Chapter 1250: Death of a Monster Incarnate


The whips of the Thunder Dharmic Body struck Dao Lord Hatred heavily, causing his flesh to split open and his bones to be exposed.

The Caturadhi Dao Fire engulfed the wound instantly and it dried up before a single drop of blood could flow!


The hand seal of the Rulai Dharmic Body landed on Dao Lord Hatred’s chest.

The jarring sound of bones cracking could be heard.

Dao Lord Hatred’s chest caved in instantly, creating a huge pit!

Many broken bones even pierced his lungs!


Although Dao Lord Hatred managed to avoid taking damage to his vitals from the scythe of the Heavenly Fiend Dharma Body, his abdomen was still pierced!

The scythe yanked horizontally and almost sliced Dao Lord Hatred’s body into two!

Those three heavy injuries might not have been fatal for Dao Lord Hatred.

However, Dao Lord Hatred’s body still burned with the Caturadhi Dao Fire.

Initially, his body and blood qi could hold out against the Caturadhi Dao Fire.

Now that he was suddenly injured as such, the balance was broken instantly!

The Caturadhi Dao Fire surged into his body quickly and burned his bones, organs, blood qi and lifeforce!

Even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures would not be able to survive if the Caturadhi Dao Fire burned their bones and organs!

At that moment, Su Zimo’s three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were filled with injuries and riddled with holes. Unable to hold on any longer, they dissipated rapidly.

This battle was way more tragic than Su Zimo had imagined!

If not for the 5,000 years of acc.u.mulation in the Dao Inheritance Ground, he would definitely not have won this battle.

There were many signs that indicated that a golden era had arrived in Tianhuang Mainland. Paragons were rampant and monster incarnates rose everywhere – existences such as Di Yin and Dao Lord Hatred would continue to appear one after another in the future.

This was a great era that was not weaker than the ancient era!

Of course, with so many paragons and monster incarnates, it also meant that a huge change was about to happen in Tianhuang Mainland!

If one’s combat strength was insufficient, they would be reduced to ants and crushed to death under such a change!


Finally, Dao Lord Hatred could not hold on any longer. Leaning on his fiend saber, he half-knelt on the ground and glared at Su Zimo fiercely through the layers of flames!

Dao Lord Hatred’s vitality was way too exuberant!

Even though he was severely injured and his organs were burned to ashes by the Caturadhi Dao Fire, he was not dead and had persisted till now!

Given Dao Lord Hatred’s combat strength, Su Zimo would not be able to stop him if he wanted to escape.

Unfortunately, cracks had appeared in his Dao heart. Even if he managed to escape, it would be difficult for his cultivation to advance in the future.

This was a blow that was worse than death for him!

Dao Lord Hatred’s blood qi dried up and his lifeforce drained rapidly.

Finally, he s.h.i.+fted his gaze from Su Zimo to Yan Beichen and smiled.

By now, he was already unrecognizable after being burned by the Caturadhi Dao Fire.

That smile looked extremely menacing in the blazing flames!

“Yan Beichen, do you really think that you can escape from the cultivation world cleanly?”

Dao Lord Hatred’s voice sounded. “You are the Asura and your hands were once stained with blood! It’s impossible for you to lead a peaceful life!”

“If I, Li Heng, can find you today, someone else will do so tomorrow! You will never be able to leave the cultivation world or dream about living in peace!”

“You wish to backtrack after stepping onto the path of the Asura?”

“To think that the Asura would be reduced to such a state for a woman from an immortal sect. What a joke! What an incredible joke! Hahahaha!

Dao Lord Hatred let out a shuddering laughter.

“Asura, you’ll be killed by this woman sooner or later! I’m merely making a move first, but you’ll be joining me down below real soon! I didn’t lose!”

Dao Lord Hatred’s obsession was still with Yan Beichen.

Up till his death, he was still thinking about his previous failure and wanted to fight Yan Beichen to see who was stronger.

However, he still went silent in the end.

The ball of flames intensified and engulfed his body completely, burning it continuously!

After a full half hour, the Caturadhi Dao Fire gradually extinguished.

Dao Lord Hatred was already burned to a crisp, leaving only a pitch-black fiend saber stabbed into the ground with a storage bag beside it.

Qin Pianran stared blankly at the place where Dao Lord Hatred died, deep in her thoughts and dejected.

Sensing her abnormality, Yan Beichen’s heart skipped a beat and he understood.

Qin Pianran was a woman after all and Dao Lord Hatred’s final words triggered her.

Yan Beichen extended his palm and gripped Qin Pianran gently, comforting her, “Pianran, Li Hen was merely spouting nonsense because he knew he was going to die. There’s no need to take his words to heart.”

“The world is huge. I don’t believe there’s nowhere for just the two of us.”

“Who will remember us after a long time?”

Yan Beichen’s words did not eliminate Qin Pianran’s worries.

She was a little lost. “But, I really caused you harm. You ended up in this state because you wanted to save me. I-I…”

She felt guilty, remorseful and worried.

Yan Beichen smiled. “Pianran, don’t think too much. It’s just an Essence Spirit injury and there’s no danger to my life. Furthermore, you weren’t the one who injured my Essence Spirit. How can I blame you?”

Pausing for a moment, he asked jokingly, “Or, are you thinking of leaving me because my Essence Spirit’s injured?”


Qin Pianran blushed and her expression softened.

“Even if you want to leave, I won’t let go.”

Yan Beichen gripped Qin Pianran’s palm tightly and said softly. However, his tone was unusually firm.

On the other side.

Su Zimo advanced and arrived beside the fiend saber, glaring at it for a moment.

The fiend saber had gone completely silent without any l.u.s.ter. It looked like a pitch-black useless saber, unlike its previous torrential might.

If it was anyone else, they would not have imagined that the pitch-black saber could have released such a terrifying power!

Su Zimo did not touch the fiend saber. Instead, he looked at the storage bag at the side.

As the number one saber of the fiend sects, Dao Lord Hatred definitely had many treasures in his storage bag!

Among them, the most valuable was definitely the Hatred Sutra!

Su Zimo went forward and opened his storage bag, scanning it carefully with his spirit consciousness.

A look of disappointment flashed through his eyes.

There were indeed many treasures in that storage bag – there were elixirs, Dharmic weapons, secret skills and universal treasures.

Unfortunately, the Hatred Sutra was not there.

Su Zimo did not use the Soul Searching Art.

Firstly, the battle was intense earlier on and he was almost suppressed by Dao Lord Hatred’s Dharma Characteristic – how would he have the chance to release the Soul Searching Art?

Secondly, in order for a chance to succeed, Su Zimo had to target those with lesser cultivation and combat strength compared to him.

Notwithstanding the fact that Su Zimo might have failed in using the Soul Searching Art against Dao Lord Hatred, he might have suffered a backlash and injured his Essence Spirit instead!

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