Chapter 1264: Victory!

Translator: Legge

A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure could regrow a severed arm as well.

Although he would lose a lot of blood qi, it was much better than being burned by the Caturadhi Dao Fire and enduring the torture continuously!

“Watch out!”

Unexpectedly, two hurried yells sounded in his ears – it was a reminder from the Mighty Figures of Sword Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace not far away!

Immediately after, a strong sense of danger surged into his heart!

A white sword qi slashed down with endless killing intent, as though it wanted to slice the void into two!


The Rulai Dharmic Body strode forward and extended a gigantic golden palm that carried the might of the world, crus.h.i.+ng down on Elder Lei Lie!

“Such guts!”

Elder Lei Lie was enraged. “Desolate Martial, you wish to kill me?!”

After he was injured by the Caturadhi Dao Fire, most of his attention was on how he should destroy it. That gave Su Zimo the advantage to initiate!

As for the Mighty Figures of Sword Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace, they were blocked by the Heavenly Fiend Dharma Body and Thunder Dharmic Body and could not render a.s.sistance..

The situation of the three of them surrounding Su Zimo had suddenly turned into a one-on-one fight between Elder Lei Lie and Su Zimo!

This was a form of control over the situation.

There were not many people who could compare to Su Zimo in this aspect.

“Great Chaos Essence Palm!”

Elder Lei Lie raised his intact left arm and released his sect’s secret skill, colliding heavily against the golden palm above his head!

At the same time, he raised his right arm that was burned by the Caturadhi Dao Fire and blocked in front of the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi.


The Heaven Slaying Sword Qi severed Elder Lei Lie’s right arm!

The severed arm fell to the ground. Without the Dharmic powers of the Conjoint Body realm to defend, the Caturadhi Dao Fire intensified and burned the severed arm into ashes instantly!

“Thank you, Desolate Martial!”

Elder Lei Lie sneered.

Up till this point of his cultivation, he had lived for more than 10,000 years and had been through countless battles with rich combat experience.

Earlier on, his intention was to rely on the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi to sever his arm. Not only did he neutralize the sharpness of the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi, he even managed to remove the Caturadhi Dao Fire that was burning on his arm!

No one who could cultivate to the Conjoint Body realm was someone easy to deal with.

“Thank me?”

Su Zimo’s voice sounded behind him in an extremely cold manner. “The gift I’m giving you is still on the way!”

Elder Lei Lie sensed that something was amiss the moment he expressed his thanks!

He wanted to channel his blood qi to regrow his arm.

However, the wound on his arm still had countless sword qi remaining and was tearing his wounds apart with blood flowing endlessly!

Of course, with his Dharmic powers, he could purge the sword qi from his broken arm after resting for a few days.

However, at that moment, he was on the battlefield and Su Zimo had already arrived behind him silently—he did not have the chance at all!

This change completely exceeded Elder Lei Lie’s expectations and had a huge impact on him!

“Fellow Daoists, help me!”

A fl.u.s.tered look flashed through Elder Lei Lie’s eyes as he shouted, “Help me delay this lad for a moment!”

“Too late!”

Su Zimo sneered and suddenly opened his mouth, roaring!


Thunderclap Kill had descended!

This sound domain secret skill was instantaneous and difficult to defend against.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, given Elder Lei Lie’s physique and bloodline, Su Zimo’s Thunderclap Kill would not affect him at all.

But now that Elder Lei Lie’s arm was severed and his blood qi was draining without stopping, he was in a state of panic.

That roar nearly tore his guts!

Elder Lei Lie’s body shuddered and he paused for a moment. Su Zimo seized the opportunity and a green beam of light flew out from his glabella – it was the Creation Lotus Platform.

Reaching out, Su Zimo gripped the Creation Lotus Platform in his palm and smashed it towards Elder Lei Lie’s head!


That smash was solid!

