Chapter 1257: I’m Desolate Martial!

Translator: Legge

“Hand it over.”

Dao Lord Sunset Cloud came before Su Zimo and did not waste time talking to him. In fact, he could not even be bothered to ask for Su Zimo’s name and sect.

He had the confidence and strength!

Firstly, the Dharma Characteristic Ranking encompa.s.sed almost all the strongest paragons and monster incarnates of Tianhuang Mainland. As the 11th of the Dharma Characteristic Ranking, he had never seen this green-robed cultivator before.

If someone couldn’t even make it onto the Dharma Characteristic Ranking, the person was naturally not qualified to fight him.

Secondly, he was backed by Chaos Essence Sect.

However, this green-robed cultivator did not have any emblem of any sect or faction on him. He was alone and there was a high chance that he was an itinerant cultivator!


If an itinerant cultivator had a treasure that could tempt the Goldeater Rat, what did he have to fear?

Su Zimo frowned slightly and asked, “Hand over what?”

“You have a treasure of Chaos Essence Sect with you!”

Dao Lord Sunset Cloud said coldly, “My demon beast can sense everything clearly. I’d advise you to hand it over obediently and perhaps, you might be able to survive.”

Many cultivators watching sneered internally.

This was clearly nonsense. Even if this green-robed cultivator had Chaos Essence Sect’s treasure, how could a beast differentiate it?

Initially, Su Zimo was puzzled as to what treasure of his the beast set its sights on.

The truly valuable treasures in his possession were the Creation Lotus Platform, Mystic Magnet Mountain and Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads.

However, those three treasures were not made of any metal.

Su Zimo quickly understood.

It was the Green Lotus True Body!

His Green Lotus True Body was made from the stem of the Creation Green Lotus and the leaves of the lotus were his skin. It was created by fusing many connate Dharmic weapons!

Di Yin’s Chaos Essence Bell and Dragon Battling Truncheon.

Dao Being Gla.s.s’s Rainbow Glazed PaG.o.da.

Dao Being Heavenly Dipper’s saber.

Dao Being Zephyr Thunder’s Zephyr Thunder Hammer.

The Goldeater Rat must have sensed the aura of those connate Dharmic weapons!

“Even after all these years, Chaos Essence Sect is still so overbearing in its ways,”

Su Zimo said meaningfully.

If one thought about it carefully, they would be able to tell that something was amiss.

However, Dao Lord Sunset Cloud did not take Su Zimo seriously at all and would naturally not think about what he was implying.

He said proudly, “Chaos Essence Sect has always been like this!”

“I thought that your sect would be more restrained after the death of the Chaos Essence Twin Paragons. To think that you guys haven’t improved at all.”

Su Zimo’s expression turned cold.

“You must have a death wis.h.!.+”

Dao Lord Sunset Cloud narrowed his eyes and suddenly turned murderous!

The other Dao Lords of Chaos Essence Sect had ugly expressions as well.

At that time, Di Yin and Ye Tiancheng were extremely famous and were invincible among their peers. To think that they would be killed by Desolate Martial one after another – that was Chaos Essence Sect’s scar.

But now, the green-robed cultivator before them had actually torn the scar in front of so many cultivators – how could the Chaos Essence Sect cultivators not be enraged?

Su Zimo said indifferently, “It’s best if you guys don’t provoke me. I’m here today because of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple and I don’t want to create unnecessary trouble.”

That was indeed what Su Zimo thought.

The Grand Primordium Ancient Temple was filled with unknowns.

He did not want to engage in a battle with others outside before entering the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple and seeing anything.

Of course, that was also his final warning!

However, that warning enraged Dao Lord Sunset Cloud and the others completely.

“Who are you? How dare you threaten me!”

He slapped his storage bag and summoned a flying sword, piercing it towards Su Zimo.

Turning into a streak of light, the flying sword burst forth with a bedazzling light at an extremely fast speed.

Standing on the spot, Su Zimo did not move at all. In fact, he did not even summon his Dharmic weapon or dodge. However, his eyes burned brightly as he suddenly spoke and said three words.

“I’m Desolate Martial!”

Those words exploded in the crowd like thunder!

Right after, just as the flying sword was about to pierce Su Zimo’s glabella, he extended his fair palm and caught the incoming flying sword!

The flying sword had six Dharmic patterns and was a connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapon.

It was extremely sharp and could slice metal like mud!

Even supreme-grade Dao Lord Dharmic weapons could be severed by a single slash, let alone flesh and blood!

However, under countless gazes, the connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapon was gripped tightly by Su Zimo’s palm and could not move at all!

The most terrifying thing was that there was no blood on Su Zimo’s palm!

In other words, the connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapon did not even manage to pierce Su Zimo’s skin!

He received a connate Dao Lord Dharmic weapon with his body but was completely fine!

How was that possible?

The crowd fell into an uproar.

What shocked many cultivators even more was the words – I’m Desolate Martial!

There was nothing more shocking than those words!

Although there were countless Dao t.i.tles in Tianhuang Mainland, there was only a single person who dared to use the Dao t.i.tle Desolate Martial!

Dao Lord Desolate Martial had arrived in the Middle Continent!

Dao Lord Sunset Cloud was stunned as well.

He had calculated everything and could even imagine how Su Zimo should react – he was even prepared for many follow up attacks.

However, this was the only thing he did not predict.

‘I’m Desolate Martial’… Those words caused a boom in his mind and he was momentarily dazed.

“Not only do I dare to threaten you, I even dare to kill you!”

Su Zimo took advantage of the moment when Dao Lord Sunset Cloud was in a daze and suddenly attacked. He flipped the flying sword in his hands and threw it out, piercing towards Dao Lord Sunset Cloud’s head at an even faster speed!

Dao Lord Sunset Cloud was a paragon ranked 11 on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking after all. In a flash, he reacted and hurriedly condensed his Essence Spirit, controlling the incoming flying sword to deviate to the side.

That flying sword was his Destiny Dharmic Weapon.

Even so, the power of Su Zimo’s sword toss nearly exceeded his control!

The flying sword merely s.h.i.+fted slightly and brushed past Dao Lord Sunset Cloud’s cheek, causing a bloodied wound to appear instantly!

If he had reacted slower, the flying sword would have pierced his head!

Instantly, Dao Lord Sunset Cloud broke out in cold sweat.

There was a boom!

A phantom rose from Dao Lord Sunset Cloud’s body and rose rapidly.

A Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic!

How could Dao Lord Sunset Cloud be careless after knowing Su Zimo’s ident.i.ty? He was prepared to summon his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic right away to protect himself.

However, the moment Su Zimo threw out the flying sword, a blinding sword qi burst forth from his fingertip.

It was a vast expanse of white!

The killing intent was earthshaking!

“Heaven Slaying Sword Art!”


The sword qi entered Dao Lord Sunset Cloud’s glabella and pierced a b.l.o.o.d.y hole in his head. His Essence Spirit was destroyed on the spot and he could not have been more dead!

Before his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic could truly be formed, it was killed by the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi!

The demon beast, the Goldeater Rat, beneath him was sliced into two by the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi as well and died on the spot!

Dao Lord Sunset Cloud’s eyes gradually dimmed.

He was still a step too late.

If he had released his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic, he would not have been defeated so quickly given his combat strength.

Unfortunately, in a fight between experts, an instant was everything.

The moment Sunset Cloud heard the words ‘I’m Desolate Martial’, that momentary lapse of attention was enough to determine his death!

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