Chapter 1255: Location of the Buddha Bead

To be able to divine the other party’s location with a Destiny Symbol—his methods were truly unfathomable!

There was naturally a reason why Enigma Palace was able to remain standing for so long as a super sect in Tianhuang Mainland.

Cultivators of Enigma Palace rarely partic.i.p.ated in the fights between the various factions of the cultivation world nor did they take part in events such as the Golden Core Phenomenon Ranking or Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic Ranking.

However, no one dared to look down on the cultivators of Enigma Palace!

Back in the Dao Inheritance Ground, the current t.i.tular disciple of Enigma Palace, Lin Xuanji, managed to rescue Su Zimo from the hands of Di Yin and survive for more than ten days after being hunted down by the latter—it was clear how strong he was.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain had met Lin Xuanji before.

However, he felt that this Heavenly Secrets was even more mysterious and unfathomable than Lin Xuanji!

He was also wary of this cultivator who was all-knowing, mysterious and possessed strange methods, afraid that his background would be seen through.

However, Dao Lord Cloud Rain was extremely scheming and praised with a smile on his face, “Fellow Daoist, you sure are capable. I’m impressed.”

“These things are not worth mentioning,”

Heavenly Secrets still had a faint smile on his face. “I can’t divine everybody. For example, given someone of your cultivation realm, Fellow Daoist Cloud Rain, I won’t be able to divine you even if I had your Destiny Symbol.”

He seemed to have seen through Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s worries and said casually.

Heavenly Secrets continued, “As for Qin Pianran that Immortal Sword mentioned, it’s slightly easier. However, given her cultivation realm, she might sense something.”


Suddenly, Dao Lord Immortal Sword asked, “Regarding the battle a few days ago where both the Asura and Hatred died, what do you think about it, Fellow Daoist?”

“If I’m not wrong, Hatred should be dead,”

Heavenly Secrets said indifferently, “As for the Asura, I can’t divine it yet.”

“I don’t believe that the Asura can kill Hatred. He’s not at that level yet! However, if it’s not the Asura, who could have killed Hatred?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword frowned. “Given the combat strength he displayed, even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures might not be able to kill him!”

Heavenly Secrets was silent as well.

He was not at the realm of knowing everything yet!

Dao Lord Immortal Sword pondered for a moment and a name flashed through his mind. Narrowing his eyes, he murmured, “Could it be him…”


Dao Lord Cloud Rain could not help but ask.

“Desolate Martial!”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword said slowly, “I heard that after Desolate Martial entered the Dharma Characteristic realm, he condensed two Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics and destroyed Dragon Tiger Sect, causing the Mighty Figures of the North Region to bow down and submit to him. His reputation has already reached its limits!”

“You mean to say that Desolate Martial has arrived in the Middle Continent?”

A cold glint flashed through Dao Lord Cloud Rain’s eyes as well.

Both of them hated Su Zimo to the core.

Their clones that they had cultivated for many years were destroyed in Thousand Demon Valley.

Thereafter, they were hunted by the Asura outside Hundred Refinement Sect and almost lost their lives—it was also because of Su Zimo!

Furthermore, the Heaven Slaying Sword Art that Dao Lord Immortal Sword l.u.s.ted for was s.n.a.t.c.hed away by Su Zimo as well. This matter was like a thorn that had been stuck in his heart for many years!

“It shouldn’t be Desolate Martial. He’s only at the early-stage Dharma Characteristic realm. Two 85 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics shouldn’t be a threat.”

Heavenly Secrets smiled gently. “At the very least, given Fellow Daoist Immortal Sword’s current combat strength, your 89 feet tall Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic is enough to suppress him!”


Dao Lord Immortal Sword nodded. “However, given the lad’s capabilities, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop him if he wishes to escape. His potential is too great and will ultimately be a problem for us”

“If we want to deal with Desolate Martial, we’ll have to seek your help at that time, Fellow Daoist Heavenly Secrets.”

“No problem,”

Heavenly Secrets nodded.

Dao Lord Cloud Rain looked at Heavenly Secrets and suddenly said, “I heard that this generation’s t.i.tular disciple of Enigma Palace is rather close to Desolate Martial.”

Heavenly Secrets’s expression was unchanged as he maintained the smile on his face. “Lin Xuanji, fufu. He’s not enough to stop me if I want to deal with someone!”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain understood.

It was clear that Xuanji and Heavenly Secrets were at odds!

“There’s one more thing,”

Suddenly, Dao Lord Cloud Rain said, “I heard that the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple has descended in the Middle Continent. Since the three of us are gathered, why don’t we head over and explore?”

“Given our capabilities, the three of us should be able to avoid any danger!”

“Grand Primordium Ancient Temple,”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword was tempted as well.

It was said that the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple contained many treasures and secret skills.

He had already cultivated to the perfected Dharma Characteristic realm. If he entered the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple and obtained a few treasures and some opportunities, he would definitely be able to advance to the Conjoint Body realm immediately!

“I’d advise the two of you not to go.”

Heavenly Secrets had a smile on his face the entire time after he entered the cave abode. However, the smile on his face vanished the moment he heard the words ‘Grand Primordium Ancient Temple’.

“Fellow Daoist, is there something you know?”

Dao Lord Immortal Sword’s heart skipped a beat and he could not help but ask.

Heavenly Secrets merely shook his head and a strange blood glint flashed through the depths of his eyes as he sneered, “Those cultivators that gather there are merely the greedy ones. They will eventually end up paving the road for others to benefit.”

Jade Toad Ridge was originally an ordinary mountain forest in the Middle Continent.

Ridges as such could be seen everywhere in the Middle Continent.

However, in the past month, Jade Toad Ridge had turned lively with many cultivators from all over the place.

Furthermore, as time pa.s.sed by, the number of cultivators that arrived at Jade Toad Ridge increased!

What was even more frightening was that the cultivation realms of these cultivators were extremely high. Even those standing outside were at the Void Reversion realm!

Almost all the cultivators who dared to venture deep into Jade Toad Ridge were Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

In the depths of Jade Toad Ridge, there were even traces of Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!

The reason why all those powerful cultivators were gathered was because of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple that had suddenly appeared in Tianhuang Mainland more than a hundred years ago!

This day, Su Zimo arrived at Jade Toad Ridge.

Many Void Reversions lingered around the outer perimeter of Jade Toad Ridge and did not dare to venture deep, discussing fervently.

“Have you heard? A great treasure has appeared in the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple this time round!


“It’s said to be a treasure from tens of thousands of years ago. They are two Buddha Beads that were lost from the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads.”

When he heard that, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat.

The Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads had six Buddha Beads that corresponded to different Buddhist Dharmic seals and Daming Mantra respectively.

Right now, Su Zimo had four Buddha Beads on his left wrist and two of them were lost. For the past tens of thousands of years, there had been no news of them.

Those two Buddha Beads contained the strongest two Daming Dharmic Seals!

To think that the two Buddha Beads would be in the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple!

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Su Zimo should be delighted when he heard the location of the Buddha Beads.

However, for some reason, he felt that something was amiss.

It was normal for Buddha Beads to be in an ancient temple.

However, this ancient temple only appeared more than a hundred years ago. How could Buddha Beads that were lost for tens of thousands of years be inside?

After pondering for a long time, Su Zimo still could not understand as he shook his head and entered Jade Toad Ridge.

Be it the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir or the two Buddha Beads, he had to enter the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple to check things out!

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