Chapter 1223: Battle in Front of the Town!

Translator: Legge

“This is Ping Yang Town?”

On a mountain peak 5 kilometers away, there was a dark fog and figures could vaguely be seen – there were more than a hundred of them!

“This town doesn’t look like much. I wonder how a monster incarnate like Desolate Martial was born here.”

“I heard that a peach blossom tree demon with extraordinary strength guarded Ping Yang Town. It guarded Desolate Martial and even beat away Dao Being Tian Zhe of Dragon Tiger Sect.”

“Heh! There are a few cages on the peach blossom tree and those imprisoned within are Void Reversions of Dragon Tiger Sect!”

Within the black mist were Dao Lord Black Leather and the others of Dark Ghost Sect.

Right then, Dao Lord Black Leather’s expression changed as he looked towards the Northwest.

A red cloud was surging over with a nauseating stench!

“The people from Blood Mist Sect are here too!”

He harrumphed.

“Look over there! The cultivators of Seven Kills Sect have appeared!”

“This is going to be interesting!”

“Once Desolate Martial falls, Ping Yang Town will definitely turn into rivers of blood!”

Many cultivators discussed softly.

However, neither the cultivators of Dark Ghost Sect, Blood Mist Sect or Seven Kills Sect attempted to barge into Ping Yang Town.

They were waiting silently.

They were waiting for Desolate Martial to pa.s.s away!

They could wait, but some people could not!

Before long, Dao Lord Fei Ming of Dragon Tiger Sect arrived with close to a hundred Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords around him. They exuded a domineering might and were filled with killing intent!

The expressions of Dao Lord Black Leather and the others changed slightly.

“Dragon Tiger Sect is going all out!”

“Given the commotion, most of the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of Dragon Tiger Sect must be here, right?”

“By the looks of it, Dragon Tiger Sect is going to barge in!”

“That’s for the best. If Dragon Tiger Sect kills Desolate Martial, it’ll save us time waiting here. At that time, we can just fight for Desolate Martial’s inheritance directly!”

Dao Lord Black Leather and the others conversed secretly.

True enough!

After Dao Lord Fei Ming descended, he looked down at Ping Yang Town and waved his hand. With a cold gaze, he gave the order, “There’s a peach blossom tree in Ping Yang Town that’s evil. Fellow Daoists, kill it!”

“Bad guy!”

Within Ping Yang Town, Tao Yao appeared and hollered at Dao Lord Fei Ming and the others.

He had never been so angry before.

Even if fiend demons and cultivators had tried to disturb Ping Yang Town in the past, all he did was chase them away.

However, at that moment, Tao Yao was truly enraged!


His young master was already in his twilight years and did not have many years to live – why were these bad guys so aggressive and ruthless?

He was kind-hearted and could not understand.

“It’s just a Void Reversion peach blossom tree. Let’s see what you can do!”

A Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of Dragon Tiger Sect sneered and strode forward. Gripping his fist, he punched towards Tao Yao!


Tao Yao shrieked and his blood qi burst forth!

In fact, the sound of tsunamis could be heard coming from his body!

Tsunami blood!

Although Tao Yao was at the Void Reversion realm, his combat strength was unimaginable given the legacy of Die Yue!

He punched in reverse against the person’s fist!


The two fists collided.

The Dao Lord of Dragon Tiger Sect was shocked and retreated repeatedly. His robes were torn and the skin on his arm was shredded, revealing streaks of blood!


The surrounding cultivators gasped.

Dragon Tiger Sect specialized in body tempering.

A Dao Lord of Dragon Tiger Sect fought against a Void Reversion Dao Being in melee combat and actually lost!

The combat strength of this peach blossom tree demon was so terrifying!

If it was a Void Reversion earlier on, Tao Yao’s punch would have ruptured one of his arms!

“It’s still useless.”

“That’s right. Even if the peach blossom tree demon can defeat a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord, two fists are no match for four hands. Dragon Tiger Sect has more than a hundred Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and the peach blossom tree won’t be able to last long.”

Dao Lord Black Leather and the others calmed down and shook their heads.

In midair, Dao Lord Fei Ming frowned slightly when he saw that before giving the order, “Everyone, join forces! There’s no need to hold back!”

He could sense that the number of cultivators gathered around Ping Yang Town was increasing.

There was no guarantee that nothing would happen if things dragged on!

“Dragon Tiger Clas.h.!.+”

“Seven Star Slas.h.!.+”

“Illumination Cruel Sun!”

More than a hundred Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords attacked at the same time and Dharmic arts descended one after another, covering the skies and causing the world to tremble!

Tao Yao felt a strong sense of danger.

His legacy was strong and his potential was limitless. However, his cultivation realm was limited at the end of the day and he still felt immense pressure against the attacks of more than a hundred Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords – it was almost suffocating!

There was no time to think.

Instinctively, Tao Yao reverted to his true form!

Outside Ping Yang Town, a gigantic peach blossom tree soared into the skies with lush leaves. Countless peach blossoms bloomed instantly and released Dharmic powers!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Earthshaking explosions echoed when the many Dharmic arts collided against the blooming peach blossoms!

Tao Yao shuddered!

The strength of more than a hundred Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords was way too strong!

Even he could not defend against it!

He was already injured the moment they exchanged blows.

However, Tao Yao refused to retreat at all.

Ping Yang Town was behind him.

There were cute and kind citizens in Ping Yang Town as well as his young master.

He could not let those bad guys barge in!

Invisible deep underground, thick roots extended and took root, locking onto the spot without retreating at all!

“Ahhhh! You bad guys!”

The peach blossom tree shrieked with a hint of sadness.

Branches danced and created afterimages in midair, buzzing and whipping towards Dao Lord Fei Ming and the others.

Piak! Piak! Piak!

Caught off guard, some Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were struck by the peach blossom tree branches and their clothes tore. Instantly, blood scars appeared on their bodies and their bones were exposed as they were sent flying!

Even though Tao Yao was truly enraged, he did not kill anyone.

He could only cry out repeatedly, “Bad guys, leave! Don’t force me anymore!”

“Tao Yao, don’t worry. We’re here!”

A loud roar rose from the ground!

Far away, a golden beam of light descended from the skies, carrying the might of thunder as it smashed into the crowd!

The expressions of Dao Lord Fei Ming and the others changed as they dodged.


The golden light descended and the ground quaked.

A ravine was formed on the spot!

A golden rod stood on the spot!

Not far away, a monkey with long fur and bloodshot eyes leaped over.

With each step, he would leap dozens of feet away and pound his chest heavily with his fists like hammers, letting out thumping sounds like heavenly drums!

Behind the monkey was a fiend demon.

It was a ferocious demon tiger.

There was a mighty Golden Lion.

There was also Night Spirit that flickered like a phantom!

At the same time, the sound of a crane echoed.

The old immortal crane of Ethereal Peak had descended!

A golden-haired, green-eyed girl stood on the old immortal crane. Her body was filled with golden blood qi and her gaze was burning!

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