Chapter 1233: Bow of Mighty Figures

Translator: Legge

The Qi Refinement Warriors, Foundation Establishment Cultivators, Golden Cores and some other cultivators at the lowest rung looked at the scene in a daze. They were shocked and remained silent for a long time.

Up till this point of their cultivation, they had never even seen a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure attack.

This was the first time.

But this time round, a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure that was insurmountable and beyond their reach had died right in front of them!

This scene would be etched in the hearts of many cultivators forever and could not be erased.

Conjoint Body Mighty Figures could shake Heaven and Earth with a single move and had a long lifespan of 20,000 years!

However, in the cruel cultivation world, Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were no different from them. They were equally fragile and would die with their Essence Spirits destroyed!

Three Heaven Slaying Sword Qi killed a Mighty Figure!

On the other side..

The moment Su Zimo released the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi, another Conjoint Body Mighty Figure had already arrived.

Su Zimo did not even look at him.

In his consciousness, the 54 green lotus seeds on the Creation Green Lotus spewed out. Multicolored light spread and emitted a sharp sword qi as a green sword was rapidly formed.

The Green Lotus Sword!

A green light flashed on Su Zimo’s glabella and the Green Lotus Sword tore through his consciousness, slas.h.i.+ng towards the Conjoint Body Mighty Figure!

This was a killing technique targeted at the Essence Spirit!

Su Zimo did not test the other party and released his killing weapon right away!

“Desolate Martial, you’re a lunatic!”

When the Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect sensed the terrifying aura on the Green Lotus Sword, his expression changed starkly and he could not help but curse as he conjured hand seals repeatedly and conjured an Essence Spirit secret skill!

The Green Lotus Sword targeted the Essence Spirit.

Only Essence Spirit Dharmic weapons or Essence Spirit secret skills could defend against it!



When the Essence Spirit secret skill of the Dragon Tiger Sect Mighty Figure was released, the void echoed with the roars of dragons and tigers!

A divine dragon and a spirit tiger condensed from spirit consciousness charged out and attacked the Green Lotus Sword viciously!

Dragon Tiger Kill!

Among the many Essence Spirit secret skills of the upper sects, the legacy of Dragon Tiger Sect was definitely the top!

In the blink of an eye, the Green Lotus Sword and Dragon Tiger Kill collided.

The fight between Essence Spirits was silent.

However, the collision of their spirit consciousnesses caused fine cracks to appear in the void!

The Green Lotus Sword dissipated and returned to Su Zimo’s consciousness as 54 green lotus seeds, entering the Creation Lotus Platform to continue nouris.h.i.+ng it.

However, the Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect shuddered and the blood drained from his face. His eyes dimmed and he looked dispirited!

Although he managed to defend against the Essence Spirit fight, his Essence Spirit was severely injured!

Notwithstanding the fact that it would be difficult for his cultivation to advance in the future, his lifespan would also suffer immensely!


A white sword qi burst forth from Su Zimo’s fingertip.

The Heaven Slaying Sword Qi descended once more!

The Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect had a horrified expression and instinctively wanted to condense Dharmic powers to defend.

However, the moment his hands conjured a Dharmic art, his Essence Spirit felt a tearing pain and he nearly fainted!

The Dharmic powers that he had just conjured dissipated instantly as well.

His Essence Spirit could not even gather Dharmic powers!

In a fight as such, a single mistake could lead to death on the spot, let alone someone like him.


The sword qi descended and pierced his head without any resistance!

The eyes of the Mighty Figure of Dragon Tiger Sect widened and his expression stiffened. He fell from midair and his lifeforce dissipated rapidly – he was already dead!

Another Mighty Figure was dead!

Su Zimo was in complete control of the situation!

First was the fight between Essence Spirits before releasing the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi.

He had already predicted every possible situation beforehand!

It had been less than ten breaths since the two Conjoint Body Mighty Figures appeared and died!

