Chapter 1224: Appearance of a Mighty Figure

“Desolate Martial’s helpers are here!”

“It’s useless. Among them, only the old immortal crane is at the Dharma Characteristic realm. The rest are all at the Void Reversion realm and won’t be able to cause much trouble.”

“It’s hard to tell. That black-robed young man is extremely terrifying!”

Before his sentence was finished, Night Spirit’s figure flashed in front of a Dao Lord of Dragon Tiger Sect. In a flash, he reached out and grabbed the person’s throat!


The Dao Lord of Dragon Tiger Sect widened his eyes in shock.

He merely felt a shadow flash before him and his throat was crushed by Night Spirit before he could react!

His blood qi was draining rapidly!

It was not over yet.

A terrifying ripping power surged into his mind through the wound on his throat and sliced his Essence Spirit into two!

A Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord did not even have the chance to escape with his Essence Spirit!

Moreover, Night Spirit had already vanished!

There was no pause in his actions from his appearance to his disappearance!

Night Spirit was like a G.o.d of killing!

On the other side.

Monkey released the berserk power of his bloodline and his eyes were bloodshot. His strength increased exponentially and he wielded Imminent with both arms, charging into the crowd of more than a hundred Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and dancing!

In his berserk state, monkey could neither feel pain nor danger.

Instantly, the hundred odd Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were thrown into chaos.

Night Spirit shuttled through the crowd and quickly seized an opportunity to kill another Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord. He escaped unscathed and disappeared once more!

On the side of Night Spirit and monkey, they could take Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords head-on and even kill the latter. The spirit tiger, Qing Qing, Little Fox and Golden Lion were not like them.

However, the four of them had their own trump cards and could deal with some Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords with all their might.

Apart from Night Spirit and monkey, Nian Qi had also displayed immense combat strength!

The power of the G.o.d race’s bloodline was evident at this moment!

Although Nian Qi’s G.o.d race bloodline was impure, the combat strength she displayed was not inferior to a true G.o.d race being!

Nian Qi possessed half of the G.o.d race’s bloodline and was able to carve her own path in the cultivation world!

After monkey and the others arrived, the situation was stabilized swiftly.

On the side of Dragon Tiger Sect, Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were dying one after another!

The situation had already reversed!

Although the battle outside Ping Yang Town was earthshaking and blood splattered everywhere, it was still peaceful within Ping Yang Town.

Before the battle, Tao Yao had already activated the formation of Ping Yang Town.

This formation was left behind by Su Zimo in the past.

“How dare a group of fiend demons ma.s.sacre human cultivators in the cultivation world!”

Right then, a roar exploded in the crowd like thunder!

An irresistible pressure descended and enveloped monkey and the others!


The expressions of the cultivators from the various major sects and factions watching from afar changed.

“It’s a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure!”

Dao Lord Black Leather of Dark Ghost Sect said sternly.

A figure stood above the clouds with his hands behind his back motionlessly. It was as though he had fused into the world and was unshakable!

This was an aura that could only be conjured by Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

“Seems like Dragon Tiger Sect has gone all out. Conjoint Body Mighty Figures are all the Grand Elders of the sect and rarely show themselves. To think that one would be invited out as well!”

“Isn’t Dragon Tiger Sect afraid of the person at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley attacking?”


A cultivator said, “The one in the Dragon Burial Valley is a Patriarch of the Buddhist monasteries. The cultivator of Dragon Tiger Sect isn’t doing anything to Desolate Martial under the guise of slaying demons. What reason would that Patriarch of the Buddhist monasteries have to attack?”

On the battlefield.

After the arrival of the Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect, monkey and the others slowed down instantly as though a ma.s.sive mountain crushed on their backs!

Even Night Spirit’s tracks were forced out by the might of this Mighty Figure.

The gaze of the Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect landed on Night Spirit instantly, sharp as a blade!

He had lived for more than 10,000 years and a single glance was enough to determine the situation.

He could tell that Night Spirit was the most troublesome to deal with among the fiend demons.

As long as he killed Night Spirit, there was nothing to fear!

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d, let’s see what your true form is!”

The Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect had long realized that Night Spirit was not human!

Before his sentence was finished, he had already attacked.

The Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect stood on the clouds and looked down at Night Spirit with a sharp gaze. Suddenly, he reached out and grabbed Night Spirit through the void.

Dharmic powers gathered towards the palm of the Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect as though they were sucked in by a tremendous suction force.

Instantly, a Dharmic power palm that blanketed the skies grabbed towards Night Spirit!

That palm sealed almost all of Night Spirit’s available s.p.a.ce to dodge.

Night Spirit narrowed his gaze and raised his fists as well. He charged into the air and punched fiercely against the incoming Dharmic power palm!


The two collided with a loud bang!

Night Spirit’s body fell to the ground, creating a huge pit. However, he flipped over and stood up quickly without suffering any actual injuries.


“He took a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure head-on but he’s completely unharmed!”

“What’s the background of that beast?!”

The crowd was in an uproar!

Most of the time, Night Spirit would make use of stealthy movement techniques to kill in secret. He was merely used to using the simplest and easiest methods to take down his opponents.

However, that did not mean that he was weak!


Right then, the Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect hollered softly.

The moment Night Spirit landed on the ground, a thin silver light appeared from the dust beneath his feet and coiled around his body like a spirit snake!

Demon Suppressing Rope!

Furthermore, it was a Mighty Figure Dharmic weapon!

Night Spirit’s blood qi surged and released a terrifying power, wanting to break free from the Demon Suppressing Rope!

A bedazzling light shone on the Demon Suppressing Rope and Dharmic powers surged!

The moment Night Spirit forced out a sliver of s.p.a.ce, he was constrained by the Demon Suppressing Rope once again. His legs were completely locked and he could not budge at all!

Even Night Spirit could not break free from a Mighty Figure Dharmic weapon easily!

This Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect had fought countless battles and had many sinister methods. He had long set up a trap on the ground and was waiting for Night Spirit to jump in!


Night Spirit’s eyes flashed with coldness as he narrowed his gaze at the Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect in midair and let out a shuddering roar!

The Demon Suppressing Rope might not be able to truly trap him!

If he were to reveal his true form, there was a high chance he could break free from the power of the Demon Suppressing Rope!

However, the only way for him to reveal his true form in front of everyone was if he were to kill all living beings in the vicinity.

Otherwise, his life would be in danger!

Those races would definitely not let him grow!

The Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect withdrew a long whip from his storage bag and whipped Night Spirit, shouting, “b.a.s.t.a.r.d, how dare you shout at me!”

Killing intent surged in Night Spirit’s eyes!

He had never suffered such humiliation!

“Night Spirit!”

Monkey and the others roared as well when they saw that.

However, Night Spirit was trapped and their situation changed drastically as well. They were surrounded by the remaining Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and could not escape.


Suddenly, a violent quake broke out in Ping Yang Town!

A terrifying aura surged into the skies, connecting the world!

As though they were drawn in by something, the Dharmic powers in the world surged towards Ping Yang Town, forming a gigantic vortex!

Even the auspicious cloud beneath the feet of the Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect was almost sucked away!

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