Chapter 1239: Letter from the Middle Continent

“Dao Lord, a hundred Grade 6 elixirs and a hundred Dao Lord Dharmic weapons are already our limit.”

The Sect Master of Mystic Firmament Divine Cult lamented internally and could not help but say, “I really can’t afford a thousand Grade 6 elixirs and a thousand superior-grade Dao Lord Dharmic weapons!”

Su Zimo said, “It’s fine if you can’t afford it. You can use spirit herbs, immortal fruits and universal treasures as a replacement.”

Xiaoning said at the right time from the side, “Spirit herbs such as the Yellow Dragon Heaven Gra.s.s, Dark Bamboo, 10,000 Year Lingzhi, Silverlight Fruit, True Essence Lotus and Skandha Fruit will do as well.”

She was an Elixir Refinement Grandmaster to begin with and naturally knew the ingredients required for Grade 6 elixirs instantly.

Su Zimo said, “Mystic Firmament Divine Cult and Dragon Tiger Sect are both upper sects. With their 10,000 year foundation, Dragon Tiger Sect has way more than that. Are you sure Mystic Firmament Divine Cult can’t afford it?”

The Sect Master of Mystic Firmament Divine Cult was on the verge of tears.

Although Mystic Firmament Divine Cult could afford it, it would definitely be a huge blow.

That single move would cost half of their foundation that was pa.s.sed down for tens of thousands of years!

It was too ruthless!

The Sect Master of Stellar Luna Sect and the others were equally shocked.

With that, Mystic Firmament Divine Cult would definitely suffer great losses!

It would take at least 10,000 years for them to recover.

Suddenly, the Sect Master of Dark Ghost Sect spoke, “If our sect hands over those items, our grudge with you…”

“We’ll naturally call it even,”

Su Zimo replied indifferently, “As long as you guys don’t provoke me in the future, I won’t cause trouble for you guys either.”


The Sect Master of Dark Ghost Sect nodded. “With that promise, we’ll give it our all! It’ll be our congratulatory gift for Fellow Daoist Desolate Martial’s advancement to the Dharma Characteristic realm!”

With the Sect Master of Dark Ghost Sect making the first move, Seven Kills Sect, Blood Mist Sect and Yuwen Clan agreed readily as well.

The Sect Master of Mystic Firmament Divine Cult could only submit as well. “Dao Lord, there’s definitely no way we can take out so many treasures right now. We’ve got to return to the sect and prepare for it.”

“I’ll give you a month.”

Su Zimo said slowly, “I’ll pay a personal visit after that deadline!”

The Sect Master of Mystic Firmament Divine Cult chuckled dryly.

That was a blatant threat!

After a personal visit by Su Zimo, Dragon Tiger Sect was removed from the North Region – how could Mystic Firmament Divine Cult defend against that?

“Dao Lord Desolate Martial truly lives up to his reputation. Despite facing so many sects and factions alone, he’s still able to control the situation. He’s even more terrifying than I imagined.”

An elder of Stellar Luna Sect lamented and sent a voice transmission with his spirit consciousness.

The Sect Master of Stellar Luna Sect replied with a voice transmission as well, “Now that Dragon Tiger Sect of the ten upper sects of the North Region is gone, Ethereal Peak is probably about to rise!”

“With so many resources and treasures gathered at Ethereal Peak, the foundation of that sect will no longer be weaker than our upper sects!”

“That’s right. What Ethereal Peak lacks right now is a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure. Once they have a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure guarding them, there’s a high chance they will become a new upper sect in the Upper Sect Meet!”

“Dao Lord Desolate Martial alone is comparable to ten Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!”

The Sect Master of Dark Ghost Sect and the others did not linger long in Dragon Tiger Sect and left dejectedly.

Under Su Zimo’s aura, they felt extremely pressured and could only leave as soon as possible.

As for the Sect Master of Stellar Luna Sect, the Valley Master of Blaze Columbus Valley, the master of the Murong family and the others, they stayed in Dragon Tiger Sect for a short period of time before leaving.

During this month, Su Zimo remained in Dragon Tiger Sect.

