Chapter 1267: Truth

Su Zimo did not move at all and tried his best to remain calm as his eyes shone with a cold glint.

The voice was erratic and he could not determine where the person who set up the trap was!

Furthermore, only he could hear that voice.

The other cultivators in the ancient temple were still immersed in their hallucinations as they fought and ma.s.sacred one another – none of them heard the voice.

“Fellow Daoist, you sure are capable to be able to comprehend an illusion secret skill as such from the Diamond Sutra!”

Suddenly, Su Zimo spoke.

Although he had not cultivated the Diamond Sutra before, he knew that it was a body tempering technique of Diamond Monastery.

Throughout history, there had never been a monk of Diamond Monastery that comprehended such a secret skill from the Diamond Sutra.

One could imagine the level of comprehension and talent the person who set this trap had!

There were many different types of illusion techniques in the cultivation world.

The sect that was best at illusion techniques was the fiend sect, Illusion Fiend Cult.

However, Su Zimo had fought against the paragons of Illusion Fiend Cult before and even their secret skills could not bewitch him!

Up till this point of his cultivation, Su Zimo had never encountered such a terrifying illusion technique!

In truth, he had been extremely cautious the moment he entered the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple.

Even so, he was still tricked.

In fact, even now, he could not figure out when the illusion technique descended. Was it after he entered the ancient temple or after he s.n.a.t.c.hed the Nine Revolutions Soul Return Elixir?

The person who set this trap gave Su Zimo a feeling that he was more terrifying than all the enemies he had encountered in the past!

Di Yin and Dao Lord Hatred did not give him the same pressure as this person either.

This was an extremely dangerous existence!

In fact, Su Zimo knew nothing about him.

He was only making a preliminary guess that the person who set this trap was most likely an expert of the Buddhist monasteries!

Su Zimo’s sudden statement was partly due to his shock at the methods of the person who laid the trap. At the same time, he was testing the waters to try and locate the person who laid the trap.


The voice laughed and asked, “Are you looking for me?”

Although Su Zimo was expressionless, his heart stirred!

He still could not find the latter!

There was no way for him to fight!

Right from the beginning, the person who set the trap had been taking the initiative to lead him and everyone else by the nose.

Right then, Su Zimo felt like he was being spied on!

Suddenly, he turned around and focused his gaze.

That single look caused his pupils to constrict!

On the wall on the east side of the ancient temple, the 90 feet tall Country Pillar Vajra actually walked down from the wall. He was dressed in white armor and held a pipa as he glared at Su Zimo angrily!


Su Zimo gasped.

One of the four Vajras came alive!

This was definitely not a hallucination!

Suddenly, Su Zimo recalled something.

Ever since he entered the ancient temple, he had a feeling that he was being spied on but he could not find the source.

Now that he thought about it, the feeling of being spied on came from this Guardian Vajra!

Clang! Clang!

Suddenly, the Country Pillar Vajra hugged his pipa and strummed his fingertips against the strings, letting out an ear-piercing sound of metal clas.h.i.+ng that contained a steely killing intent!

Frowning, Su Zimo felt a sharp pain in his ears and could not help but grunt.

Dozens of cultivators that were fighting around the vicinity of the Country Pillar Vajra suddenly stopped with stiff expressions.

Poof! Poof! Poof!

Immediately after, streaks of blood appeared on the faces and bodies of the dozens of cultivators and exploded into blood mists!

If Su Zimo could not withstand the sound of the pipa even with his physique, the outcome of the other cultivators was imaginable!

All of a sudden!

Sensing something, Su Zimo looked to the other side.

On the southern wall, a 90 feet tall figure walked down with a terrifying aura.

The Growth Vajra!

This figure was green and wore armor. Wielding a sword, he was filled with killing intent!

The sword slashed forward!

More than a hundred cultivators in front of him were severed at the waist. In fact, there were even Conjoint Body Mighty Figures among them as endless blood splattered in a shocking manner!

What was even more frightening was that the cultivators were still hallucinating and could not break free even till their deaths.


Right then, a loud dragon roar sounded from the west!

He turned towards the voice.

The Boundless Vision Vajra on the west wall had come to life as well.

Dressed in red armor, there was a scarlet divine dragon coiling around his muscular arm. It opened its gigantic mouth and let out a deafening roar!

The moment the scarlet dragon flew out, it opened its mouth and swallowed the dozens of cultivators that stood in its way instantly—there was no blood even!

Dozens of Dharma Characteristic Dao Lords were devoured!

The number of cultivators in the Grand Primordium Ancient Temple decreased.

Su Zimo turned around once more and looked at the north wall.

True enough!

The Infinite Hearing Vajra on the north wall had already arrived as well.

He was 90 feet tall and was green, wearing armor as well. He wielded a treasure umbrella that seemed like it could cover the skies!

When the Infinite Hearing Vajra released his arm, the umbrella spun out.

The hundred-odd cultivators enveloped by the umbrella were suddenly sucked towards it by a powerful suction force!

It was as though there was an endless abyss beneath the umbrella that devoured all the cultivators present without any corpse left!

The four Guardian Vajras were all alive!

To be precise, right from the beginning, the four Guardian Vajras were not dead objects or merely drawings on the walls!

Hundreds of cultivators were killed instantly the moment the four of them made a move!

There were less than 500 cultivators alive in the hall!

The four Guardian Vajras were way too terrifying!

Even with Su Zimo’s cultivation, he felt suffocated against the might of the four Guardian Vajras.

Were the four Guardian Vajras the ones who set the trap?

Something was amiss!

There must be something wrong!

The four Guardian Vajras were legends of the Buddhist monasteries. Even if they were real, they should have been in the upper world and definitely not Tianhuang Mainland!

Otherwise, they would no longer be mere legends.

There would definitely be clear records of them in the ancient books of the Buddhist monasteries in Tianhuang Mainland!

In other words, the four Guardian Vajras before him were definitely not the legendary four Vajras of the Buddhist monasteries!

However, Su Zimo was convinced that everything he saw was not a hallucination.

The ma.s.sacre of the four Guardian Vajras earlier on was real as well!

Without taking a step forward, the four Guardian Vajras glared at Su Zimo. A mocking look flashed through their eyes as they wanted to see if Su Zimo could guess the final answer.

All of a sudden!

A thought flashed through Su Zimo’s mind.

That single thought was extremely terrifying and he felt chills run down his spine because of it!

However, the more he thought about it, the more likely it was the truth!

Indeed, the four Guardian Vajras before him were not the legendary four Vajras of the Buddhist monasteries.

That was because the four Guardian Vajras before him were all 90 feet tall Supreme Dharma Characteristics!

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