely impossible!”

“If he cultivates his mind and rein in his desires, he might be able to live out the rest of his 50 years lifespan. If he insists on breaking through to the Dharma Characteristic realm, he won’t be able to live for more than a year!”

“That’s right. How difficult and dangerous is it to want to break through a major cultivation realm? Even at his peak, it’s unknown if he can succeed. Furthermore, he’s already near the end of his lifespan!”

Instantly, the cultivation world of the North Region was discussing this matter.

Dark Ghost Sect.

“Sect master, should we head to Ping Yang Town and fight for Desolate Martial’s belongings?” A cultivator asked.


The Sect Master of Dark Ghost Sect said in a deep voice, “Junior Brother Black Leather, lead 10 Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and 50 Void Reversions to Ping Yang Town!”

Pausing for a moment, he continued, “However, if Desolate Martial isn’t dead, don’t act rashly.”


Dao Lord Black Leather was puzzled.

“A centipede dies but never falls completely,”

The Sect Master of Dark Ghost Sect said, “Who knows what else Desolate Martial has up his sleeves? All you have to do is guard the vicinity. If Desolate Martial dies, there’s no need to hesitate and you can s.n.a.t.c.h his belongings right away!”


Dao Lord Black Leather replied in a deep voice.

Almost at the same time, cultivators from Seven Kills Sect, Blood Mist Sect, Yuwen Clan and other upper sects and aristocratic families rushed to Ping Yang Town.

Instantly, a storm brewed!

This small Ping Yang Town was targeted by countless sects, factions and paragons!

Murong aristocratic family.

The Murong family head shook his head gently and lamented, “To think that a monster incarnate who founded the Martial Dao and established such an immortal merit would end up in such a state.”

“Family head, we’ve received news one after another that many cultivators from the upper sects are rus.h.i.+ng over to fight for Desolate Martial’s belongings. Should we…”

A cultivator asked.


The Murong family head shook his head. “I once promised Desolate Martial that if he could establish the Martial Dao and allow all living beings in the world to cultivate, I’ll pay a personal visit to congratulate him.”

“Desolate Martial is now in his twilight years and there’s no longer any purpose in me extending my congratulations. His future outlook is already so grim… we must not hit him when he’s down!”

“That’s right.”

An elder of the Murong family nodded. “This is the respect that Desolate Martial deserves.”

Among the ten upper sects, Stellar Luna Sect, Blaze Columbus Valley and Heaven Motion Sect did not make any moves either.

The sect masters of the three upper sects forbade cultivators from taking part in the matter as well!

The capital of Great Zhou.

Two women stood side by side. One was gentle and beautiful while the other was n.o.ble and graceful. They were Su Xiaoning and the Empress of Great Zhou, Ji Yaoxue.


Xiaoning looked in the direction of Ping Yang Town with a worried expression. “I have to go to Ping Yang Town and see him for the last time!”

“I’ll accompany you.”

Ji Yaoxue replied.

“Sister Yaoxue, don’t go. Ping Yang Town is definitely in danger right now. You are the empress and you must not take the risk,” Xiaoning said.

“Even if it’s extremely dangerous, I have to visit Zimo.”

Ji Yaoxue’s tone was calm but extremely resolute.

Xiaoning remained silent for a long time and did not continue persuading her.

After making some arrangements for the Great Zhou Dynasty, Ji Yaoxue set off with Xiaoning to Ping Yang Town.

Ethereal Peak.

The old immortal crane and Nian Qi left the sect right away and rushed to Ping Yang Town.

Wild Lion Ridge.

Monkey and the others were gathered together with sorrowful expressions.

Little Fox’s eyes were red – it was clear that she had just cried.

“Seriously, First! He’s willing to exhaust his lifespan just for that useless Martial Dao!” The spirit tiger was indignant.

The moment she heard that, Little Fox wanted to cry again.

Suddenly, Night Spirit said, “Actually, the situation isn’t as bad as you guys think it to be. I heard from First that he has another true body!”

“Even if his Green Lotus True Body dies, First isn’t dead.”

“For real?”


“No matter if it’s true or not, let’s head to Ping Yang Town first. I heard that some of the evildoers of the human race are preparing to s.n.a.t.c.h away First’s belongings! b.l.o.o.d.y h.e.l.l!”

Monkey cursed.

“Let’s go!”

Monkey’s group moved instantly as well.

Actually, there was a reason why Su Zimo left the Dragon Burial Valley and did not visit his kin such as Xiaoning and monkey’s group.

He was already in a bad condition. The long journey from the Dragon Burial Valley to Ping Yang Town was already his limit.

He did not have the energy to travel around Wild Lion Ridge, Ethereal Peak and the capital of Great Zhou.

Furthermore, given his current state, there were only two possibilities.

First, a failed breakthrough.

As Night Spirit had said, even if he failed his breakthrough, he still had his Dragon True Body.

More importantly, there was his prime body!

He was not dead.

He would merely be adding to the sorrows of Xiaoning and the others by bidding them farewell – there was no need for that.

The second scenario was a successful breakthrough.

That way, there was even less need for him to bid farewell to Xiaoning and the others.

At that moment, there was already a commotion outside Ping Yang Town.

Ping Yang Town was still peaceful under Tao Yao’s protection. The people in the town were still living their normal lives without being affected.

In the courtyard, Su Zimo’s breakthrough was at the most critical juncture!

Dharma Characteristic realm.

In truth, it was a sort of conclusion to his past cultivation.

The combination of all Dharmic arts was a Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic!

The reason why Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were so strong was because this Dharma Characteristic contained all the comprehension, essence and power of a cultivator’s past cultivation!

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the conclusion process was extremely long and took a lot of mental energy.

Some cultivators might not even be able to break through to the Dharma Characteristic realm successfully after 500 years, let alone 50!

However, Su Zimo’s situation was different.

He had obtained more than 30 stone statue inheritances in the Dao Inheritance Ground. Before he deduced the Martial Dao, he had already summarized the cultivation of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects and had long mastered them!

Without such a conclusion, it would be difficult for him to deduce his Martial Dao.

Therefore, while this process was the most difficult for outsiders…

It posed no challenge to Su Zimo!

Although his body and blood qi were already deteriorating, his cultivation realm was rising rapidly and was infinitely close to the Dharma Characteristic realm!

The deduction of nearly 5,000 years was not wasted after all.

The sands of time had long melted the barrier of the Dharma Characteristic realm and all Su Zimo had to do was pa.s.s through it with ease!

This breakthrough was going to be the easiest for Su Zimo ever since he started cultivating!

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