Chapter 1244: Ma.s.sive Battle

Although all four people present were at the Dharma Characteristic realm, the difference between their combat strength was too great.

Qin Pianran was definitely a paragon of the Dharma Characteristic realm. However, her face was pale and her heart trembled against the hatred released by Dao Lord Hatred.

Yan Beichen’s Essence Spirit was injured and he was frowning slightly as well, feeling a sense of pressure.

There was a flash of anger in his eyes.

If it was more than 10 years ago, he would not have retreated even if his Essence Spirit was injured and would have fought against Dao Lord Hatred right from the beginning!

But now, he held emotional baggage and truly did not want to fight against Dao Lord Hatred anymore.

Of course, apart from that, there was another reason why he did not want Su Zimo involved.

On the one hand, Dao Lord Hatred was now the number one saber of the fiend sects and possessed the inheritance of the Hatred Sutra – he was equivalent to a second Fiend Emperor and had a n.o.ble status in the fiend sects with the protection of countless experts.

If Su Zimo were to offend him, it would be equivalent to offending the entire fiend sects!

On the other hand, the outcome of Su Zimo’s fight against Dao Lord Hatred was unpredictable.

If Su Zimo won, he would end up offending the fiend sects.

If he lost, his outcome would be even worse!

No matter the outcome of this battle, it was extremely disadvantageous for Su Zimo.

“Hatred, at the end of the day, there’s no deep-rooted feud between us,”

Yan Beichen said, “If you take away the Asura Saber today, the entire cultivation world will understand that you are the true Asura and no one will remember me.”

Qin Pianran lowered her head in silence.

She knew that Yan Beichen’s compromise and forbearance was all for her and them.

Yan Beichen took a deep breath of air and grit his teeth. As though he had made up his mind about something, he said softly, “Hatred, I promise you that I’ll leave the cultivation world forever. In the future, Yan Beichen will cease to exist in the cultivation world!”


Qin Pianran exclaimed softly with a hint of heartache.

Up till this point of his cultivation, Yan Beichen had never been weaker than anyone. He achieved his Dao through killing and was invincible. His t.i.tle as the Asura was something that struck fear in the hearts of orthodox cultivators – how could he have ever said anything as such?!

But now, even the Asura had to bow down!


Dao Lord Hatred laughed and looked at Yan Beichen mockingly, shaking his head. “Yan Beichen, you’re truly way too naive. In this cultivation world, who can truly retreat just because they want to?”

“How dare the Asura actually think of letting go of everything. How ironic,”

In the face of Dao Lord Hatred’s mockery, Yan Beichen merely remained silent and endured it.

As though he thought of something fun, a mocking look flashed through Dao Lord Hatred’s eyes. “How about this? Kneel in front of me and beg for mercy. How about I let you off after a few good kowtows?”

Yan Beichen did not move at all and was expressionless. However, veins popped up on his forehead and blood vessels popped out – it was clear that he was emotional!

Sensing the struggle in Yan Beichen’s heart, the smile in Dao Lord Hatred’s eyes intensified.

He enjoyed the feeling of being in control of everything and stepping on his former enemies ruthlessly. He loved the joy of humiliating and trampling on them wantonly!

He did not care whether Yan Beichen chose to fight or not.

If Yan Beichen did not fight, he would make Yan Beichen suffer a fate worse than death.

If Yan Beichen were to fight, the only thing awaiting him would be death.

Ever since he arrived, he had no intention of letting Yan Beichen off!

Right then, a chuckle sounded.

The laughter carried a hint of mockery and disdain that was rather piercing to Dao Lord Hatred.

He turned around slowly and his gaze landed on Su Zimo.

Ever since he arrived, this was the first time he was looking at Su Zimo properly.


Dao Lord Hatred revealed a playful expression and asked, “Were you the one laughing earlier on?”

It had been a long time since someone dared to provoke him like this.


Yan Beichen shouted with a worried expression.

Su Zimo waved it off and said unquestionably, “Brother Yan, leave this matter to me.”

He could respect Yan Beichen’s choice but he would definitely not watch the latter suffer such humiliation!

Dao Lord Hatred came to a realization. “I understand! You’re here to help Yan Beichen!”


Dao Lord Hatred could not help but laugh. He looked at Su Zimo as though he was looking at an idiot and lamented, “Some people really don’t know what’s good for them. You dare to come and help him without knowing who I am?”

“Do you know who I am?”

Su Zimo did not reply and asked instead.

“Oh? Who are you?”

Dao Lord Hatred asked casually.

In truth, he did not care who Su Zimo was – in his eyes, the latter was already a dead man!

“I’m Desolate Martial.”

Su Zimo said indifferently.

“Desolate Martial?”

Dao Lord Hatred was slightly stunned – that Dao t.i.tle sounded familiar.

After a moment of silence, his pupils constricted slightly and his gaze shone brightly. “You’re Dao Lord Desolate Martial who established his Martial Dao and condensed two Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics?”

The name Desolate Martial was known to the world a long time ago.

In just a few years after the battle at Dragon Tiger Sect, the news of him condensing two Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics had already spread through the Middle Continent!

Dao Lord Hatred had already heard of Desolate Martial’s name the moment he returned!

“Good, good, good!”

Instead of being shocked, Dao Lord Hatred was delighted and nodded repeatedly. “Among the current Dharma Characteristic paragons, you’re the only one worthy of me fighting! Desolate Martial, you came at the right time!”

“You still want to kill me?”

Two divine lights burst forth from Su Zimo’s eyes in a domineering manner!

He stood up slowly and his black hair swayed without any wind. An extremely terrifying aura burst forth from his body, as though a divine being was awakening!

A terrifying and majestic aura surged over like a tsunami towards Dao Lord Hatred.

Su Zimo founded the Martial Dao and imparted martial arts to all living beings. Thereafter, he entered the Dharma Characteristic and everyone paid their respects to him. He had long acc.u.mulated a force that no one could match!

If it was any other Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord, they might not even have the courage to attack Su Zimo.

At that moment, Dao Lord Hatred was motionless in the face of the situation as fiend qi spewed out from his body. The negative emotions of hatred and vengeance were released completely, matching Su Zimo’s aura!

The two monster incarnates of the Dharma Characteristic realm had finally collided!

“Hurry, retreat!”

Yan Beichen already knew that this battle was inevitable and hurriedly brought Qin Pianran out of the wooden house.

The moment the two of them left, the wooden house disintegrated into dust against the auras of the two monster incarnates, Su Zimo and Dao Lord Hatred!

“Desolate Martial, I’ll show you what a true monster incarnate is today!”

Dao Lord Hatred reared his head and howled into the skies. The fiend saber in his hands buzzed and trembled, emitting a pitch-black fiend qi that was cold and dark!

“This is the Hatred Fiend Saber and it was the personal weapon of the Fiend Emperor Hatred. However, the power of this saber has diminished significantly with the pa.s.sing of the Fiend Emperor Hatred.”

Dao Lord Hatred said, “But, I’ll make this fiend saber regain its fiendish might of the past. Desolate Martial, it’s your honor to die to it!”

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

It was no wonder why he felt his heart skip a beat from that fiend saber.

It was the personal fiend saber of the Fiend Emperor Hatred!

That fiend saber was way too terrifying!

Up till this point of Su Zimo’s cultivation, that was the only weapon that caused him to feel a tinge of fear!

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