Chapter 1266: Everything Is Dharmic

There was naturally a reason why Monk Black Gold was able to reach second on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking a thousand years ago.


His blood qi surged and the sound of a tsunami echoed from his body!

With the help of the diamond heart, Monk Black Gold’s bloodline reached the realm of tsunami blood!

“Desolate Martial, hand over the Buddha Beads and I’ll spare your life!”

He strode towards Su Zimo with huge strides and his eyes bulged slightly. They were menacing and shone with a resplendent golden light!

He even used the visual technique of Diamond Monastery!

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind as he looked at Monk Black Gold.

Suddenly, his hand that was holding the Buddha Beads trembled.

Unexpectedly, Su Zimo suddenly threw the two Buddha Beads in his hands over!


This sudden change stunned many cultivators.

Desolate Martial had always been domineering—how could he have been scared into submission by a single sentence from Monk Black Gold?

Or could it be that Desolate Martial was truly exhausted and could no longer fight?

Many cultivators were puzzled.

However, everyone quickly cast those doubts aside and attacked one after another to fight for the Buddha Beads.

The battle was completely ignited!

On the other hand, Su Zimo became an outsider and stood outside the battlefield. A look of shock flashed through his eyes as he murmured softly, “Fake, it’s all fake.”

He had long sensed that something was amiss.

Everything seemed to have gone too smoothly.

From the moment they entered the secret chamber, every cultivator could find what they wanted without spending much effort.

Initially, Su Zimo merely thought that the treasures in the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple were truly endless.

However, he only came to a gradual realization after he fought Monk Black Gold and thought about the Diamond Sutra thereafter.

The Diamond Sutra was a secret manual of Diamond Monastery that Su Zimo had never cultivated before.

However, in the Dao Inheritance Ground, he obtained some legacies of the Buddhist monasteries. Among them, there was a Mighty Figure of the Buddhist monasteries who mentioned something about the Diamond Sutra.

Su Zimo opened his mouth gently and said a verse of the sutra, “Everything is Dharmic and illusory like a dream. Like dew and lightning, everything is merely fleeting.”

Although the verse was ordinary, every single word seemed to possess a mysterious power.

As the verse was chanted, the scene before Su Zimo changed continuously before coming to a stop!

There was no secret chamber or treasure before him.

He was still in the grand hall he arrived in when he just entered the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple. On the walls were the four humongous and menacing Vajras.

The green lights flickered sinisterly beneath the walls!

Nothing changed!

N-None of them had left the hall!

Everywhere Su Zimo looked, he could see countless corpses and fresh blood. The entire hall was dyed red with blood and the stench of blood filled the air!

He saw Monk Black Gold, Dao Lord Purple Sword, the Mighty Figure of Sword Sect and the Mighty Figure of Zephyr Thunder Palace.

Those people were still fighting.


Monk Black Gold reared his head in wild laughter. “I’ve got it! The Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads are mine!”

Su Zimo looked at everything in shock and felt chills run down his spine.

In Monk Black Gold’s hands, there were no Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads—there were two bloodied eyeb.a.l.l.s!

However, Monk Black Gold and all the cultivators present, including Su Zimo earlier on, fell into a hallucination and thought that the two eyeb.a.l.l.s were the Mingw.a.n.g Prayer Beads!

“This is the ancient Overlord Spear of Overlord Palace. Anyone who dares to fight for it is going against Overlord Palace!”

A Dao Lord of the fiend sects possessed torrential fiend flames and killed in all directions.

However, what he was wielding was not the ancient Overlord Spear, but a bone that had appeared out of nowhere!

A cultivator hid in a corner, drinking blood from the ground in huge mouthfuls. However, he mumbled, “The heavens are truly on my side. To think that I would find a primordial divine spring in this ancient temple!”


Everyone had gone crazy!

Within that illusion, nothing could be seen clearly.

The only way one could make out everything that was happening in the hall clearly was if they got out!

All the treasures were fake.

However, the fights between the cultivators were real.

There were at least 5,000 cultivators who entered the hall but now, there were less than 1,000 left!

Furthermore, that number was still decreasing rapidly!

Suddenly, Su Zimo recalled something and hurriedly took out the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir he had obtained from his storage bag.

It was the same as what he had seen.

In other words, the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir was real!

The entire place was a mix of truth and fiction.

True and fake, everything was a dream-like fantasy.

At that moment, Su Zimo was in a daze and could not figure it out.

What was even more frightening was who set this trap and dragged the 5,000-odd cultivators who entered the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple inside it!

Even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures could not break free from that illusion!

Even with Su Zimo’s Dao heart, he was deceived for a long time before waking up!

Who was it?!

What was his cultivation realm?

Dharma Characteristic realm?

Conjoint Body realm?

Why did he set up such a trap?!

Suddenly, Su Zimo recalled the many legends about the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple. He vaguely realized that there was something wrong with the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple to begin with!

All these years, cultivators who died in the ancient temple most likely died in their own hallucinations without waking up!

The battle continued.

Even Monk Black Gold who was ranked second on the Dharma Characteristic Ranking was killed by a Mighty Figure after killing many cultivators consecutively and died on the spot!

Even at death’s door, Monk Black Gold did not break free from his hallucinations and was still indignant with widened eyes.

It was impossible for Su Zimo to wake the cultivators from their hallucinations!

The moment he approached them, the cultivators seemed to be agitated and attacked him wildly, thinking that he was here to fight for their treasures.

In reality, the so-called treasures were merely bones and broken limbs.

Some of the cultivators even held a severed head like a treasure with intoxicated expressions.

His spirit perception warned him repeatedly!

His spirit perception had been warning him ever since he stepped foot into the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

However, Su Zimo could not sense where the danger was at all!

He had already obtained the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir and right now, the only thing on his mind was to leave this Grand Primordium Ancient Temple that was even more terrifying than h.e.l.l!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Su Zimo avoided some cultivators and struck continuously against the four stone doors of the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

However, he could not shake the stone doors with his strength!

He could not get out!

A sinister wind suddenly blew in the sealed hall!

Su Zimo felt a chill run down his spine as though someone was approaching him. Hurriedly, he summoned his Creation Lotus Platform and it hovered above his head as he turned around.

There was nothing.

Taking a deep breath of air, Su Zimo stabilized his Dao heart and chanted internally, “Everything is Dharmic and illusory like a dream. Like dew and lightning, everything is merely fleeting.”

Immediately after, he felt his hairs stand on end!

He merely chanted that sentence internally.

However, he truly heard that sentence as every single word reverberated through the hall!

It was a completely foreign voice!

It was round, calm and pure with a unique magnetism.

However, to Su Zimo, it sounded like the voice of a demon from h.e.l.l that sent chills down his spine!

Apart from him who was awake and could say those words, there was another person awake in the hall—it was most likely the person who set the trap!

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