At the end of the month, Dark Ghost Sect, Seven Kills Sect, Blood Mist Sect, Mystic Firmament Divine Cult and Yuwen Clan visited one after another and offered a thousand Grade 6 elixirs, a thousand superior-grade Dao Lord Dharmic weapons and 10,000 tons of spirit stones respectively!

Su Zimo handed all those treasures to Ethereal Peak.

None of the items were worthy of his attention.

For Dharmic weapons, he had his Creation Lotus Platform, Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads and Mystic Magnet Mountain.

Furthermore, his Green Lotus True Body was comparable to connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapons!

The only things that interested Su Zimo were the cultivation techniques and secret manuals left behind by Dragon Tiger Sect.

Those items were of some use for his prime body to deduce the Martial Dao and he had them all moved to Ethereal Peak!

After that, Su Zimo stayed temporarily in Ethereal Peak.

Monkey and the others continued to dominate the Wild Lion Ridge.

A year later, Xiaoning made a move and prepared to return to Elixir Yang Sect in the Middle Continent.

Night Spirit offered to escort her.

Actually, Xiaoning had already cultivated to the perfected Void Reversion realm – she could protect herself with her current combat strength.

However, she did not reject him and agreed with a smile.

Su Zimo had long sensed that there was something between them but he did not interfere.

Even as a brother, he had not taken good care of Xiaoning all these years – it was all thanks to Night Spirit.

Furthermore, it was enough as long as they were both willing parties.

After Xiaoning left, Su Zimo continued cultivating in Ethereal Peak.

In the blink of an eye, another five years pa.s.sed.

Ethereal Peak had been extremely peaceful for the past five years.

After the battle at Dragon Tiger Sect, everyone knew that Desolate Martial had advanced to the Dharma Characteristic realm. Coupled with the existence of the old monk from Dragon Burial Valley, no one dared to provoke him!

However, the cultivation world had changed quite a bit.

The most obvious change was that all living beings were able to cultivate!

Ethereal Peak alone had recruited more than a thousand cultivators who cultivated the Martial Dao over the years.

A series of changes had already happened in the cultivation world of the North Region because of Su Zimo’s rise!

Dragon Tiger Sect was removed.

As Ethereal Peak rose, it attracted many cultivators who admired their reputation – Golden Cores, Nascent Souls, Void Reversions and even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords wanted to join the sect!

Of course, there were still no Conjoint Body Mighty Figures.

Firstly, Ethereal Peak did not have a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure to begin with.

Secondly, Conjoint Body Mighty Figures ruled over a region and were not bound by sects. Even super sects might not be able to provide resources suitable for Conjoint Body Mighty Figures to cultivate, let alone Ethereal Peak.

If they wanted to advance further in their cultivations, they might as well explore some ancient ruins or ancestral cave abodes and obtain some opportunities and encounters.

As for the Great Zhou Dynasty…

Actually, more than ten years ago, the Great Zhou Dynasty had already annexed the Great You, Great Xia and Great Shang Dynasties to unify the North Region.

All these years, there were no wars between the dynasties and the citizens rested and practiced martial arts.

Under Ji Yaoxue’s governance, the injuries left behind by the Witch Gu calamity healed gradually and a peaceful and flouris.h.i.+ng scene unfolded.

This day, Su Zimo sensed something in his seclusion and woke up.

Before long, he heard knocking sounds.

“Come in.”

Su Zimo said.

Although he had left the sect for many years, his cave abode had always been preserved for him.

The door to the cave abode opened and Nian Qi walked in. “Young Master, a spirit crane flew in from outside. It’s looking for you.”


Frowning slightly, Su Zimo received the spirit crane.

The crane carried a faint fragrance and was clearly made by a woman.

He swept his gaze across.

The address on the spirit crane indicated the Middle Continent!

Opening the spirit crane, Su Zimo read through the contents before long and murmured, “To think that it would be her.”


Nian Qi asked curiously.

Su Zimo smiled. “She can forcibly be considered as an old friend that I’ve once met,”

Pausing for a moment, he stood up and crushed the spirit crane into dust with a single slap. “I’ve got to go and make a trip to the Middle Continent!”

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