Chapter 1249: Dao Heart Annihilation!

Narrowing his gaze, Su Zimo looked at Dao Lord Hatred who was not far away, trying his best to find a way to break out of the situation.

At that moment, his three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were completely suppressed and Dao Lord Hatred had an extremely smug expression!

As for the Hatred Dharmic Body, it emitted torrential hatred!

The emotions of Dao Lord Hatred and the Hatred Dharmic Body were rather out of place.

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

That was the weakness of Dao Lord Hatred!

“Om! Ah! Mo! Ga…!”

Su Zimo was still controlling the three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics with all his might to deal with the Hatred Dharmic Body. At the same time, he chanted an abstruse sutra.

The Sanskrit seemed to possess a mysterious power.

However, Yan Beichen, Qin Pianran and even Dao Lord Hatred were unaffected when they heard that Sanskrit chant.

“Hmph! What are you rambling on about?”

Dao Lord Hatred sneered. Just as he was about to mock Su Zimo properly, his expression changed.

Something was amiss!

The connection between him and the Hatred Dharmic Body seemed to have fluctuated!

Although they could not sense anything from the Sanskrit, the movement of the Hatred Dharmic Body was a tad slower and its fiend qi became erratic as well!

Before long, the sutra chant was completed.

Su Zimo’s expression was unchanged as he lowered his head like a gigantic Buddha. With a dignified expression, he conjured hand seals and chanted another sutra.

Although that sutra was completely different from the one earlier on, it had an extremely obvious impact on the Hatred Dharmic Body!

The scarlet light that was spewing from the eyes of the Hatred Dharmic Body dimmed significantly and even showed signs of disappearing.

A lost expression appeared on the face of the Hatred Dharmic Body as well!

Yan Beichen was delighted and whispered, “Zimo has found a way to counter the Hatred Dharmic Body!”

Qin Pianran was surprised and elated as well. “It’s truly hard to imagine that a 90 feet Supreme Dharma Characteristic that is invincible would be affected by these simple incantations.”

“Those incantations are probably far from simple. Every single word exuded an ancient aura that I’ve never seen from a cultivator of the Buddhist monasteries. They must have been lost for many years.”

Yan Beichen said in a deep voice.

He was not wrong – those were supreme secret incantations of the ancient Buddhist monasteries.

The Great Light Mantra!

The Auditory Release Mantra!

The Sensory Enigma Mantra!

The Six Paths Diamond Mantra!

In the ancient war, countless lives in Tianhuang Mainland were implicated. The disciples of the Buddhist monasteries recited the four secret incantations to purify the souls and appease their grievances.

At that moment, the four secret incantations were meant to purify none other than the Hatred Dharmic Body!

The body of this Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic contained endless hatred. If it was purified, Dao Lord Hatred would be nothing to fear!

By the time Su Zimo chanted the second secret incantation, the actions of the Hatred Dharmic Body had already slowed down.

The Thunder Dharmic Body, Rulai Dharmic Body and Heavenly Fiend Dharma Body finally managed to defend in the battle against the Hatred Dharmic Body – both sides were in a stalemate!

By the time Su Zimo chanted the third secret incantation, the effect on the Hatred Dharmic Body was even greater and it became disadvantaged!

“In the ancient era, no cultivator of the Buddhist monasteries would dare to stand in the way of the Fiend Emperor Hatred. Even the Buddha Emperor who wielded the Creation Green Lotus could not do anything to him and could only sigh!”

Dao Lord Hatred said sternly, “Desolate Martial, you’re dreaming if you think that you can suppress the Hatred Dharmic Body with your useless incantations!”

Those were definitely not empty words!

Back in the ancient era, if not for the self-destruction of the Fiend Emperor Hatred, none of the emperors would have been able to kill the resplendent Fiend Emperor!

The fiend qi on the body of the Hatred Dharmic Body was showing signs of resurrection and the blood glint in its eyes intensified!

