Chapter 1241: Reunion

That saber was a middle-grade spirit weapon but it was turned into sand by the child’s tender palm!

Many cultivators looked at the child as though they were looking at a ghost.

“Could this child be transformed from a fiend demon?”

A thought crossed the mind of a Foundation Establishment Cultivator.

Right then, two figures sped over from Ethereal Peak like a golden couple – it was Tao Yao and Nian Qi.

For the past few days, the two of them had been waiting near the sect entrance and rushed over the moment they heard any activity.

Their gazes landed on the child and they shuddered!

The child gave them a familiar feeling.

If one focused their attention, they would be able to tell that the child’s features were extremely similar to Su Zimo’s – the only reason why they could not be seen clearly was because they were not fully grown out!

The child was the Martial Dao True Body… Su Zimo’s prime body!

After cultivating for six years at the bottom of the Dragon Burial Valley, his prime body had already cultivated to the Ninth Transformation of the Martial Dao – perfected Dragon Elephant Force!

Given the strength of the prime body, even a connate spirit weapon would be shattered, let alone a middle-grade spirit weapon!

The descent of his prime body was a variant to begin with.

It was not within the reincarnation cycle nor heavenly secrets!

The prime body inherited everything of Su Zimo and specialized in the Martial Dao.

However, he could only continue to deduce if he wanted to continue cultivating the Martial Dao after the Ninth Transformation.

Neither the Green Lotus True Body nor the Dragon True Body had the energy to do so.

Neither of them were as suitable as the prime body to comprehend the Martial Dao either.

Therefore, his prime body left the Dragon Burial Valley and arrived at Ethereal Peak. He was prepared to memorize Ethereal Peak’s cultivation techniques and secret skills while cultivating there before deducing.

“Young master?”

Tao Yao shouted in a testing manner.

“That’s me,”

The prime body nodded.

Although he was only six years old, the aura he exuded was the same as Su Zimo – there was no hint of childishness!

“I’ll leave for Ping Yang Town after cultivating in Ethereal Peak for a period of time. Do you want to follow me?”

The prime body asked Tao Yao.


Tao Yao agreed readily.

He was not familiar with many people in Ethereal Peak; it was more comfortable for him to reside in Ping Yang Town instead.

To him, Ping Yang Town was his home.

The prime body intended to return to the starting point of his cultivation as well. He will return to that courtyard to continue deducing the Martial Dao in order to perfect it!

That courtyard held an unusual meaning for Su Zimo.

Middle Continent.

Su Zimo did not rest at all. From the moment he left Ethereal Peak to the crossing of the North Region and entered the Middle Continent, it merely took three days!

That speed was already comparable to a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure!

Even though the spirit crane said that the monster incarnate of the fiend sects challenged the Asura to a fight a month later, Su Zimo was still worried and rushed over early.

Su Zimo determined his direction and continued on his way.

A day later.

He arrived at the depths of a mountain range and looked at the dense bamboo forest before him. Descending, he paused for a moment before entering.

In the bamboo forest, there was only the sound of wind rustling the bamboo leaves, making it seem tranquil and peaceful.

Not long after, Su Zimo’s gaze penetrated the layers of bamboo shadows and saw a s.p.a.cious empty s.p.a.ce where a simple wooden house sat.

A figure leaned against the door.

The figure’s black hair fell casually onto his shoulders and he had a cold expression. A jar of strong wine was placed beside his feet as a long saber with a b.l.o.o.d.y aura laid on his knees!

The Asura, Yan Beichen!

Yan Beichen had just raised his wine jar and was about to drink it in one gulp when he suddenly frowned. As though he sensed something, he said indifferently, “Hatred, the month isn’t up yet. You’re early.”

Although his Essence Spirit was injured, he could still sense that someone was peeping from the bamboo forest!

However, he did not notice who it was.

Su Zimo strode out of the bamboo forest and arrived before the empty s.p.a.ce, smiling at Yan Beichen.

Yan Beichen was first stunned.

Immediately after, his eyes revealed the joy of reuniting after a long time and he could not help but laugh. “Haha, so it’s Brother Su!”

“Brother Yan!”

Su Zimo called and strode forward.

“Come sit!”

Yan Beichen tugged at Su Zimo’s arm and pulled him to sit down. He took out another jar of strong wine from his storage bag and handed it to Su Zimo with a smile. “I was worried that no one would accompany me to drink when you came. You’re really on time!”

The two of them b.u.mped their wine jars and drank a mouthful of strong wine.

“I haven’t congratulated you properly for creating your Martial Dao. Now’s the perfect time. Let’s drink till we’re drunk!”

Yan Beichen laughed again.

Su Zimo lamented internally.

After many years, Yan Beichen had changed significantly.

He was now filled with warmth. The initial blood stench he reeked had become extremely faint, almost imperceptible even.

Unsurprisingly, his change should be attributed to a single person.

Right then, a white-bloused woman walked out of the wooden house. She had smooth skin and watery eyes. Her brows were raised slightly and she exuded a heroic aura!

Su Zimo stood up and pretended to be surprised. “My, isn’t this Fellow Daoist Qin from Sword Sect?”

There was naturally no way Su Zimo could expose the fact that Qin Pianran sent him a message behind the Asura’s back, hence he feigned ignorance.

Qin Pianran smiled gently with a hint of grat.i.tude in her eyes.

Just as she was about to speak, Yan Beichen waved it off. “Brother Su, stop pretending. Pianran should be the one who called you here, right?”

Su Zimo was momentarily stunned.

Yan Beichen continued, “Your timing is too coincidental. I reckon that Pianran must have asked you to come behind my back because she’s worried about me.”

Yan Beichen was a smart man.

He had guessed it the moment he saw Su Zimo.

“Beichen, I’m sorry.”

Qin Pianran lowered her head slightly. “I-I…”

Su Zimo knew that there was no need to continue hiding the truth and nodded. “Fellow Daoist Qin is worried about your safety. There’s no need for you to blame her.”

“Why would I blame Pianran if she’s worried about me?”

Yan Beichen burst into laughter and turned to tug at Qin Pianran’s palm. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been reunited with my brother. I’m more than happy and can’t thank you enough instead.”

Qin Pianran blushed.

She felt embarra.s.sed that the two of them were so intimate in front of Su Zimo.

Su Zimo smiled. “It seems like you’ve been doing well all these years, big brother. I’m even envious that you have someone to accompany you everyday.”

After a brief pause, Su Zimo continued, “However, bro, there’s something I have to say about you. Why didn’t you tell me that your Essence Spirit was injured?”

“There’s no point telling you,”

The Asura shook his head. “There’s no way to heal it.”

When she heard that, Qin Pianran’s expression darkened. “It’s all my fault. If I hadn’t consumed the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir back then, Beichen’s injuries would have healed a long time ago.”

“It’s fine, I’m doing alright now, aren’t I?”

Yan Beichen did not mind at all and waved it off.

“But, your future cultivation…”

Qin Pianran wanted to speak but stopped, afraid that she would agitate Yan Beichen.

With an injured Essence Spirit, it was difficult for one’s cultivation to advance!

“Who doesn’t die? Even for Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, they will still die 20,000 years later.”

Yan Beichen said, “As long as I’m with you, a day is equivalent to 10,000 years! I still have thousands of years of lifespan. In that perspective, I’ll live longer than even Mahayana Patriarchs!”

Qin Pianran’s eyes were bloodshot and she lowered her head in silence.

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