Chapter 1252: Grand Primordium Ancient Temple

“Brother Yan, I know what you’re thinking.”

Pondering for a moment, Su Zimo said, “However, it’s still a little hasty. There are many loopholes if you were to say that you died in battle together with Hatred. I’m afraid many people will be suspicious.”

“It’s just suspicions,”

Yan Beichen said, “I don’t have a Destiny Symbol in the sect. As long as I hide and don’t be discovered, no one will remember me after a long time.”

After pausing for a moment, he pulled out the Asura Saber beside him and handed it to Su Zimo. “This Asura Saber is Asura Sect’s cornerstone Dharmic weapon. Think of a way to return this saber to Asura Sect.”

Yan Beichen had even given up on the Asura Saber that had followed him for many years—it was clear that he was determined to leave the cultivation world.

Su Zimo pondered for a moment before saying, “That’s easy to deal with. I’ll just sell the Asura Saber at an auction. Once the news is released, Asura Sect cultivators will naturally come forth to redeem it.”

“Alright, let’s do that then.”

Yan Beichen said, “It’s inconvenient for me to show myself. I can only leave this matter to you.”

Su Zimo did not decline and merely asked, “Brother Yan, are you really willing?”

Yan Beichen’s gaze lingered on the Asura Saber for a long time. He gradually hid the nostalgia in his eyes and shook his head decisively. “There’s nothing to be reluctant about. I’m no longer the Asura and am not worthy of this saber. It’s good for it to return as well.”

When Su Zimo saw that Yan Beichen was decided, he did not persuade further and cupped his fists. “I’ll go settle this now and return in a few days.”

Su Zimo bid farewell to Yan Beichen and turned to leave.

After leaving the deep mountains, he sped the entire way and saw a cultivation city around four hours later.

It was extremely lively within and countless cultivators rode on their flying swords.

Nascent Souls and Void Reversions could be seen everywhere!

A city of this level was already considered flouris.h.i.+ng and definitely had some large auction houses and marketplaces.

Hesitating for a long time, Su Zimo did not stop in the city and continued forward.

This place was a little close to where Yan Beichen lived in seclusion. If the Asura Saber was traded in this city, it was hard to guarantee that no one would follow through on the search for him in the vicinity.

The chances of Yan Beichen being exposed would be much greater!

Su Zimo continued forward and walked for a full day before arriving at another bustling ancient cultivation city. With a spin, he transformed into a burly man and descended.

What happened next was much simpler.

All he had to do was spread the news of the battle between Yan Beichen and Dao Lord Hatred.

There was no need for any promotions for such explosive news. As long as it was released, it would create a storm that could spread through word of mouth and cause a huge uproar!

This news was enough to shock the entire cultivation world!

“Did you hear about it? The number one saber of the fiend sects, Dao Lord Hatred, returned. He sought out Yan Beichen once more to fight for the t.i.tle of Asura Saber and both of them ended up dying in battle!”

“Isn’t that right? That battle was rather tragic. It was said that mountains collapsed and rivers flowed in reverse. The sun and moon lost their colors and stars fell!”

“I heard that Yan Beichen initially had the upper hand. In the end, Dao Lord Hatred went berserk and released his Essence Spirit secret skill. Their Essence Spirits clashed and neither of them managed to survive!”

“Sigh! How tragic!”

In a restaurant in the ancient city, many cultivators were gathered together discussing this matter. They made it sound as though they had witnessed it personally.

Many a time, that was the way the sayings were. As they spread, they changed their original appearances and became mere rumors.

Su Zimo sat by the window and sipped alone with an indifferent expression.

“Who knows if this battle was real or fake?”

Right then, a cultivator questioned.

“You don’t know about that. The Asura Saber was sold at the Mystic Frost Auction House a few days ago and was bought back by Asura Sect.”

Immediately, a cultivator said, “The Asura Saber belongs to the Asura. If he’s not dead, why would he let this saber fall into the hands of outsiders?”

“Did you see who sold that saber?”

“I’m not sure. He seems to be a burly man.”

“I heard that it’s a woman.”

Many cultivators began to guess.

After selling the Asura Saber, Su Zimo was worried that something might happen and stayed in the ancient city for a few days.

For the past few days, there were only various sayings and nothing unexpected happened.

Su Zimo threw down a few pieces of spirit stones casually and prepared to leave. He wanted to return to the depths of the mountains to inform Yan Beichen.

The moment he stood up, a cultivator not far away suddenly said, “By the way, I heard that a cultivator has seen the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple!”

“For real? Where?”

“In Jade Toad Ridge!”

“The location of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple is unpredictable and every time it appears, countless cultivators will head in to investigate. To think that it would come to the Middle Continent!”

“I heard that there are countless ancient treasures in that ancient temple as well as lost elixirs and cultivation techniques!”

The mention of that had Su Zimo’s heart skipping a beat.

The Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir was one of the lost elixirs of the ancient era.

That was an elixir that could treat Yan Beichen’s Essence Spirit injuries.

If this Grand Primordium Ancient Temple truly existed, there was a chance that the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir could be found within!

However, he had never heard of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple – it was better to ask around properly.

“Fellow Daoists, may I ask what’s the background of this Grand Primordium Ancient Temple?”

Su Zimo came to the group of cultivators and asked with cupped fists, smiling.

This time round, he came to this ancient city to deal with the Asura Saber. Worried that something might happen, he hid his ident.i.ty and changed his appearance. Even his cultivation realm was hidden and he looked ordinary.

“Who are you?”

A cultivator glanced askance at Su Zimo and smacked his lips.

“Why? You want to take a look at the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple as well?”

A cultivator asked with a smile and mocking expression.

“That’s my intention,”

Su Zimo nodded.


The group of cultivators exchanged glances and burst into laughter, looking at Su Zimo as though they were looking at an idiot.

“You really think you’re strong enough to want to go to the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple?”

A Void Reversion sneered, “Even I, Dao Being Qing Ming, don’t dare to step foot into the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple. Who do you think you are?!”

Su Zimo’s expression turned cold as he released his aura as a Dharma Characteristic and asked coldly, “Repeat that again?”

The moment he said that, the temperature of the entire restaurant dipped!

Although Nascent Souls and Void Reversions could be seen everywhere in the ancient city, there were not many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords.

Most of the cultivators were Nascent Souls and there were only a few Void Reversions. All of them were stunned by Su Zimo’s Dharma Characteristic aura on the spot with pale expressions!

“Dao Lord, please calm down. I-I only offended you because I didn’t know your ident.i.ty. Please spare my life, Dao Lord!”

The Void Reversion was so scared that sweat broke out on his forehead as he bowed repeatedly.

The cultivators who burst into laughter earlier on did not dare to say anything either.

If a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord wanted to kill them in a fit of anger, n.o.body could stop him!

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