Chapter 1229: Great Sanskrit Light Fist

“You’re asking for death!”

Many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of Dragon Tiger Sect hollered.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

One after another, Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics surged into the skies like gigantic spirits. Instantly, the world shook and Dharmic powers surged with a rampant might!

The heights of those Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were different.

The weakest were 30 feet tall while the strongest were 60 feet tall!

A Dao Lord of Dragon Tiger Sect controlled a Dharma Characteristic that was more than 50 feet tall with his spirit consciousness and charged towards Su Zimo in huge strides!

With every step the Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic took, the ground would tremble with a shocking aura!


Su Zimo sneered. Without even using his Heavenly Fiend Dharma Body, he chanted a few Sanskrit words rapidly and threw out a punch!

That punch was like a blazing sun that shone with a bedazzling light!

“Great Sanskrit Light Fist!”

That Dharmic art was inherited from a stone statue in the Dao Inheritance Ground. It was one of the top Dharmic arts of the Buddhist sects back in the ancient era and had a shocking might!

The burst of each punch resembled the descent of a blazing sun and was incomparably tough!

Before the 50 feet tall Dharma Characteristic could reach Su Zimo, its ma.s.sive body was punctured by the Great Sanskrit Light Fist!


The Dao Lords of Dragon Tiger Sect exclaimed in shock.

A Dharma Characteristic that was more than 50 feet tall could not even defend against a single Dharmic art from the other party!

What was even more frightening was that the Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic’s Dharmic powers dissipated and was on the verge of disappearing before it even collided against the Great Sanskrit Light Fist properly!

The difference was too great!

Although Su Zimo had just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm, his Essence Spirit cultivated the cultivation techniques of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects and fused more than 30 inheritances. The essence of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects was profound and the power of his Essence Spirit was comparable to a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure!

The range of his spirit consciousness could extend to 5,000 kilometers!

What was 5,000 kilometers?

For ordinary cultivators who had just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm, their spirit consciousness could only extend to 500 kilometers.

The difference was ten times!

That difference was even more significant in a fight!

The Essence Spirit was powerful and gushed with Dharmic powers. Alongside a top-tier Dharmic art, even a 60 feet Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic could not defend against it, let alone one that was 50 feet!


The Great Sanskrit Light Fist struck the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord heavily.

That person had summoned his Destiny Dharmic Weapon as well but it was shattered by a single punch. At the same time, his body was torn apart without a corpse!

It was just a single punch!

A Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic dissipated and a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord’s Essence Spirit was destroyed!


Su Zimo’s attack was not over yet as he pointed forward.

One after another, violent gusts of wind rose from the ground, sweeping up endless mud and rocks. Every single sand particle possessed powerful Dharmic powers as they howled towards the Dao Lords of Dragon Tiger Sect, covering the skies!

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Some Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics that were 40 feet tall and below were shattered by the Dharmic art and their Dharmic powers dissipated – they could not withstand it at all!

Sandstorm was also an inheritance from a stone statue in the Dao Inheritance Ground – it came from the immortal sects.

Each of those ancient inheritances possessed shocking might and a single inheritance was enough for one to dominate the world!


Fiend qi coiled around Su Zimo’s fingertips and a region the size of a palm was swiftly formed. It was sinister, filled with blood mists and specters.

Su Zimo threw that h.e.l.l above the heads of the many Dharma Characteristics of Dragon Tiger Sect.

Avici was initially small. However, it expanded rapidly upon descending and enveloped the dozens of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords like a world!

The Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics waved their fists within and Dharmic powers surged, but they could not break free!

Avici was an extremely terrifying place!

n.o.body could endure the endless torture of Avici physically and mentally!

The only few Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics that managed to hold on were more than 60 feet tall. Even then, they were destroyed completely by the pressure of this Dharmic art!

Without the support of their Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics, the Dao Lords of Dragon Tiger Sect could not defend against Su Zimo’s Dharmic arts!

“How dare you guys try to stop me with your Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics!”

Su Zimo crossed over the heads of the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords with his hands behind his back without even looking at them.

“S-Sect master, save me!”

Tragic cries sounded one after another but there was no response.

Back when Su Zimo released his second Dharmic art, Dao Lord Luo Hua had already seized the opportunity of the chaos to escape back to the inner sect of Dragon Tiger Sect!

He knew very well that the dozens of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords could not stop Su Zimo.

Su Zimo did not take Dao Lord Luo Hua’s escape to heart.

He was going to flatten Dragon Tiger Sect today!

Dao Lord Luo Hua had nowhere to hide!

Monkey and the others stood on the auspicious cloud and did not attack at all. They merely watched by the side in a carefree manner.

Tao Yao felt much less aggrieved as well.

“Sect Protection Formation, activate!”

Dao Lord Luo Hua returned to Dragon Tiger Peak and activated the Sect Protection Formation right away.

“Elders, Dragon Tiger Sect is in danger. Even if you don’t agree with my previous decision, you can’t just watch as Dragon Tiger Sect is destroyed!”

Dao Lord Luo Hua looked at the dozens of sect elders not far away and said with a menacing expression.

The elders exchanged glances and sighed.

“We’re only at the Dharma Characteristic realm as well and there’s a limit to what we can do,”

An elder said, “If even this Sect Protection Formation can’t stop Desolate Martial, we won’t attack him. That would be courting death. Sigh, perhaps this is the fate of Dragon Tiger Sect.”

“Don’t worry!”

Dao Lord Luo Hua said in a deep voice, “This Sect Protection Formation was set up by a top-tier Formation Grandmaster. Even if a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure were to come, it would be impossible for him to dispel it in less than a month!”

“Even if Desolate Martial can’t break through the Sect Protection Formation, what can you do?”

An elder asked.

“I can send a message to the other sects and have them send experts to help!” Dao Lord Luo Hua said.


An elder laughed mockingly. “Given the current situation, which of those upper sects would want to get involved in this mess? All of them are definitely awaiting the final outcome of this battle!”

Dao Lord Luo Hua’s expression was dark. “There’s also Gla.s.s Palace!”

“Gla.s.s Palace and Desolate Martial have a feud. If we inform Gla.s.s Palace, they won’t sit by idly!”

Before his sentence was finished, the entire Sect Protection Formation shook!

The light flickered and showed signs of dispersing!



Dao Lord Luo Hua’s expression changed starkly.

No matter how strong Desolate Martial was, he was only comparable to Conjoint Body Mighty Figures at most – how could he shake this formation?!

Without hesitation, Dao Lord Luo Hua said hurriedly, “Hurry, hurry! Elders, hurry and help steady the formation!”

Many elders scattered everywhere and conjured hand seals, sending Dharmic powers into the Sect Protection Formation to stabilize it!

A gigantic barrier of light shrouded the skies above the Dragon Tiger Sect.

Outside the barrier, a green-robed figure stood, looking down at Dao Lord Luo Hua’s group with a mocking expression.

“Luo Hua, even your array formation can’t stop me!”

Su Zimo said indifferently, “Today, I’ll show you how I dispel the formation!”

[1] Lowest level of the h.e.l.l realm

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