Chapter 1234: Luo Hua’s Death

The cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect looked at everything in silence.

When the three Grand Elders greeted Dao Lord Desolate Martial, it meant that the battle was over!

The three Grand Elders were all Conjoint Body Mighty Figures.

But now, these Mighty Figures that stood at the peak of the cultivation world had retracted the pride in their hearts to bow down to Dao Lord Desolate Martial!

Su Zimo glanced sideways at the three Conjoint Body Mighty Figures and asked indifferently, “Why? You’re not fighting anymore?”

The three Grand Elders smiled bitterly with conflicted expressions.

Dao Lord Luo Hua who was standing on Dragon Tiger Peak was indignant as a crazy thought flashed through his mind. With a ferocious expression, he shouted, “Elders, Desolate Martial’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic can’t hold on for much longer. If you guys join forces, you’ll definitely be able to kill him!”

After a huge battle, the light of the Heavenly Fiend Dharma Body and Rulai Dharmic Body had indeed dimmed significantly and were no longer corporeal.

However, none of the three Grand Elders replied.

It did seem like an opportunity.

However, the three of them did not dare to take the gamble!

If they lost, all their years of cultivation would vanish overnight – they could not afford to lose!

If they showed weakness now, the three of them and the other cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect might still be able to survive!

“Dao Lord Desolate Martial,”

The Grand Elder in the middle cupped his fists. “We’ve heard about your experiences and encounters. Those are indeed crimes of Dragon Tiger Sect and we can’t refute them.”

“Since that’s the case, Dragon Tiger Sect shall disband today.”

Su Zimo waved his hand and said calmly. However, his words were enough to shock the entire cultivation world of the North Region!

Dragon Tiger Sect was one of the ten upper sects of the North Region and had a legacy of more than 10,000 years. It stood strong despite countless calamities.

To think that it would end today!

The three Grand Elders sighed internally, realizing that there was no room for negotiation.

The Grand Elder on the left said in a deep voice, “Dao Lord Desolate Martial, Luo Hua’s crime is unforgivable! However, this has nothing to do with the other cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect.”

“From what I know, some elders in the sect even tried to dissuade Luo Hua but he merely rejected them.”

After a brief pause, the Grand Elder grit his teeth and shouted, “Dao Lord Desolate Martial, please show mercy and not implicate the other innocent cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect!”


A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was actually pleading to a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord!

The other two Grand Elders cupped their fists at the same time. “Dao Lord Desolate Martial, please show mercy!”

Three Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were pleading for mercy at the same time!

If news of this were to spread to the cultivation world, it would definitely cause an uproar!

Su Zimo remained silent and no one could read his thoughts.

The world was silent.

The air seemed to have frozen!

At that moment, everyone from Dragon Tiger Sect felt their hearts skip a beat.

They did not know of Desolate Martial’s decision.

If Dao Lord Desolate Martial was prepared to start a ma.s.sacre, although they had the advantage in numbers, they would definitely not be able to defend against him!

Their fates would be decided by Desolate Martial’s next sentence!

The three Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were tense as well.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, the safest method in the cultivation world was to eliminate the root of the problem!

After all, if Dragon Tiger Sect were to disperse today and so many cultivators of it were to leave, it was hard to guarantee that someone would not obtain a great opportunity in the future and rise against the tides to take revenge!

However, the person before them was Dao Lord Desolate Martial!

Although they were in seclusion most of the time, they had vaguely heard some legends about him.

The matter of Desolate Martial establis.h.i.+ng a Dao and imparting martial arts to all living beings shocked and charmed the three of them!

Desolate Martial was not a bloodthirsty person.

Perhaps, the cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect still had a chance of survival!

“Actually, there’s no need for that,”

After a moment, Su Zimo spoke slowly, his tone still calm.

Su Zimo pointed at the corpses of the fallen Mighty Figures. “I’m only here today to kill Luo Hua. If those people didn’t stand in my way, I wouldn’t have killed them either.”


The cultivators heaved a sigh of relief at the same time.

Since Dao Lord Desolate Martial said that, their lives were safe!

“Thank you for showing mercy, Dao Lord Desolate Martial.”

The three Grand Elders were delighted and expressed their thanks with cupped fists.

Su Zimo glanced at the three Grand Elders and declared proudly, as though he could read their minds, “Since I dare to let you off, I’m not afraid of you taking revenge!”

The cultivators were shocked!

He let them go because he was not afraid of them taking revenge!

Such boldness!

That single statement alone caused the three Grand Elders to lose all thoughts of resisting!


With a single step, Su Zimo descended on Dragon Tiger Peak.

Dao Lord Luo Hua wanted to struggle and fight to the death, but Su Zimo extended his hand and suppressed him with immense Dharmic powers, grabbing him over!

He lifted Dao Lord Luo Hua by the throat and looked down at the cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect. “Listen up, the Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect, Dao Lord Luo Hua, was killed by me! Dragon Tiger Sect was also disbanded because of me!”

“If anyone wants revenge in the future, feel free to come look for me!”

After a brief pause, Su Zimo changed the topic and said darkly, “However, if you come looking for revenge, you’ll end up the same way as him!”

The moment he said that, Su Zimo’s palm trembled and crushed Dao Lord Luo Hua’s Essence Spirit instantly!

The Sect Master of Dragon Tiger Sect was dead!

The cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect kept mum out of fear and did not even dare to breathe heavily!

Every cultivator’s eyes were filled with fear.

That fear would be etched in the depths of their hearts forever.

Perhaps one day, among these cultivators, some would advance to the Dharma Characteristic realm while others would advance to the Conjoint Body realm, allowing them to dominate a place and suppress countless strong foes.

However, they would still not dare to attack Su Zimo!

The green figure stood on Dragon Tiger Peak like an untouchable existence that they could only look up to!

“The rest of you can leave,”

Su Zimo looked down at the group of cultivators and waved his hand gently.

After a momentary silence, the group of cultivators seemed to have realized something and moved one after another, speeding out of the sect.

Sword lights and auspicious clouds streaked through the air.

None of the cultivators dared to linger!

In less than half an hour, apart from Su Zimo, monkey and the others, the only ones left in the sect were the three Grand Elders of Dragon Tiger Sect.

The three Grand Elders looked at Dragon Tiger Sect and every inch of ground beneath their feet and sighed deeply.

They had cultivated in Dragon Tiger Sect for thousands of years. Now that they were about to leave, they were still reluctant.

Su Zimo did not rush them either.

A long time later, the three of them composed themselves and bowed towards Dao Lord Desolate Martial once more before turning to leave.

All three of them were clear that from this day forth, the situation in the North Region would change entirely!

There were many cultivators lingering outside the mountain gate of Dragon Tiger Sect, most of them from the upper sects and aristocratic families of the North Region – all of them were awaiting the final outcome of this battle.

Before long, the cultivators of Dragon Tiger Sect left.

Almost all the cultivators that rushed forward to ask received the same answer!

Dao Lord Luo Hua was dead, Dragon Tiger Sect was disbanded and removed from the North Region!

The cultivators were shocked and hurriedly tore the messenger cranes that they had prepared.

The news spread rapidly and continuously in the cultivation world of the North Region, forming a powerful storm that swept through the upper sects and aristocratic families!

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