Chapter 1243: Dao Lord Hatred

For the next period of time, Su Zimo stayed in the bamboo forest and was in no hurry to leave.

Although Yan Beichen had already decided to withdraw from the fight in the cultivation world, Su Zimo was still worried about his Essence Spirit’s injuries.

The next day, he sent out a few messenger spirit cranes.

They flew towards Elixir Yang Sect, Hundred Refinement Sect, Thousand Crane Sect, Puppet Sect, Ethereal Peak and other sects and factions.

All of those sects and factions had Su Zimo’s kin and friends.

Half a month later.

Although the sects and factions sent messages one after another, none of them had any solution.

Although Qin Pianran did not say anything, she could not conceal her disappointment.

“Don’t be hasty,” Su Zimo replied, “There’s still no news from Xiaoning. She’s already a t.i.tular disciple of Elixir Yang Sect. I’m sure she’ll have a solution.”

Another five days pa.s.sed.

The spirit crane of Elixir Yang Sect flew into the bamboo forest!

Qin Pianran hurried over and opened the spirit crane eagerly.

“An injury to the Essence Spirit is extremely difficult to heal and the most effective elixir is the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir. However, this elixir has long been lost and Elixir Yang Sect doesn’t have it either.”

At that point, Qin Pianran’s eyes dimmed.

A large part of the reason why Yan Beichen was in such a state was because he wanted to save her.

She felt extremely guilty.

Su Zimo removed a small bottle tied to the spirit crane’s leg. “These are seven elixirs that Xiaoning sent over. They have some healing effect on the Essence Spirit as well. You can give it a shot.”

Although those elixirs could not compare to the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir, they could only give it a shot.

For the next few days, Yan Beichen attempted to consume an elixir daily.

However, despite trying all seven elixirs, his Essence Spirit showed no signs of recovering.

“Brother, Fellow Daoist Qin, don’t be anxious,”

Su Zimo said, “I’ve already asked Ethereal Peak to keep an eye out for the various auction houses and marketplaces. If there’s any news of the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir, I’ll definitely help you guys get it!”

“That’s the only way.”

Qin Pianran sighed internally.

Another three days pa.s.sed.

This day, Su Zimo and the other two were chatting casually in the wooden house.

All of a sudden!

Su Zimo felt something and turned around.

“What’s wrong with that?”

Qin Pianran asked and followed Su Zimo’s gaze instinctively.

A figure stood in the bamboo forest!


Qin Pianran shuddered and exclaimed!

She was a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord of Sword Sect to begin with. Be it in terms of combat strength or temperament, she was superior. Even a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure or a Mahayana Patriarch would not cause her to lose her composure as such.

However, that figure was truly way too terrifying!

Just by standing there, it was like a gigantic black hole that emitted an endless hatred that could devour everything!

The hatred could even affect a cultivator’s mind.

If one’s Dao heart was weak and tainted by that hatred, it would be crippled and they would lose without fighting!

Dao Lord Hatred!

Su Zimo was the only one who could maintain his composure against the envelopment of that hatred.

Even Yan Beichen frowned.

Su Zimo looked at Dao Lord Hatred calmly.

Dao Lord Hatred had an average build and wore black robes. His black hair draped over his shoulders and his eyes were dark as he walked over slowly, dragging a saber that was shrouded by fiend qi.

The saber sliced through the ground silently, leaving a clear scar!

Su Zimo looked at the saber and his pupils constricted.

That saber was extremely terrifying!

Even he felt waves of shock from the hatred that was gathered!

“Hatred, you sure are punctual,”

Yan Beichen spoke, “You came in a month indeed, not a single day later.”


Dao Lord Hatred laughed and walked into the wooden house without replying or pausing.

“You’re injured?”

He swept his gaze and saw Yan Beichen’s condition.

“It’s just a small injury.”

Yan Beichen replied indifferently.

Dao Lord Hatred grinned. “To think that you would end up in such a state as well, Yan Beichen.”

“There’s always someone better out there. In this generation, there are many paragons and monster incarnates. There are many people who can hurt me so I’m naturally nothing much,” Yan Beichen replied.


Dao Lord Hatred shook his head and pointed at Yan Beichen. “I’m not referring to your injuries, but your heart! Your heart is no longer the heart of the Asura!”

Yan Beichen was silent.

Su Zimo praised internally.

Without exchanging blows or testing the waters, Dao Lord Hatred saw through Yan Beichen’s reality!

“Tsk, tsk, tsk!”

Dao Lord Hatred’s gaze s.h.i.+fted and landed on Qin Pianran. “What a pity. Everyone says that a gentle place is the tomb of a hero. To think that even you, Yan Beichen, can’t escape it.”

He closed his eyes and sniffed gently before nodding. “Yes, not bad. A little sharp, a cultivator of Sword Sect.”

Qin Pianran could not sit still.

For some reason, she felt uneasy in front of Dao Lord Hatred!

Suddenly, Dao Lord Hatred opened his eyes and said with a fake smile, “Yan Beichen, how about I kill that woman?”

“Hatred, what are you trying to do?!”

Yan Beichen’s eyes widened.

Dao Lord Hatred laughed and said leisurely, “I’m doing this for your own good. The only way to have the Asura return is by having this woman killed.”


Yan Beichen hollered softly, “I admit defeat for this battle! You can have the t.i.tle of Asura as well as this Asura Saber. I have nothing to do with Asura Sect, the fiend sects and the cultivation world anymore!”

“Admit defeat?”

Dao Lord Hatred had a regretful expression and sighed. “It’s truly hard to imagine that those words would come from you, Yan Beichen.”

Thereafter, he laughed and shook his head. “Yan Beichen, you’re truly way too naive. Do you think you can just back off from the fight and the cultivation world just like that?”

“Since you’ve started cultivating, there are many choices that are not up to you!”

Yan Beichen took a deep breath of air. “Hatred, what do you want?”

“Of course, it’s to retrieve the Asura t.i.tle.”

Dao Lord Hatred replied.

Yan Beichen frowned. “I’ve already said that I’ve admitted defeat. From now on, you’ll be the Asura.”

“No, no, no,”

Dao Lord Hatred had a mocking expression as he waved his finger. “It’s not that simple. I’ll take back the Asura t.i.tle the same way you s.n.a.t.c.hed it from me!”

“Do you think that I’ll let you off just because you admit defeat?”

Suddenly, Dao Lord Hatred’s expression turned menacing and his features were squeezed together, emanating a torrential hatred!

“I lost everything in the battle for the t.i.tle of Asura back then! Honor, status, reputation… I’ve been thinking about you all these years, Yan Beichen!”

Su Zimo respected Yan Beichen’s choice. Therefore, he remained silent and watched coldly from the sidelines.

However, he had already realized that today’s matter would not end peacefully!

Dao Lord Hatred was completely fiendish and his mind was affected by the Hatred Sutra.

It was hard to tell if Dao Lord Hatred had cultivated the Hatred Sutra or if the Sutra had turned him into a fiend!

Sensing Dao Lord Hatred’s hatred, the fiend saber in his hands trembled slightly as well, as though it was extremely excited and buzzed endlessly!

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