Chapter 1251: Saber Burial

Translator: Legge

Putting away the storage bag, Su Zimo’s gaze s.h.i.+fted to the Hatred Fiend Saber not far away.

The moment he saw the fiend saber, he could sense how terrifying it was!

Even his Creation Lotus Platform could barely deal with the saber. In a prolonged fight, the Creation Lotus Platform would inevitably succ.u.mb to the fiend saber the same way as the Mystic Magnet Mountain!

Reaching out, Su Zimo gripped the handle of the Hatred Fiend Saber, wanting to pull it out and observe it carefully.

However, the moment his palm touched the handle of the fiend saber, he felt a tremendous amount of negative emotions surge into his consciousness through his fingertip, affecting his Essence Spirit!

At the same time, he felt a sharp pain on his palm and retracted it instinctively. Lowering his head, his pupils constricted and he frowned.

His palm was bleeding!

Although the blood qi of this Green Lotus True Body was not strong, its body and skin were indestructible and could fight against connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapons!

However, just now, he merely touched the handle of the Hatred Fiend Saber and his palm was injured by the power of the saber!

If the blade of that fiend saber was used on him, it would probably slice the Green Lotus True Body into two!


The weapon of an ancient Fiend Emperor was truly extraordinary!

The Hatred Fiend Saber was an emperor weapon to begin with.

However, up till now, there were not many people who could truly use the power of that fiend saber!


Su Zimo muttered softly.

To think that the Hatred Fiend Saber would reject him so much.

He did not know if it was because he possessed the inheritance of the immortal and Buddhist Daos or some other reason.

Although he did not manage to find the Hatred Sutra, this Hatred Fiend Saber was also an utmost treasure.

While he could not wield the Hatred Fiend Saber right now, as his cultivation advanced, there was a chance for him to become the owner of this fiend saber in the future.

At that thought, Su Zimo channeled his Dharmic powers and stuffed the Hatred Fiend Saber into his storage bag, prepared to advance to the Conjoint Body realm before he attempted it again.

Thereafter, he headed towards Yan Beichen and Qin Pianran.

After taking a few steps, Su Zimo’s expression changed!

His palm slapped his storage bag swiftly and pulled out the Hatred Fiend Saber instantly, tossing it on the ground with a bewildered expression!

At that moment, wisps of pitch-black fiend qi surrounded the Hatred Fiend Saber, as though they could devour all living beings in the world!

As Su Zimo tossed the Hatred Fiend Saber out, the fiend qi on the saber gradually calmed down and dimmed once more.

“What’s wrong?”

Yan Beichen noticed Su Zimo’s actions and asked with a frown.

“That saber is way too terrifying!”

Su Zimo recalled what he had sensed earlier on and said sternly, “That fiend saber was in my storage bag and emitted a powerful fiend qi that corroded all the treasures in the vicinity!”

As he said that, Su Zimo took out a few Dao Lord Dharmic weapons from his storage bag.

Yan Beichen and Qin Pianran gasped when they saw that.

Those Dao Lord Dharmic weapons were all at perfect-grade!

However, in just a few breaths’ time, the perfect-grade Dao Lord Dharmic weapons were tainted by the fiend qi and dimmed, completely destroyed!

What a domineering fiend saber!

He could not even place it in his storage bag.

Unless… Su Zimo was prepared to give up on all the treasures in his storage bag!

This was the first time he had encountered such a troublesome weapon up till this point of his cultivation.

In fact, he did not even dare to refine the Hatred Fiend Saber, afraid that his Essence Spirit would be devoured by it!

Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat and he suddenly said, “Brother Yan, give it a try. You don’t have the aura of the immortal or Buddhist cultivation techniques on you and you specialize in the fiend sects’ Asura Dao. Perhaps you won’t be rejected by this Hatred Fiend Saber.”

When Yan Beichen heard that, he came to the side of the Hatred Fiend Saber out of curiosity and attempted to grab its handle.

There was no reaction from the fiend saber.

Su Zimo nodded.

True enough!

Although he cultivated the immortal, Buddhist and fiend Daos and was extremely strong such that he could suppress everyone of the same cultivation realm, his aura was mixed and was rejected by the Hatred Fiend Saber. However, nothing of the sort happened to Yan Beichen.

Su Zimo smiled. “Brother Yan, it seems like I’m not fated with this Hatred Fiend Saber. It’s better for you to accept it.”

If it was in the past, Yan Beichen would definitely be delighted to obtain such a powerful fiend weapon.

However, at that moment, he shook his head. “My Essence Spirit is injured. Even if the Hatred Fiend Saber doesn’t reject me, I can’t refine it.”

Su Zimo said hurriedly, “Don’t worry, Brother Yan. I’ll definitely think of a way to heal your injuries on your Essence Spirit! Once your Essence Spirit recovers, you can naturally refine the Hatred Fiend Saber.”

Yan Beichen smiled. “I’ve already decided to leave the cultivation world and not partic.i.p.ate in any disputes. I’m even prepared to give up on my Asura Saber that has been by my side for many years. There’s no point in me keeping this Hatred Fiend Saber.”

The fact that Yan Beichen said that meant that he had already made up his mind and would not change it.

After pausing for a moment, he continued, “Furthermore, this Hatred Fiend Saber is somewhat inauspicious. Neither of its two owners met with decent endings.”

“That’s right. This saber is truly troublesome to deal with. I can neither be carried nor touched,”

Su Zimo lamented.

Yan Beichen pondered for a moment. “This Hatred Fiend Saber is inauspicious. If you don’t want it, let’s just bury it.”


Su Zimo did not hesitate either.

Although the Hatred Fiend Saber was strong, it would only bring endless trouble for him.

Su Zimo waved his sleeves and with immense Dharmic powers, dug an extremely deep bottomless pit in the ground!

The pit was at least a few thousand feet deep, like an endless abyss!

Su Zimo tossed the Hatred Fiend Saber in.

Turning into a black shadow, the Hatred Fiend Saber disappeared into the abyss and was buried when Su Zimo filled the pit with mud once more.

“Brother Yan, what are your plans from now on?”

Su Zimo asked.

Yan Beichen pondered for a moment. “Zimo, I have to ask you for a favor.”

“Big brother, feel free to speak your mind. There’s no need for formalities.”

Su Zimo waved it off.

Yan Beichen said, “Hatred is already dead. I’m sure it won’t be long before the fiend sects know about it. This matter can’t be hidden for sure.”

There were many powerful Mighty Figures in the fiend sects.

Furthermore, if Dao Lord Hatred had a Destiny Symbol in the fiend sects, the moment it shattered, the fiend sects would know about it immediately!

Yan Beichen continued, “After you leave this place, can you spread a piece of news saying that I fought against Hatred and died in battle with both parties defeated?!”

“That way, I can make use of this battle to fake my death and escape from the cultivation world completely. From now on, Yan Beichen will cease to exist in the cultivation world!”

Qin Pianran and Yan Beichen held hands and remained silent at the side.

No matter what decision Yan Beichen made, she would support him.

Su Zimo sighed internally.

He was clear that Yan Beichen’s plan was not merely to fake his own death and escape, it was also for Su Zimo!

If Dao Lord Hatred was akin to the second Fiend Emperor Hatred, what sort of status did he hold within the fiend sects?

If the fiend sects knew that Dao Lord Hatred died in his hands, all of them would definitely go into a frenzy to seek him out and kill him for revenge!

On the surface, Yan Beichen’s action was to fake his death. However, in reality, it was also to help Su Zimo with everything.

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