Chapter 1259: Four Vajras

“Hahahaha! So, the renowned Dao Lord Desolate Martial is actually a cowardly rat!”

When Elder Lei Lie saw that he could not catch up to Su Zimo, he deliberately roared in laughter to anger the latter.

Su Zimo’s expression did not change and he merely glanced at Elder Lei Lie indifferently without any interest in retorting.

The Grand Primordium Ancient Temple was about to open up and he had no intention of fighting against Conjoint Body Mighty Figures outside for the time being.

Furthermore, he could clearly sense that more than one Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was gathering towards him!

Chaos Essence Sect was not the only one targeting him!

Sects like Zephyr Thunder Palace and Sword Sect wanted to kill him as well and steal his cultivation techniques and secret skills!

The Middle Continent was unlike the North Region.

In the North Region, the factions were still afraid of the Patriarch in his twilight years beneath the Dragon Burial Valley. However, this was the Middle Continent!

Mahayana Patriarchs were not omniscient and omnipotent. The person from Dragon Burial Valley was already in his twilight years and had limited energy. It was impossible for him to know beforehand what danger Su Zimo would face.

Even if he knew, it would be too late.

That was the reason why Elder Lei Lie dared to attack Su Zimo!

“Desolate Martial, how heroic are you to establish the Martial Dao and impart martial arts to all living beings? Aren’t you ashamed now that you’re fleeing like a rat?”

Elder Lei Lie was still unwilling to give up and shouted from behind.

Many cultivators rolled their eyes.

As a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure, he disregarded his status to chase after a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord and wanted the latter to stop. Yet, he was talking to the latter about shame?

In their eyes, Elder Lei Lie was like an exasperated idiot who had lost his mind. There was no hint of the demeanor of a Mighty Figure at all.


Right then, a rumble sounded from the direction of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

The Dharmic power barrier that was initially surrounding the ancient temple gradually disappeared, attracting the attention of countless cultivators.

Even Elder Lei Lie paused in his tracks and turned back.

The Grand Primordium Ancient Temple had opened!

n.o.body wanted to be left behind when the ancient temple opened.

If they could enter the ancient temple first, they might gain the advantage!

Elder Lei Lie was indignant but he could only give up on his pursuit of Su Zimo for the time being. Right now, the most important thing was to enter the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple first!

Frustrated, he turned around to look only to discover that Su Zimo had already made a move before him, transforming into a golden beam of light that sped towards the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple!

“Fellow Daoist Lei Lie, let’s go too,”

Right then, the Mighty Figure of Sword Sect arrived beside Lei Lie.

He had sneaked over earlier on to kill Desolate Martial.

Unfortunately, Desolate Martial seemed to have sensed danger beforehand and managed to avoid his ambush each time.

The Mighty Figure of Sword Sect said, “There’s a higher chance of killing that lad inside the ancient temple!”

“That’s right!”

Elder Lei Lie nodded.

The two of them exchanged glances and moved at the same time, heading towards the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

At that moment, in Jade Toad Ridge, the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple was like a gigantic creature with a gaping mouth as cultivators from all directions swarmed in!

Initially, there were only slightly more than 2,000 cultivators that appeared near the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

However, after the opening of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple, many cultivators hiding in the surroundings appeared one after another and charged into the ancient temple, wanting to fight for their own opportunities!

A single Grand Primordium Ancient Temple had attracted more than 5,000 Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords!

It was clear how flouris.h.i.+ng the cultivation civilization of the Middle Continent was.

There were four entrances to the ancient temple that corresponded to the four directions.

Su Zimo entered through the north gate. When he arrived before the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple, he could sense its grandeur even clearer!

The walls of the ancient temple were made from a gigantic rock without any connecting gaps – it was a work of the G.o.ds!

Su Zimo entered the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple with the crowd warily.

Upon entering the ancient temple, his vision cleared up.

The ancient temple was like a small world of its own within that was extremely s.p.a.cious.

A row of green lanterns were placed beneath the four walls of the ancient temple. There was no oil inside and they were all extinguished.

There were many portraits drawn on the four walls, as though they were legends of the Buddhist monasteries.

Of course, the most striking things on the four walls were the four enraged Vajras in the middle. Their bodies were ma.s.sive and they were 90 feet tall. Standing upright, their eyes were widened and their eyeb.a.l.l.s protruded with a terrifying might!

Legend has it that the Buddhist monasteries had four great Guardian Vajras. Known as the four heavenly kings of the Buddhist monasteries, they were the Country Pillar Heavenly King, Growth Heavenly King, Boundless Vision Heavenly King and Infinite Hearing Heavenly King!

The portraits on the four walls were clearly from that legend of the Buddhist monasteries!

The four Vajras widened their eyes in rage. Although they were only paintings, they exuded endless might. All the cultivators exchanged glances and were shocked, lowering their heads instinctively.

Not to mention Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords, even many Conjoint Body Mighty Figures had weaker auras against the furious gazes of the four Vajras!

Su Zimo felt even stranger.

His spirit perception had been warning him the moment he stepped foot into the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple!

However, in the ancient temple, that warning no longer had much meaning.

That was because Su Zimo could not tell where the danger came from.

It might have originated from the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

It could also be from other cultivators!

The strangest thing was that Su Zimo felt like he was being spied on the moment he entered the ancient temple.

However, he could not tell where the spying sensation came from within the chaotic crowd.

Or rather, it seemed like it came from all directions!

“There’s indeed something evil about this ancient temple!”

Su Zimo frowned and murmured.

Many cultivators had already dispersed.

Some of them sped towards the ancient temple in search of other hidden routes and s.p.a.ce.

Some of them came beneath the walls and looked at the many Buddha statues on the walls, wanting to discover some secret from them.

Some of them came before a stone pillar that could fit ten people and started circling it.

Some cultivators even ran to the green lanterns and examined them carefully, wanting to determine if they were powerful treasures!

Su Zimo stood on the spot motionlessly.

All of a sudden!


Suddenly, a gigantic stone door descended from above the four entrances of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple and sealed them tightly. Instantly, the entire hall fell into darkness!

Everyone present were Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords. Although they could still see their surroundings clearly in the darkness, the sudden change caused quite a stir!

“What’s going on?!”

“What happened?”

“Which one of them triggered a trap by accident?”

The hall was in a mess.


Right then, the green lanterns beneath the walls suddenly lit up. They burned with flames that flickered!

Under the dim lights, the four Vajras looked extremely menacing, as though they were suddenly alive!

Many cultivators were shocked.

A series of exclamations sounded from the crowd!

Even with Su Zimo’s temperament, his expression changed drastically as he gasped and felt chills run down his spine!

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