Chapter 1240: Asura in Danger

“What happened that requires you to make a trip personally, young master?”

Nian Qi asked curiously.

Su Zimo replied, “Something happened at Brother Yan’s side.”

Nian Qi was surprised. “Asura Yan Beichen?”


Su Zimo nodded as he reminisced about the past.

After the Thousand Crane Tea Party, Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of many sects and factions arrived and entered Hundred Refinement Sect, prepared to cause trouble for him. When the Asura heard about this, he rushed over without hesitation.

Those Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords at that time were all renowned figures.

Among them, there were even t.i.tular disciples such as Dao Lord Immortal Sword and Dao Lord Cloud Rain!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword was the number one of the previous Dharma Characteristic Ranking.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain was the second of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking 5,000 years ago.

As for the Asura, he had only just advanced to the Dharma Characteristic realm. Despite that, he was fearless and invoked a ma.s.sive battle against the nine Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords outside Hundred Refinement Sect!

That battle was earthshaking!

Six of the nine Dao Lords were killed by the Asura!

Although a large part of the reason was because Dao Lord Immortal Sword was severely injured when he fought Dao Lord Extreme Fire back in Hundred Refinement Sect, the powerful methods displayed by the Asura were still shocking!

Su Zimo watched the battle from afar – that battle was still unforgettable.

At that time, he even asked the Asura about his injuries. However, the latter merely brushed it off casually.

To think that the injuries left behind by the Asura in that battle had yet to recover!

One of the messages on the spirit crane was about how the Asura’s Essence Spirit was injured.

An injury to the Essence Spirit was extremely difficult to heal.

Later on, when Su Zimo caused a huge trouble in the Dao Inheritance Ground and the situation was critical, many Hundred Refinement Sect cultivators suggested that they draw a line between them and Su Zimo.

However, the Asura disregarded the injuries of his Essence Spirit and Hundred Refinement Sect, wanting to protect Su Zimo and escape to the end of the world!

An elder of Elixir Yang Sect admired the Asura’s temperament and gifted him the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir that was preserved for many years.

The Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir was an ancient elixir that had been lost a long time ago. It was extremely rare and was the best healing medicine for Essence Spirits!

It was no exaggeration to say that it was a priceless treasure!

The Asura received the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir but did not consume it himself. Instead, he gave it to someone else.

It was that person who sent the spirit crane.

In the battle outside Hundred Refinement Sect, three of the nine Dao Lords survived. Apart from the two t.i.tular disciples who managed to escape, Dao Lord Immortal Sword and Dao Lord Cloud Rain, this was the third person to survive!

She was Sword Sect’s Qin Pianran.

At that time, Qin Pianran was betrayed by Dao Lord Immortal Sword and wanted to die.

Although the Asura had never said it, Su Zimo could tell that he was compa.s.sionate.

The Asura who achieved his Dao through killing and possessed a merciless saber technique was a sentimental person.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword who was known to be righteous and loyal, was a heartless person.

That was truly an immense irony.

Su Zimo had long sensed that the Asura was treating Qin Pianran differently.

However, he did not expect the Asura to feed Qin Pianran the precious Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir!

Of course, the spirit crane was not sent only because of the Asura’s injuries.

It was because another monster incarnate in Asura Sect wanted to replace Yan Beichen as the new t.i.tular disciple and take over the t.i.tle of the Asura!

That t.i.tular disciple sent a challenge letter to the Asura.

Given the Asura’s current state, he might be able to win against ordinary Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords. However, he would definitely lose against this monster incarnate of the fiend sects!

Qin Pianran naturally hoped that Su Zimo could head to the Middle Continent and help the Asura tide through this calamity.

At the end of the spirit crane, Qin Pianran even mentioned that she had sent the spirit crane behind the Asura’s back.

Given the Asura’s temperament, he would not plead for help even if he met with such a calamity. However, she was worried and did not want anything to happen to him.

She had already severed her connection with the immortal sects and Sword Sect.

However, the Asura had always been alone without any siblings or friends. On the other hand, he had many enemies!

After much thought, she concluded that Su Zimo was the only one who could help the Asura and that was why she sent the spirit crane.

As for Su Zimo, he decided to head to the Middle Continent right away without any hesitation upon receiving the spirit crane!

If he knew that the Asura’s Essence Spirit was injured and had yet to recover, he would have set off long ago to look for medicine that could heal it, let alone the fact that the Asura was in trouble!

“When do you intend to leave, young master?”

Nian Qi asked.


Su Zimo was already heading out of the cave abode.

“I’ll accompany you wherever you want to go, young master.”

Outside the cave abode, Tao Yao rushed over as well. “There will definitely be trivial affairs along the way and I can help with those by your side.”

Su Zimo could sense that Tao Yao was merely reluctant to part with him.

“There’s no need,”

He shook his head. “Both of you will stay here. In a few days, a child around five or six years old will come to Ethereal Peak. You can just stay by his side.”


Tao Yao froze for a moment. Before he could react, Su Zimo had already leaped up and lightning flashed around his body as he disappeared from the spot.

Worried about the Asura, Su Zimo wanted to head to the Middle Continent as soon as possible!

“Who is the boy that young master is referring to?”

Tao Yao blinked and asked Nian Qi with a lost expression.

“I don’t know either.”

She shook her head, “We’ll know in a couple of days. Let’s just wait here.”

Five days later.

At the foot of Ethereal Peak, a child around five or six years old arrived. He had delicate features and his eyes were clear, deep as the sea, as though they contained endless secrets!

“Eh? Where did this child come from?”

“It’s truly not easy for this child to be able to arrive here safely in this deep forest.”

A few Foundation Establishment Cultivators guarding the entrance of Ethereal Peak looked over with surprised expressions.

The child stood still in front of the mountain gate, gazing at a gigantic stone gate not far away in a daze.

“Why? You want to join Ethereal Peak as a disciple?”

A Foundation Establishment Cultivator laughed and followed the child’s gaze. “This stone gate is used to test the spirit root.”

“I heard that when our sect’s Senior Desolate Martial joined the sect, he caused the stone gate to explode! This current one was built later on!”

When he heard those discussions, the child recalled the past and smiled.

“The fact that this child is able to arrive here means that he has affinity with Ethereal Peak. Should we let him test his spirit root first?”

A Foundation Establishment Cultivator said, “Child, pa.s.s through that stone gate. Let’s take a look.”

The child smiled without saying anything and walked towards the stone gate.

There was no reaction from the stone gate!

A few Foundation Establishment Cultivators shook their heads slightly with disappointed expressions.

One of them said, “It’s fine if you don’t have a spirit root. Even if you can’t do immortality cultivation, you can cultivate the Martial Dao!”

“Child, I’m a Martial Dao cultivator!”

The person revealed his strong arm and said, “I’ve already cultivated to the Third Transformation of the Martial Dao, Bronze Skin Steel Bones! Even superior-grade weapons can barely hurt me!”

As he said that, the cultivator took out a saber and slashed his arm, leaving merely a white scar.

The cultivator had a smug expression as he handed the saber to the child. “Child, why don’t you try and slash me?”

“How old is this child? Can he even lift this saber?” The others shook their heads.

Right then, the child received the saber and squeezed gently with his pink and fair palm, crus.h.i.+ng the saber into an iron ball!

Thereafter, he rubbed his hands together.

The iron ball turned into gravel and scattered down!

He rubbed the metal like it was mud!

The cultivators at the entrance were dumbfounded with shocked expressions – they could no longer speak!

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