Chapter 1254: Heavenly Secrets

From early-stage Dharma Characteristic to mid-stage Dharma Characteristic this time round, it took a mere six years.

His cultivation speed was shockingly fast!

The further one cultivated, the more time and energy they would require to break through a minor realm.

Although it was only at the early-stage to mid-stage Dharma Characteristic realm, it was normal for some Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords to spend hundreds or even thousands of years!

Part of the reason why Su Zimo was able to break through to the mid-stage Dharma Characteristic realm in six years was because of his close to 5,000 years of acc.u.mulation in the Dao Inheritance Ground.

On the other hand, it was also because of his battle with Dao Lord Hatred!

This battle not only gave Su Zimo many insights, but also immense pressure.

His three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics were almost suppressed by the 90 feet Supreme Dharma Characteristic. Under that pressure, the three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics grew rapidly and became even more condensed!

Everything happened naturally when he broke through to the mid-stage Dharma Characteristic realm.

As for his three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics, they had already climbed to a height of 87 feet!

This was the level of the number one of the previous Dharma Characteristic Rankings.

Although Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was 89 feet tall, it was only 85 feet tall when he first became the number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking.

Given Su Zimo’s current combat strength, he could sweep through anyone of the same cultivation realm and suppress all Dao Lords!

Even ordinary Conjoint Body Mighty Figures were not his match.

Of course, if he encountered some paragons and monster incarnates of the Conjoint Body realm, especially those of super sects, it was unknown if Su Zimo could defeat them.

However, one thing was certain—even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures of super sects would not be able to attempt to kill him as they did in the past!

With three 87 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics, Su Zimo could carve out a path even if he was surrounded by Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

Of course, the danger of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple did not merely come from other cultivators.

The mysterious ancient temple was a dangerous place to begin with!

n.o.body knew what dangers lurked within.

The cultivators that survived did not encounter any danger.

However, n.o.body knew what the cultivators who met with danger saw.

That was because they had already died within.

This day, after Su Zimo broke through to the mid-stage Dharma Characteristic realm, he bid farewell to Yan Beichen and was prepared to head to the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

“Zimo, you must be careful. If the situation doesn’t look good, don’t force yourself and retreat in time.”

Yan Beichen reminded, “After all, my Essence Spirit is only injured. Nothing must happen to you!”

“Don’t worry.”

Su Zimo smiled and nodded. “I still want to drink with you after I’m back!”

“Alright, I’ll wait for you!”

Yan Beichen laughed as well.

Thereafter, Su Zimo leaped up and auspicious clouds floated beneath his feet. He sped into the distance and disappeared before long.

Sword Sect, Immortal Sword Dao Residence.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword was sitting in his Dao residence with Dao Lord Cloud Rain beside him.

Both of them had once escaped from Yan Beichen’s hands and after that calamity, their relations.h.i.+p became even closer and they met frequently.

“You mean to say that Hatred and the Asura died in battle?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword frowned slightly and asked when he heard the news from Dao Lord Cloud Rain.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain nodded. “That’s the rumor outside. There were many mixed, different sayings about the exact circ.u.mstances but none of the cultivators saw it personally.”

“That’s impossible!”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword shook his head.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain asked, “Why do you say that?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword harrumphed. “That saying can deceive others, but how can it deceive us? You and I fought against the Asura before. Although we were defeated, he did not get off well either. His Essence Spirit must have been injured!”

“Although injuries to the Essence Spirit are difficult to heal, it’s not impossible. I heard that the Elixir Yang Sect elder gave the Asura a Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir,” Dao Lord Cloud Rain said indifferently.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword said, “Even if the Asura’s Essence Spirit is fine, only 20 years have pa.s.sed. His cultivation is at most at the mid-stage Dharma Characteristic realm.”

“As for Hatred, he’s at the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm. Ever since he reappeared, he hasn’t even used his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic and has already suppressed a t.i.tular disciple of the fiend sects. No matter how strong the Asura is, how can he leap realms and die in battle with Hatred?”

“You mean to say that Hatred killed the Asura?”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain asked.

“It’s hard to tell. There’s definitely something fishy about this,” Dao Lord Immortal Sword shook his head.

Pausing for a moment, Dao Lord Cloud Rain seemed to have thought of something and suddenly asked, “Right, have you found that childhood sweetheart junior sister of yours yet?”

At the mention of that, Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s eyes flashed with a dark glint. “Not yet.”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain said with a fake smile, “I heard that your junior sister was captured by the Asura previously. She’s probably dead by now.”


Dao Lord Immortal Sword said coldly.

Qin Pianran’s Destiny Symbol was in Sword Sect and was intact – it was clear that she was not dead!


Dao Lord Cloud Rain laughed. “That’s interesting. She was captured by the Asura who achieved his Dao through killing but did not die or return. He’s a single man and she’s a single woman…”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s expression darkened completely as he said coldly, “If that sl*t truly has an affair with the Asura of the fiend sects, she’ll be the shame of our Sword Sect. If I find her, I’ll definitely kill her personally!”

At that moment, Dao Lord Immortal Sword had completely forgotten that the sl*t he was referring to had saved his life!

“The world is vast. Who can find her if she truly wishes to hide?”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain shrugged his shoulders.

“Not necessarily.”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword said proudly, “The successor of a certain place understands Heaven and Earth. He’s able to peer into mysteries and divine everything in this world!”

“Enigma Palace?”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain narrowed his eyes.

Right then, a cultivator with fluttering robes strode over from outside the Dao talisman door. He was handsome and wore a Confucian crown, holding a folding fan with a faint smile on his face.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s spirit consciousness scanned the person.

He could not see through this cultivator’s cultivation realm!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword stood up to welcome him and revealed a smile as he shouted, “Fellow Daoist Heavenly Secrets, you’ve come from a long distance. Please pardon me for not welcoming you from afar.”

“It’s fine, there’s no need to stand on courtesy between us,”

Heavenly Secrets had a warm smile that made one feel like they were bathing in a spring breeze without any resistance.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword introduced to Dao Lord Cloud Rain, “This is Fellow Daoist Heavenly Secrets of Enigma Palace and this is Cloud Rain Sect’s…”

Before Dao Lord Immortal Sword could finish, Dao Lord Heavenly Secrets smiled. “5,000 years ago, he was number two on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking and is now the t.i.tular disciple of Cloud Rain Sect!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain nodded to himself.

He was certain that they had never met before. However, this Heavenly Secrets knew of his ident.i.ty and background – he was indeed skilled!

As the number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking and a t.i.tular disciple of Sword Sect, Dao Lord Immortal Sword had a n.o.ble status and it was not surprising for him to befriend cultivators of Enigma Palace.

Dao Lord Immortal Sword said, “Fellow Daoist Heavenly Secrets, I’m not going to stand on courtesy with you. The reason why I invited you here this time round is because I want you to help me find someone.”

“She was originally a cultivator of Sword Sect, Qin Pianran.”

Heavenly Secrets shook his head. “I’m not at the level where I can find someone with just a single name.”

“What if I have her Destiny Symbol?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword asked with a narrowed gaze.

Heavenly Secrets smiled gently. “That will be easy then.”

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