To be fair, before entering the Dao Inheritance Ground, although the Green Lotus True Body’s body was indestructible and possessed treasures such as the Creation Lotus Platform and even the inheritance of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects, it was still weaker in combat than the Dragon True Body.

Furthermore, the Green Lotus True Body had an obvious weakness.

The power of its bloodline was relatively weaker!

If it was closed in by a cultivator that possessed terrifying blood qi and specialized in melee combat similar to the Dragon True Body, it would most likely be doomed.

That was still a weakness for the Green Lotus True Body even after it came forth from the Dao Inheritance Ground.

However, it was nothing to him.

The many Dharmic arts and methods of the Green Lotus True Body could make up for that weakness limitlessly!

Even if he were to fight against his Dragon True Body now, it was unknown who would win.

Although the blood qi of the Dragon True Body was terrifying, it would most likely be blocked by the many powerful Dharmic arts and secret skills of the Green Lotus True Body and could not close in!

Both true bodies had grown to a terrifying degree!

Initially, Su Zimo’s two true bodies were his greatest reliance and trump cards.

But now, his Martial Dao True Body at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, his prime body, was his greatest trump card!

His prime body specialized in the Martial Dao and no one could guess how far it could progress in the future, not even him!

On the battlefield.

Elders Zhong and Ding tried their best to hold out against the Heavenly Fiend Dharma Body and Rulai Dharmic Body because they hoped that the other Mighty Figures of Dragon Tiger Sect would be able to succeed.

When they saw two Mighty Figures die in succession, the hearts of Elders Zhong and Ding sank as well.

It was over!

Dragon Tiger Sect was finished!

Elders Zhong and Ding finally realized that Dragon Tiger Sect’s foundation of more than 10,000 years was still unable to defend against this monster incarnate and was about to be trampled to pieces!

Bang! Bang!

There were two loud bangs.

The bodies of Elders Zhong and Ding were slammed heavily into Dragon Tiger Peak by the Heavenly Fiend Dharma Body and Rulai Dharmic Body – both of them looked extremely wretched with their clothes torn!

Their Destiny Dharmic Weapons, the gigantic bronze bell and dark gold tripod, were no longer glowing and cracks appeared on them.

Two Dharmic weapons were shattered by Su Zimo’s two Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics!

The figures of Elders Zhong and Ding were embedded into Dragon Tiger Peak motionlessly.

The Heavenly Fiend Dharma Body looked at the two of them with a cold gaze and waved its arm gently. The Heavenly Fiend Scythe drew a cold beam of light in midair and pierced their throats.


Blood gushed out!

Two heads flew into the air before rolling back into the forest.

Elders Zhong and Ding were dead!

The entire Dragon Tiger Sect was silent!

Four Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were dead!

Many Dragon Tiger Sect cultivators looked at the skinny figure in midair with endless fear in their eyes!

Dao Lord Luo Hua’s expression was dark and his eyelids twitched. Even his hands were trembling uncontrollably!

At that moment, he finally felt regret!

However, it was too late.

He looked at three secluded cave abodes of Dragon Tiger Peak in despair with a hint of antic.i.p.ation in the depths of his eyes.

There were still three Grand Elders of the sect in those cave abodes!

If the three of them were to join forces, would it be…

The moment that thought crossed his mind, he heard Su Zimo saying indifferently, “The three of you have been watching for so long. Aren’t you going to come out?”


A deep sigh sounded, filled with fatigue and helplessness.

Bang! Boom! Boom!

The doors of the three cave abodes opened.

Three Mighty Figures of Dragon Tiger Sect appeared.

“Greetings, Dao Lord Desolate Martial.”

Three Mighty Figures of Dragon Tiger Sect appeared and bowed their heads, merely saying that single sentence – none of them had any intention of attacking.

Dao Lord Luo Hua was in complete despair.

Even Mighty Figures were bowing down!

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