Chapter 1253: Righteousness

Right now, Su Zimo was only revealing his Dharma Characteristic aura.

If he revealed his true appearance and name, those cultivators would be scared out of their wits and kneel on the ground with wobbly legs!

One of the cultivators said hurriedly, “We don’t know the origin of this Grand Primordium Ancient Temple either. We only heard that it appeared for the first time in the South Region more than a hundred years ago.”

“Thereafter, every once in a while, the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple would appear somewhere in Tianhuang Mainland and attract countless cultivators who would travel for it.”

Su Zimo was confused.

That was indeed strange.

Things such as ancient ruins and ancestral cave abodes were mostly fixed in a single location. This was the first time that Su Zimo had heard of an ancient temple that s.h.i.+fted locations.

“I heard that when the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple descended in the South Region, a cultivator entered by accident and obtained an extremely powerful ancient Dharmic weapon. It caused quite a stir and many cultivators went to explore it.”

Pausing for a moment, the cultivator’s eyes revealed a hint of fear. “However, it’s already not bad if one of the ten cultivators that entered this Grand Primordium Ancient Temple could make it out alive.”

Su Zimo frowned and asked, “What are the realms of the cultivators that went to explore?”

“The weakest are at the Dharma Characteristic realm. I heard that there are even some Conjoint Body Mighty Figures.”

The cultivators at the side rushed to reply.

Su Zimo asked, “Something happened to the Conjoint Body Mighty Figures that entered the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple as well?”

“I heard that over the years, at least a hundred Conjoint Body Mighty Figures have entered the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple and have never come out ever since!” A cultivator grinned with a wary expression.

A hundred Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

That was a huge figure!

For example, Dragon Tiger Sect, one of the upper sects, had less than ten Conjoint Body Mighty Figures.

From the looks of it, this Grand Primordium Ancient Temple was definitely an extremely dangerous place!

Pondering for a moment, Su Zimo asked again, “Even so, there are still cultivators who want to explore it?”

“That’s right.”

A Void Reversion nodded. “It’s said that cultivators who can come out of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple alive will indeed benefit immensely. There are some lost ancient elixirs and top-tier cultivation techniques.”

“I also heard that there was once a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord who was in his twilight years and entered the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple. He obtained some sort of opportunity and managed to break through to the Conjoint Body realm!”

“Will the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir be in the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple?”

Su Zimo asked again.


A cultivator said hurriedly, “I heard that a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure once came out alive and obtained the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir!”

Su Zimo nodded and made up his mind.

No matter how dangerous this Grand Primordium Ancient Temple was, he had to give it a shot!

Su Zimo was already decided and left the restaurant, preparing to bid farewell to Yan Beichen and head to the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

In the bamboo forest deep in the mountains.

In the past few days, the traces left behind by the battle had been cleaned up.

With the capabilities of Yan Beichen and Qin Pianran, they easily rebuilt a wooden house that sat there in a simple manner.

“What? You’re going to the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple?”

In the wooden house, Yan Beichen shook his head resolutely when he heard Su Zimo’s plan. “No, that’s too dangerous!”

“Big brother, you know about the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple?”

Su Zimo asked.

“I don’t know much either. The Grand Primordium Ancient Temple is extremely mysterious. Although it has only appeared for a short hundred-odd years, countless Conjoint Body Mighty Figures have died in it over the years. You’re only at the early-stage Dharma Characteristic realm. You must not go!”

Su Zimo shook his head without saying anything—it was clear that he had made up his mind.

Yan Beichen said earnestly, “Zimo, the descent of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple in the Middle Continent will definitely attract many paragons and monster incarnates. With so many powerful figures as well as Conjoint Body Mighty Figures present, it’s too dangerous for you to go alone!”

Su Zimo smiled. “Back then, you merely heard that Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the others wanted to cause trouble for me at Hundred Refinement Sect before you headed there alone and slaughtered nine Dao Lords outside the sect singlehandedly!”

Pausing for a moment, he said softly, “You had just only entered the Dharma Characteristic realm at that time as well.”

That scene was unforgettable for Su Zimo.

How heroic was that?

That was the righteousness of the Asura!

Where righteousness lies, even if millions of people stand against it, it will not change!

Although Yan Beichen was only at the early-stage Dharma Characteristic realm, he fought against Dao Lord Immortal Sword and other Dao Lords who had been famous for a long time without hesitation. Because of that, his Essence Spirit was injured and had yet to recover.

Since there was a chance that there might be a Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir in the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple, Su Zimo had to take it no matter what!

Yan Beichen sighed gently and did not persuade further.

They had different personalities and cultivated different saber techniques. However, all of them were loyal people.

Yan Beichen pondered for a moment. “I heard that the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple has just descended but there’s a Dharmic power barrier outside. Cultivators can only enter after the barrier is weakened after a period of time.”

“Zimo, don’t be in a hurry to go. Stay here and cultivate during this period of time. If you can advance to the mid-stage Dharma Characteristic realm, your Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic will strengthen. With three Dharma Characteristics, your combat strength will definitely increase to a new level and you will be able to protect yourself.”


Su Zimo nodded. “I’ve gained quite a bit from the battle with Hatred. I’m just about to calm down and comprehend them properly.”

“Zimo, I’ll go with you when the time comes!”

Qin Pianran said, “This matter concerns Beichen and I can’t let you take the risk alone.”

“There’s no need,”

Su Zimo declined with a smile. “If I travel alone, I can escape if there’s any danger. However, if there’s anyone else, I’ll feel restricted instead.”

“Furthermore, big brother is injured. Sister Qin, just stay here with him and await good news from me.”

Because of Yan Beichen, it would seem distant if they constantly referred to one another as Fellow Daoists. As such, they changed the way they addressed one another.

Qin Pianran was a little hesitant.

Yan Beichen said, “Let Zimo go alone. I reckon that many paragons and monster incarnates of super sects will be attracted to this trip to the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple. You might attract trouble if you go.”

Qin Pianran nodded.

She was a cultivator of Sword Sect. Now that she was with the notorious Asura of the fiend sects, Sword Sect must have kicked her out of the sect a long time ago and regarded has a traitor of the immortal sects and disgrace of Sword Sect!

If she encountered acquaintances from Sword Sect, there was a high chance that both parties would clash.

At that thought, Qin Pianran gave up on that thought and stood up. She bowed deeply to Su Zimo and said sincerely, “Thank you, Zimo!”

“Sister Qin, you’re too kind.”

Su Zimo helped her up hurriedly.

Qin Pianran smiled. “I can’t help much either. During this period of time, I’ll make a few side dishes for you to try.”

At the side, Yan Beichen could not help but exclaim, “Pianran’s culinary skills are truly decent. I’ll get to enjoy as well thanks to you.”

At their cultivation realm, they were already at the realm of inedia.

However, even immortals had the desire to eat and it was unavoidable.

For the next month, Su Zimo stayed in the bamboo forest and cultivated in silence.

Finally, a month later, he sensed the opportunity for a breakthrough!

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