Even with the Green Lotus True Body, it was difficult to break through Elder Lei Lie’s body. However, the Creation Lotus Platform was different.

Even if the Creation Green Lotus was not in its complete form and was merely a lotus platform, its toughness was not something that a body of flesh and blood could defend against.

That single attack split Elder Lei Lie’s head open and flesh splattered everywhere!

A huge chunk of Elder Lei Lie’s head caved in and his skull was mostly shattered!


The crowd gasped.

It was too tragic!

A revered Conjoint Body Mighty Figure of Chaos Essence Sect was beaten to such a state!


An Essence Spirit left the orifice and escaped into the distance with a fl.u.s.tered expression – it was Elder Lei Lie!

However, his Essence Spirit did not manage to escape far before his vision darkened, as though five gigantic mountains were approaching him rapidly!


Elder Lei Lie’s pupils constricted violently and he did not know what happened.

However, it was clear for the bystanders.

Many cultivators had long noticed that the 80-odd feet tall Rulai Dharmic Body had already stood guard before Elder Lei Lie’s Essence Spirit left his body and opened its gigantic palm!

Although Elder Lei Lie’s Essence Spirit escaped, it could not escape from the Rulai Dharmic Body!

The five mountains he saw were merely the fingers of the Rulai Dharmic Body!


The Rulai Dharmic Body closed its fingers and gripped its palm tightly. Instantly, Elder Lei Lie’s Essence Spirit was crushed by the palm of the Rulai Dharmic Body and perished on the spot!

The entire hall froze momentarily.


A Conjoint Body Mighty Figure of Chaos Essence Sect was killed by a Dharma Characteristic Dao Lord—even his Essence Spirit could not escape!

Furthermore, this was a one versus three situation!

Initially, the three Mighty Figures surrounded Su Zimo but could not take him down forcefully. Now that Elder Lei Lie was dead, there were only two Mighty Figures of Sword Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace left.

Su Zimo turned around with a cold gaze. With a single thought, the Rulai Dharmic Body charged over and joined the battle as well.

Three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics fought against two Mighty Figures!

This time round, the Mighty Figures of Sword Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace were already disadvantaged!

From time to time, Su Zimo would release the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi at the side and it was impossible to defend against. As time pa.s.sed by, the two Mighty Figures were pushed back in defeat in a wretched manner.


Before long, the Rulai Dharmic Body obtained an opportunity and punched the Mighty Figure of Sword Sect on the chest, causing his body to fly!

The Mighty Figure of Sword Sect flew a few thousand feet away and smashed against the wall behind him, sliding down slowly. His tendons and bones felt like they were about to split and he had a pained expression.

Of course, that single punch was not enough to threaten his life.

The Mighty Figure of Sword Sect was defeated and the Mighty Figure of Zephyr Thunder Palace was the only one left—he could not defend against the ferocious attacks of the three Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristics!


A flash of blood appeared.

A bloodied wound appeared on the abdomen of the Mighty Figure of Zephyr Thunder Palace and his organs nearly slid out.


Immediately after, the whip of the Thunder Dharmic Body struck the Mighty Figure of Zephyr Thunder Palace and sent him flying as well into the wall.

Both Mighty Figures were defeated!

Su Zimo won against three opponents singlehandedly!


When the Mighty Figure of Zephyr Thunder Palace collided against the wall, it caused the wall to collapse and countless stone slabs fell with dust billowing.

The Mighty Figures of Sword Sect and Zephyr Thunder Palace took advantage of the chaos to escape to the other side of the wall.

Su Zimo sped forward.

He stopped instinctively at the edge of the wall.

On the other side of the wall was another group of cultivators that were trapped in the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple. Right now, they were in a fierce battle with only slightly more than a hundred people left.

Dao Lord Purple Sword of Sword Sect and Monk Black Gold of Diamond Monastery were among them!

Su Zimo frowned.

Something was amiss!

The strange feeling spiraling in his heart intensified!

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