Chapter 1230: Flattening the Formation!

The Sect Protection Formation of Dragon Tiger Sect was indeed extremely mysterious.

It was as Dao Lord Luo Hua had said – even for Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, it would take them at least a month to dispel it with brute force!

However, he missed something.

If a Grandmaster well-versed in array formations were to arrive, they would not even need to rely on brute force. Instead, they could locate the eye of the formation and destroy it instantly!

More than ten years ago, Su Zimo’s attainment in array formations could not even be considered as a Great Formation Master, let alone a Grandmaster.

However, in the Dao Inheritance Ground, among the more than 30 inheritances he had received, one of them came from an ancient Formation Grandmaster!

n.o.body knew what sort of transformations he had experienced in the Dao Inheritance Ground.

One of them was his attainments in array formations!

The formation patterns of the Sect Protection Formation were complex and mysterious. In the eyes of cultivators who did not know about formations, it was akin to a heavenly book that they had no clue about at all.

But now, Su Zimo merely swept his gaze and found a clue within the complex formation patterns.

He conjured hand seals with both hands and released three Buddhist Dharmic seals in succession!

Fiend Suppression Seal!

Demon Subduing Seal!

Immortal Trap Seal!

Three Dharmic seals of the Buddhist monasteries descended with a terrifying might towards the light barrier beneath!

The elders of Dragon Tiger Sect were shocked.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the power of the three Buddhist Dharmic seals would not be enough to deal with the Sect Protection Formation.

However, the landing spot of the three Dharmic seals happened to be where the three formation eyes were!

The formation eye was the core of the formation and was also the source of its power.

Through the eye and formation patterns, power ripples out and channels the formation, increasing its strength multiplicatively to form various different formations.

Once the formation eye was dispelled, it would be difficult to maintain the formation no matter how intricate the formation patterns were!


Dao Lord Luo Hua’s eyes widened in disbelief.

How long had it been since he activated the Sect Protection Formation?

It was probably less than 10 minutes!

In that short period of time, Desolate Martial managed to identify the three formation eyes of the Sect Protection Formation without any deviations!

What the h.e.l.l!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

There were three loud bangs!

Three Dharmic seals of the Buddhist monasteries descended and smashed heavily against the three formation eyes, causing ma.s.sive Dharmic powers to ripple!

The formation eyes shattered and lost their support.

Instantly, the entire Sect Protection Formation shook and flickered.

Su Zimo closed in and took a step forward, stomping heavily on the light barrier of the Sect Protection Formation with his right foot. “Break!”

Bang! Boom! Boom!

That single stomp caused the ground to quake!

Under countless gazes, dense cracks appeared on the light barrier of the Sect Protection Formation and spread rapidly!

The entire mountain gate of Dragon Tiger Sect trembled as though the apocalypse had arrived and the sky was collapsing!

The elders felt as though they were struck by lightning and shuddered, spitting out a mouthful of blood with dispirited expressions.


The Sect Protection Formation that Dao Lord Luo Hua said could defend against the power of a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure for a month was destroyed by Su Zimo just like that!

The foundation of the Dragon Tiger Sect that spanned 10,000 years was still trampled beneath Su Zimo’s feet!

If that was the case for the Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect, it was even worse for the other cultivators!

The crowd was astonished!

Some of the cultivators were already fleeing in panic.

Su Zimo ignored everything.

The main reason why he came this time round was to kill Dao Lord Luo Hua and remove Dragon Tiger Sect from the upper sects – it was not for a ma.s.sacre.

“Desolate Martial!”

Dao Lord Luo Hua hollered angrily, “Dragon Tiger Sect is one of the ten upper sects of the North Region. Do you really want to be overbearing and kill us all?!”


Su Zimo sneered, “Luo Hua, Dragon Tiger Sect took part in the fight between the dynasties and attacked Ethereal Peak. In fact, you even sent a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure of the sect to hunt me down. I’ve never sought accountability for any of those events,”

“But now, even at the verge of my exhausting lifespan, you sent more than a hundred Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords and a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure relentlessly to barge into Ping Yang Town! Who is overbearing one who was trying to kill me?!”

Dao Lord Luo Hua was rendered speechless by the barrage of questions.


Many elders shook their heads and sighed.

Dao Lord Luo Hua grit his teeth. “Since things have come to this, it’s useless to say anything more! Desolate Martial, I can only tell you that Dragon Tiger Sect has a history of 10,000 years. If we really fight to the death, it’ll only result in an internecine outcome!”

“Is that so?”

Su Zimo said indifferently, “I want to see what Dragon Tiger Sect is going to hurt me with today!”

Bang! Bang!

With two consecutive explosions, two cave abodes on Dragon Tiger Peak exploded and two extremely terrifying auras burst forth with a suppressive might!

Two Conjoint Body Mighty Figures had appeared!

The sect was met with a calamity and could be destroyed at any moment. These Conjoint Body Mighty Figures who were in seclusion all year round had finally appeared.

Furthermore, Su Zimo could vaguely sense that the two Mighty Figures were not the only ones in Dragon Tiger Sect!

Those who could cultivate to the Conjoint Body realm were all Grand Elders of Dragon Tiger Sect!

The two old men looked extremely similar. Although their beards were grayish-white, they were hale and hearty and had robust blood qi. They did not show any signs of weakness and had bright gazes.

A gigantic bronze bell hovered above the head of the old man on the left.

The old man on the right held a dark gold tripod in his palm.

In the cultivation world, cultivators who used Dharmic weapons such as bells, tripods and furnaces were not to be trifled with and had extraordinary combat strength!

These two siblings had the same parents and were extremely famous in the cultivation world of the North Region 5,000 years ago. They were known as the Bell Tripod Twin Lords.

Both of their combat strengths were extremely strong. Coupled with their telepathic connection and chemistry, the combat strength they released would increase exponentially!

The most famous battle between the two of them was when they were Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords – they once worked together to repel a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure!

“Greetings, Elders Zhong and Ding[1].”

Dao Lord Luo Hua bowed slightly with a respectful expression.

The two old men nodded.

Elder Zhong on the left said in a deep voice, “Desolate Martial, please return! I’ve heard some of your deeds. Indeed, Dragon Tiger Sect won’t be able to stop you with our foundations if you manage to cultivate to the Conjoint Body realm.”

He suddenly stopped speaking.

Elder Ding at the side continued, “However, you’ve just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm. It’s a fool’s dream for you to want to flatten Dragon Tiger Sect!”

The two old men were telepathic and completed their sentences as though it was only one of them speaking – even their tone was identical!

“Is that so?”

Su Zimo smirked coldly. “Let’s see how you two are going to stop me!”


Suddenly, the two elders shouted at the same time and formed a triangular formation, charging towards Su Zimo. Before they arrived, the gigantic bronze bell and dark gold tripod in their hands had already arrived!

The materials used for the two Dharmic weapons were extremely rare metal ores.

The Mystic Magnet Mountain did not have much effect on the two Dharmic weapons either.

The gigantic bronze bell emitted an extremely mysterious energy that shrouded Su Zimo’s head. It was as though he was carrying a ton of weight and could not move at all.

As for the dark gold tripod, it smashed towards Su Zimo!

Elders Zhong and Ding displayed immense combat strength the moment they attacked!

[1] Bell and Tripod

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