Chapter 1256: Dao Lord Sunset Cloud

Deeper inside, the number of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords gathered in Jade Toad Ridge increased and even exceeded a thousand!

As Su Zimo advanced, he finally caught sight of the legendary Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

Initially, he was confused.

It was just an ancient temple—how large could it be such that it was worth exploring? It was unlikely that the ancient temple could accommodate the number of cultivators gathered here.

However, a deep look of shock flashed through Su Zimo’s eyes the moment he caught sight of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple!

The Grand Primordium Ancient Temple was way too huge!

Or rather, this ancient temple could no longer be described simply as huge. Instead, it was majestic and extravagant, like a ma.s.sive creature that had experienced the baptism of countless years that sat in the depths of a mountain!

The capital of Great Zhou was grand enough to accommodate millions of people with ease.

However, this Grand Primordium Ancient Temple was dozens of times larger than the capital of Great Zhou!

Su Zimo arrived at the outer perimeter of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple and stood in midair. Compared to the ancient temple, his body was like a speck of dust on the surface.

It was no wonder why so many cultivators coveted the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

Even Su Zimo was shocked when he saw the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple—he would not believe that there were no treasures within it.

Su Zimo looked at the ancient temple and his vision blurred. The ancient temple seemed to have transformed into a bottomless abyss that wanted to devour everything!

Suddenly, Su Zimo felt his heart race!

His heart skipped a beat.

This was an impulse and a warning from his spirit perception – it was definitely not a coincidence!

“Seems like the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple is truly a dangerous place!”

Su Zimo lamented internally and looked around with a grim expression. He was already on guard before entering the ancient temple.

“There are so many experts this time round. If a great treasure truly appears, it will definitely cause a bloodbath!”

“That’s for sure. I heard that more than ten Dao Lords who were on the previous Dharma Characteristic Ranking are here!”

“That’s right. I heard that two Buddha Beads have appeared and the second on the previous Dharma Characteristic Ranking, Monk Black Gold of Diamond Monastery, has arrived!”

“Back when Monk Black Gold fought for the number one of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking, he was only defeated by Dao Lord Immortal Sword. I wonder how high his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic has grown after a thousand years.”

“In my opinion, even Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords have to step aside. At that time, the ancient temple will become a battlefield for Conjoint Body Mighty Figures!”

“Many a time, opportunities are important. Even though Conjoint Body Mighty Figures are strong, they might not be able to obtain treasures.”

Many Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords lingered around the vicinity of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

Su Zimo could clearly see that there was a thin barrier of Dharmic powers surrounding the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple that was weakening as time pa.s.sed.

Before long, the Dharmic power barrier would not be able to stop the cultivators here!

Su Zimo attracted quite a bit of attention when he arrived near the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

However, those cultivators merely swept their gazes at him and paid no more attention.

Almost everyone in the cultivation world knew of Dao Lord Desolate Martial.

However, not many cultivators had seen him before.

It was especially so for the Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords present. Most of them had been famous for a long time while Su Zimo had just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm and had yet to have the chance to interact with them.

Furthermore, all the cultivators were focused on the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple right now and Su Zimo’s arrival did not cause much of a stir.

Right then, more than ten cultivators arrived not far away. They wore Chaos Essence Sect’s robes and had powerful auras.

They were Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords of Chaos Essence Sect!

The Dao Lord of Chaos Essence Sect in the lead rode on a rat that was as large as an elephant. It was filled with golden fur and its eyes were small and keen. It bared its sharp teeth and was extremely ferocious!

Su Zimo definitely had a deep feud with Chaos Essence Sect.

To a certain extent, Chaos Essence Sect hated Su Zimo even more than Gla.s.s Palace and other sects!

In this generation, Chaos Essence Sect originally gave birth to two monster incarnates, Ye Tiancheng and Di Yin. They were known as the Chaos Essence Twin Paragons and were the hope of Chaos Essence Sect’s rise!

Unfortunately, the two monster incarnates died in Su Zimo’s hands one after another – that was a huge blow for Chaos Essence Sect.

Later on, Chaos Essence Sect’s Half-Martial Ancestor pursued Su Zimo and even hunted him down to the Dragon Burial Valley where a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure died, shocking Tianhuang Mainland!

The hunt towards Su Zimo came to an end there.

Chaos Essence Sect suffered immense losses and many deaths.

More than ten years later, Su Zimo reconstructed his Green Lotus True Body and returned in a domineering manner. However, there were no more outstanding monster incarnates of Chaos Essence Sect that rose in recent years.

The fact that Su Zimo killed Di Yin and Ye Tiancheng was akin to severing Chaos Essence Sect’s fortune!

“Dao Lord Sunset Cloud of Chaos Essence Sect is here. He was 11th of the previous Dharma Characteristic realm.”

“It’s said that the demon beast beneath Dao Lord Sunset Cloud is a pure-blooded ferocious beast, the Goldeater Rat. It specializes in devouring divine weapons to cultivate and is extremely violent!”

“Furthermore, the Goldeater Rat has an extremely keen sense of smell and can sniff out many metal-type treasures. Even the layers of barriers can’t stop its sense of smell!”

“I heard that the Goldeater Rat doesn’t even fancy ordinary treasures!”

Some cultivators pointed to the gigantic rat beneath Dao Lord Sunset Cloud and whispered.

Right then, the Goldeater Rat seemed to have sensed something and stuck its nose out repeatedly, sniffing wildly in the air. Finally, it turned around and looked towards Su Zimo!

An obscure spirit consciousness fluctuation spread between the Goldeater Rat and Dao Lord Sunset Cloud.

Before long, Dao Lord Sunset Cloud’s gaze landed on Su Zimo.

Su Zimo looked straight with a calm expression.

Dao Lord Sunset Cloud smirked coldly and led the dozens of Dao Lords behind him towards Su Zimo.

The Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords gradually separated and stood in a seemingly casual manner. However, they surrounded Su Zimo vaguely!

“Look, something’s happening over there!”

Some cultivators noticed this and exclaimed excitedly.

“The Goldeater Rat must have discovered a treasure and Dao Lord Sunset Cloud wants to s.n.a.t.c.h it!”

“Hmph, that itinerant cultivator came alone and he’s only at the Dharma Characteristic realm. If he truly is in possession of great treasures, who else is a better target to rob?”

Many cultivators watched coldly from the sidelines.

Naturally, no one would stand up for Su Zimo for something as such. Furthermore, the other party was from a super sect like Chaos Essence Sect!


Right then, a cultivator in the crowd exclaimed softly, “That green-robed cultivator looks familiar… H-He seems to be the legendary Dao Lord Desolate Martial!”

The words ‘Dao Lord Desolate Martial’ caused a huge stir!

However, Dao Lord Sunset Cloud and the others did not hear the clamor around the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

“That can’t be. Dao Lord Desolate Martial is far away in the North Region. Why would he come all the way to the Middle Continent for the sake of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple?”

“Green robes, black hair, refined features that match the appearance of the legendary Desolate Martial!”

Not far away, a commotion broke out in the crowd.

At that moment, Dao Lord Sunset Cloud rode on his Goldeater Rat and had already arrived before Su Zimo, looking down at him.

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