Chapter 1235: Greetings From the World!

Dark Ghost Sect.

Within the ghastly hall, a spirit messenger crane flew in.

The Sect Master of Dark Ghost Sect received the spirit crane and a piece of news entered his mind instantly. Right away, his expression froze and he remained silent for a long time.

“Sect master, is it news from Dragon Tiger Sect?”

A few elders surrounded him and asked anxiously.

The Sect Master of Dark Ghost Sect nodded.

“What did it say?”

When the elders saw the terrible expression on the sect master’s face, they knew that something was amiss but they could not help but ask.

“Luo Hua was executed and Dragon Tiger Sect is… gone.”

The Sect Master of Dark Ghost Sect spoke a single sentence after a long silence.


The elders were shocked and asked again, “Why is it gone? Dragon Tiger Sect has a history of 10,000 years and there should be a few Conjoint Body Mighty Figures in the sect!”

“Four Conjoint Body Mighty Figures tried to stop Desolate Martial but they were all killed by him!”

The Sect Master of Dark Ghost Sect replied.


The elders exclaimed.

Four Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were dead!

Furthermore, they died in the hands of a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord!

Blood Mist Sect.

“What did you say?!”

An elder exclaimed in shock, “Desolate Martial has actually conjured two Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics and they’re both 85 feet tall?!”

The Sect Master of Blood Mist Sect nodded with a dark expression.

“85 feet, 85 feet… two of them!”

The elder murmured softly, “Desolate Martial has just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm! Once he cultivates to the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm, who can suppress him?”

“There already aren’t many people who can suppress him now,”

The Sect Master of Blood Mist Sect laughed bitterly. “Four Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of Dragon Tiger Sect wanted to stop him but they were all killed by him. Even the three remaining Conjoint Body Mighty Figures bowed down to him!”

Yuwen Clan.

The Yuwen Clan’s master had a dark expression as he sat in the main hall of the clan. Many cultivators were gathered in the main hall, forming a dark atmosphere.

“I long expected that Desolate Martial would become extremely terrifying after entering the Dharma Characteristic realm.”

The Yuwen Clan’s master grit his teeth. “However, to think that this lad would have grown to such an extent!”


Some elders in the clan shook their heads and sighed.

“Including the remaining nine upper sects of the North Region, our four gentry clans and even the two ancient aristocratic families, there’s probably no one who can suppress Desolate Martial.”

“Unless Gla.s.s Palace makes a move.”

“Don’t forget, Desolate Martial has a Mahayana Patriarch backing him. I don’t think Gla.s.s Palace will attack Desolate Martial at this time either.”

“Desolate Martial is just a young lad. Could it be that after today, He will reign supreme in the North Region?”

“That will probably be the case.”

The clan discussed.

The Yuwen Clan’s master waved his hand. “Elders, follow me. We’ll head to Dragon Tiger Sect to meet Desolate Martial!”

“Family master!”

The cultivators in the clan were shocked and exclaimed.

This decision meant that the Yuwen Clan had bowed down to Dao Lord Desolate Martial!

Back when Desolate Martial was ambushed by six Conjoint Body Mighty Figures in the capital of Yan Country, one of the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures was from the Yuwen Clan!

Desolate Martial had yet to express anything regarding this matter.

The situation was pressing and the Yuwen Clan could only bow down first!

If Desolate Martial were to come knocking, it was hard to guarantee that the Yuwen Clan would not be destroyed and wiped out of the North Region like Dragon Tiger Sect!

The Yuwen Clan’s master had an indignant expression but still said, “Desolate Martial has entered the Dharma Characteristic realm and destroyed Dragon Tiger Sect. The situation is already set in stone and we can only bow our heads.”

The cultivators in the clan were silent.

Stellar Luna Sect.

“Our sect master is wise!”

Many elders praised in unison with shocked expressions.

Previously, the Sect Master of Stellar Luna Sect determined that Dragon Tiger Sect would be removed from the North Region after this battle. At that time, many elders refuted the statement.

To think that the outcome of Dragon Tiger Sect would be as the Sect Master of Stellar Luna Sect expected!

The Sect Master of Stellar Luna Sect heaved a sigh of relief. “I’m sure all the elders want to witness the grandeur of Dao Lord Desolate Martial. Why don’t you follow me?”

“Are you going to pay a personal visit to Dao Lord Desolate Martial, sect master?”

An elder frowned slightly. “You’re the master of a sect after all. Isn’t that a little inappropriate?”

“That should be the case.”

The Sect Master of Stellar Luna Sect shook his head. “Desolate Martial has entered the Dharma Characteristic realm and reigns supreme across the entire North Region. His status is even above mine. The only way I can express sincerity is through a personal visit.”

Pausing for a moment, he smiled gently. “The upper sects such as Dark Ghost Sect are feeling even more uneasy now! I’m guessing that their sect masters will head to Dragon Tiger Sect as well!”

All the upper sects, gentry clans and aristocratic families of the North Region made a move in unison.

Sect and clan masters came forth at the same time to head to Dragon Tiger Sect!

Although Dragon Tiger Sect was now a thing of the past after the battle, its mountain gate was still around.

Before long, Tao Yao, Nian Qi and the others had already cleaned up the vicinity of the sect and some corpses.

Monkey and the others had long been scurrying around the entrance of Dragon Tiger Sect curiously – the Elixir Refinement Chamber, Dharmic Weapon Chamber and everyone else.

They stuffed everything good they saw into their storage bags.

“I’m always getting the best gains when I’m with First!”

The spirit tiger smiled sheepishly and grabbed a bottle of elixirs, pouring everything into his mouth. He chewed casually before swallowing.

Burping, he spat out a stream of spirit qi!

“Restrain yourself!”

Qing Qing could not help but kick the spirit tiger as she scolded jokingly, “Don’t overload!”

“It’s fine!”

The spirit tiger grinned. “Don’t you see Brother Monkey? He found a pool of wine out of nowhere and he’s now lying dead drunk inside!”

In the hall, Su Zimo had just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm and experienced another battle. Rubbing his glabella gently, he closed his eyes and stabilized his cultivation realm to comprehend the power of the Dharma Characteristic realm.

“Young master, what are we still doing here?”

Tao Yao was curious and could not help but ask.

Su Zimo did not open his eyes when he heard Tao Yao’s question. “We’re waiting for people.”


Tao Yao blinked and nodded, not fully understanding.

“Young master, cultivate and rest first. I won’t disturb you.”

He was sensible and did not continue asking, merely bowing to bid farewell.

Outside the hall, Nian Qi was standing guard.

“Sister Nian Qi, young master is tired. Let’s not disturb him first,” Tao Yao said seriously.

Nian Qi smiled and nodded.

Tao Yao stumbled to the entrance of the sect and stood guard there.

His young master was resting and must not be disturbed – he had to stop any fiend demon cultivators from entering!

That was what Tao Yao thought.

The next morning.

Tao Yao was resting when he heard the sound of flying swords tearing through the air.

Far away, clouds rumbled and spirit vessels tore through the air one after another!

Many auspicious clouds sped forward with many cultivators standing on them in a black patch. They had a terrifying aura and dust billowed as they charged towards Dragon Tiger Sect!

Tao Yao’s expression froze and he perked up.

These people are hostile. I can’t let them barge into Dragon Tiger Sect and disturb young master!

He thought to himself.

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