Chapter 1261: Rivers of Blood

Translator: Legge


Without a second word, the Conjoint Body Mighty Figure arrived before Su Zimo and threw out a punch, releasing a terrifying Heaven and Earth power. The air in the secret chamber turned scorching and suffocating!

At the Conjoint Body realm, one would fuse their Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics into their bodies.

With every single move, he could release the might of Heaven and Earth!

Humans could only truly break free from the foundation of their weak bodies at the Conjoint Body realm and could fight against many ferocious beasts in melee combat!

If a severed arm could be regrown, one could imagine how immense the lifeforce possessed by a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was!

The entire void trembled with that punch!

“Great Sanskrit Light Fist!”

Su Zimo’s gaze intensified and he did not dodge or avoid. Channeling his Essence Spirit, he conjured hand seals and struck the incoming Conjoint Body Mighty Figure.

That single punch was like a blazing sun that shone with endless light, illuminating the entire secret chamber like daylight!

The light possessed a divine and flawless power that seemed like it could cleanse everything!



The fists collided with a deafening bang!

The cultivators were shocked when they saw that.

They had witnessed Su Zimo attack outside the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple before – it was decisive, sharp and powerful.

However, none of them expected that the power that Su Zimo displayed right now was even more terrifying than they had imagined!

He could fight against Conjoint Body Mighty Figures without using his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic!

Even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures had differences in strength.

If he was up against Mighty Figures of super sects such as Elder Lei Lie, Su Zimo could only fight them by summoning his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic.

However, the Conjoint Body Mighty Figure before him was far from that!

“You… ”

The Conjoint Body Mighty Figure was stunned by Su Zimo’s punch.

He had not expected that the power of his punch would not be able to repel a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord, let alone kill him!

Slapping his storage bag with his left hand, Su Zimo conjured a sword art with his right hand and slashed gently at the Mighty Figure.


The Heaven Slaying Sword Qi burst forth!

The Heaven Slaying Sword Qi was way too terrifying and its killing power could even cause the stars in the skies to turn chaotic and alter their trajectories!

If it was any ordinary Dharmic art, a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure could shatter it with his bare hands!

He could break all Dharmic arts with brute force!

However, in the face of the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi, the Mighty Figure felt his scalp tingle and his hairs stood on end!

He could not take it head-on with his body!


Without hesitation, the Mighty Figure made a prompt decision and summoned his Destiny Flying Sword right away.

He wanted to use his Destiny Flying Sword to defend against the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi.

However, Su Zimo had predicted it and was faster than him. He had already thrown the Mystic Magnet Mountain out of his storage bag with his left hand.

The Mystic Magnet Mountain that was a few thousand feet tall descended with a large shadow. It had a terrifying aura and arrived almost at the same time as the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi!

The moment the Destiny Flying Sword of this Mighty Figure was summoned, its trajectory was drawn away by the powerful magnetic force released by the Mystic Magnet Mountain!

The Conjoint Body Mighty Figure’s expression changed starkly.

His Destiny Flying Sword was sucked over by the Mystic Magnet Mountain. At the same time, the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi slashed down. It was too late for the Mighty Figure to change tactics or conjure a Dharmic art.

He had completely lost the initiative!

In that moment of life and death, the Mighty Figure struggled to turn his body and raise his arms to defend against the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi.


Blood gushed out!

Almost without any resistance, the arm of the Mighty Figure was severed by the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi and fell with fresh blood flowing!

This Mighty Figure was a ruthless character as well.

Even after losing an arm, he did not make a sound. Gritting his teeth, he glared at Su Zimo fiercely and retreated, wanting to distance himself from the latter.

However, before he could take two steps, he grunted and blood drained from his face as his body swayed.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, a Conjoint Body Mighty Figure could regrow their severed arm in the blink of an eye.

However, at that moment, the Mighty Figure discovered to his shock that blood did not even stop flowing from his broken arm, let alone grow a new one!

Furthermore, the remnant sword qi around the wound was still tearing his wounds apart and destroying his lifeforce!

That was the terror of the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi.

The three ancient sword arts destroyed life and one could not even regrow their limbs!


Finally, the Mighty Figure could not help but let out a tragic cry. His blood qi was severely depleted and he staggered, almost falling.

Right then, his vision darkened as though a huge shadow had enveloped him.


The Mystic Magnet Mountain descended and suppressed the Mighty Figure beneath it!

The blood qi of this Mighty Figure was almost destroyed by the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi and could not withstand the pressure of the Mystic Magnet Mountain at all.

A Mighty Figure that was almost at the peak of the cultivation world was crushed into a meat sludge without a corpse or spirit before he could even say anything!

The cultivators were moved.

It was too tragic!

To cultivate to the Conjoint Body realm and become a Mighty Figure, one had to experience countless dangers, opportunities and encounters.

Unfortunately, the tragic outcome of dying in a single battle was truly sorrowful.

The path of cultivation was one that defied the heavens and was filled with danger – that was no exaggeration!

After this battle, no one else in the secret chamber dared to challenge Su Zimo!

Although there were still a few other Conjoint Body Mighty Figures, none of them dared to act rashly.

An angry argument sounded from the other side of the secret chamber.

“Great Essence Creation Elixir!”

“Hand it over!”

“I’ll definitely get my hands on that elixir!”

“Let’s see who dares to fight with me!”

Immediately, another Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord from a super sect stood out.

The Great Essence Creation Elixir was also an ancient elixir. It was said that a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord could achieve a minor realm breakthrough just by consuming it!

That was definitely a creation that stole from Heaven and Earth!

Although he had a nagging feeling that something was amiss, Su Zimo’s heart skipped a beat when he heard the name of the Great Essence Creation Elixir!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In order to fight for the Great Essence Creation Elixir, the hundred Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords had already begun fighting. Many Dharmic arts collided and a series of sounds could be heard.

Right then, the few Conjoint Body Mighty Figures in the secret chamber faced off because of an ancient cultivation technique.

“The reason why I’m here is for this torn section. This is an incomplete copy of my Purple Sun Sect that has been lost for many years. Fellow Daoists, please give me some face. My sect will definitely reward you immensely after we leave this place.”

Purple Sun Sect was one of the upper sects of the Middle Continent.

A Mighty Figure of Purple Sun Sect cupped his fists with a hint of pleading in his tone.


A Mighty Figure sneered, “It’s easy for you to say that. The treasures in this ancient temple have no owner and you claim that it belongs to Purple Sun Sect?”

“That’s right!”

Another Mighty Figure nodded. “If you want a treasure, you’ve got to fight for it!”

None of the cultivators who had arrived at the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple wanted to return empty-handed.

The Mighty Figures did not say much before they began fighting as well.

Within the secret chamber, cultivators discovered treasures one after another and battles broke out continuously – it was a mess!

Su Zimo was the only one who could truly stay out of things.

Those cultivators were still rational and none of them dared to provoke him recklessly!

As time pa.s.sed by, more and more cultivators died in that secret chamber with corpses strewn everywhere and grisly blood staining the ground!

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