However, Su Zimo was unmoved. He looked at Dao Lord Hatred and shook his head. “Unfortunately, you’re not the Fiend Emperor Hatred of the past!”

“Although you’ve also cultivated the Hatred Sutra, you’re still far inferior compared to the Fiend Emperor Hatred!”

“You didn’t go through the same experiences of the Fiend Emperor Hatred so you will never be able to bear the same despair as him nor will you ever be able to comprehend the true obscurities of the Hatred Sutra!”

Dao Lord Hatred shuddered!

Those words were way too powerful – they were targeted at Dao Lord Hatred’s Dao heart and his weakness!

That was indeed an indeterminate fact.

From Dao Lord Hatred, Su Zimo could not sense the same sadness, despair, hatred and devastation in the eyes of the Hatred Dharmic Body.

At the end of the day, Dao Lord Hatred was someone that bore the seven emotions and six desires.

That was his weakness!

Furthermore, there was no way to make up for that weakness.

If Dao Lord Hatred were to truly comprehend the essence of the Hatred Sutra, he would end up with the same fate as the Fiend Emperor Hatred – suicide.

This was a dead end.

At that moment, Dao Lord Hatred’s face turned pale and his Dao heart wavered for a moment!

The Hatred Dharmic Body was connected to him and was affected as well, losing more than half of its fiend qi.

There was no way Su Zimo would let such an opportunity slip.

A fourth secret incantation descended!

The blood glint in the eyes of the Hatred Dharmic Body vanished entirely.

The hatred in his body had already calmed down.

Without the support of that hatred, it was equivalent to losing the source of power. Under the combined attack of Su Zimo’s three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics, the Hatred Dharmic Body was steadily defeated!

In the blink of an eye, it was riddled with holes!

Su Zimo’s four secret incantations of the Buddhist monasteries were meant to purify the Hatred Dharmic Body and release it from its attachments.

In truth, the reason why the Fiend Emperor Hatred committed suicide back then was also because he wanted to obtain release!

Everything seemed to be fated from the unknowns.

The whip of the Thunder Dharmic Body, the hand seal of the Rulai Dharmic Body and the scythe of the Heavenly Fiend Dharmic Body descended on the Hatred Dharmic Body.


There was a deafening sound.

The 90 feet tall Supreme Dharma Characteristic dissipated instantly!

Dao Lord Hatred shuddered as though he was struck by lightning and blood flowed from the corner of his mouth with an indignant expression.

He had not expected that his Dao heart would lose!

Su Zimo lamented internally.

If he was truly up against the Fiend Emperor Hatred, his four secret incantations would not be able to suppress the hatred in the latter’s heart.

However, Dao Lord Hatred was not the Fiend Emperor Hatred.

Su Zimo conjured hand seals that changed continuously. Suddenly, three b.a.l.l.s of flames of different colors appeared beside him.

The scarlet, golden and black flames converged rapidly.

A red light burst forth from Su Zimo’s glabella and the final Essence Spirit Fire was injected, forming the Caturadhi Dao Fire that shot towards Dao Lord Hatred!


The Caturadhi Dao Fire descended on Dao Lord Hatred.

A torrential fiend qi surged out from Dao Lord Hatred’s body and his blood qi surged, resisting against the Caturadhi Dao Fire with a series of crackling sounds!

Even with the searing of the Caturadhi Dao Fire, it did not manage to injure his bones and organs and merely burned his skin and hair to ashes!

Dao Lord Hatred was simply way too strong even without the full comprehension of the Hatred Sutra!


Although Dao Lord Hatred had already turned into a flaming man as he resisted the Caturadhi Dao Fire, he still let out a furious roar and charged towards Su Zimo with his fiend saber.

Su Zimo willed.

The Creation Lotus Platform descended and smashed towards Dao Lord Hatred!


Sparks flew as the Creation Lotus Platform collided against the fiend saber!

The Creation Lotus Platform was repelled – it failed to stop Dao Lord Hatred in his tracks!

Right then, the three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics arrived at the same time and released a powerful attack!

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