Chapter 1274: Ungrateful

Middle Continent, bamboo forest, wooden house.

“Pianran, you seem a little distracted these past few days. What’s on your mind?” Yan Beichen asked softly with a concerned expression.

Qin Pianran frowned slightly with a hint of worry in her eyes. “For some reason, I’ve been feeling uneasy recently.”

After pausing for a moment, she revealed a smile and pretended to be relaxed. “Beichen, you don’t have to worry. It’s nothing much. It should be fine after a couple of days.”


However, Yan Beichen had a grim expression as he shook his head. “That’s an impulse. Given your cultivation, there won’t be such a sign for no reason!”

“That doesn’t make sense. I’ve already faked my death to escape and even returned the Asura Saber. How can there be any danger?”

“Furthermore, even if there’s danger, it’ll be difficult to find this place.”

Yan Beichen fell into deep thought and his gaze inadvertently landed on Qin Pianran. His heart skipped a beat.

“What’s wrong?”

Qin Pianran asked.

Yan Beichen was once the t.i.tular disciple of Asura Sect and had seen too many bloodshed and scheming people. At that moment, he already had a guess.

There were only two possibilities if the two of them were exposed.

Someone had either followed his tracks or leads about Qin Pianran!

He did not leave any Destiny Symbols in Asura Sect.

However, it was different for Qin Pianran!

“Let’s leave this place first!”

Yan Beichen was decisive and stood up, grabbing Qin Pianran’s hand and heading outside.

Qin Pianran did not ask further either.

The two of them had long decided to be with one another for life. She believed in Yan Beichen and would follow him wherever he went.

Yan Beichen had just brought Qin Pianran out of the wooden house when he paused with a terrible expression.

Not far ahead, a figure in white robes with a long sword on his back stood like an unsheathed sword with sharp brows and eyes!

However, that figure seemed to be one with the world.

“Senior Brother!”

Qin Pianran also saw that person and exclaimed in shock.

The white-robed sword cultivator was none other than the t.i.tular disciple of Sword Sect, Dao Lord Immortal Sword!

Or rather, Immortal Sword was no longer a t.i.tular disciple of Sword Sect.

That was because the aura he emanated had clearly surpa.s.sed the Dharma Characteristic realm— he was at the Conjoint Body realm and had become a Mighty Figure!

For some people, the immense setbacks they suffered could cause them to die and fade into the

However, there were some people who could temper themselves continuously through setbacks to make their swords sharper and stronger!

Immortal Sword was clearly the latter.

Back in Thousand Demon Valley, he had failed in the fight for the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

Thereafter, in Hundred Refinement Sect, he was defeated by the Extreme Fire and was suppressed domineeringly. Even his Heaven and Earth Dharma Characteristic was shattered!

Later on, outside Hundred Refinement Sect, he was hunted by Yan Beichen who had just entered the Dharma Characteristic realm and almost died. Eventually, he managed to escape with the help of Qin Pianran.

Even the consecutive setbacks could not crush him.

Instead, he cultivated wholeheartedly all these years and had already entered the Conjoint Body realm!

Yan Beichen’s expression was terrible.

Even if he was in his peak condition, there was no way he could be a match for Immortal Sword who was at the Conjoint Body realm, let alone the fact that his Essence Spirit was severely injured!

Piak! Piak! Piak!

A series of clapping sounds could be heard from the other side of the bamboo forest.

Yan Beichen swept his gaze and his heart sank.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. There’s no wonder why he’s the Asura. Even after his Essence Spirit is injured, he’s able to sense danger beforehand.”

The intruder sighed and shook his head. “Unfortunately, it’s too late.”

The intruder was the t.i.tular disciple of Cloud Rain Sect, Dao Lord Cloud Rain!

Back when Yan Beichen attacked Dao Lord Immortal Sword and the other eight Dao Lords, apart from Qin Pianran, only Dao Lord Immortal Sword and Dao Lord Cloud Rain managed to escape.

How could the two t.i.tular disciples let things go after suffering such humiliation?!

Right now, the four of them in that battle were all here.

However, Qin Pianran was now by Yan Beichen’s side.

Immortal Sword’s gaze landed on Yan Beichen and Qin Pianran’s clenched fists. With a dark expression, he said slowly, “Asura, aren’t you dead? You seem to be living well.”

“Immortal Sword, Cloud Rain. There’s nothing much to say now that things have come to this,”

Against Dao Lord Hatred, Yan Beichen even tried to beg the other party to let him off. However, against Immortal Sword, he knew that he would only humiliate himself.

“Back then, I was the one who tried to kill you guys. It has nothing to do with her,”

Yan Beichen released Qin Pianran’s hand. “All these years, she was also captured by me and can’t leave. It’s not her fault.”


Qin Pianran’s heart ached.

She could tell that Yan Beichen only said that to protect her because he knew he was going to die.

“Pfft, pfft. Beichen. That sure is endearing,”

Dao Lord Cloud Rain waved his folding fan and said eccentrically.

His gaze swept across Qin Pianran brazenly. “Dao Brother Immortal Sword, given my experience, this woman is no longer a virgin. Sigh…”

A layer of frost had already covered Immortal Sword’s face.

Although he had no feelings for Qin Pianran, there was no way he could tolerate this woman throwing herself into someone else’s embrace!

When he heard Dao Lord Cloud Rain say that, he felt even more humiliated!

“Senior Brother, I-I’ve already left the cultivation world with Beichen. We won’t have anything to do with it anymore.”

Qin Pianran begged bitterly, “Senior Brother, please show mercy and let us off.”

“Shut up!”

Immortal Sword had a menacing expression as he hollered, “How dare you speak to me like that, lowlife! How dare you call me senior brother!”

Qin Pianran’s face turned pale at the mention of ‘lowlife’.

No matter what, she and Immortal Sword were from the same sect and could be considered as childhood sweethearts. In fact, they were the envy of everyone in Sword Sect.

In exchange for that friends.h.i.+p of thousands of years, she was given that vicious insult.

A look of rage surged into Yan Beichen’s eyes as well as he shouted, “Immortal Sword, are you worthy of being a t.i.tular disciple of Sword Sect?”

“Back then, Pianran saved you in Hundred Refinement Sect! Outside Hundred Refinement Sect, if she had not attacked, you would have been killed by me!”

“Anyone in this world can curse Pianran, but you’re the only one who isn’t qualified!”

Immortal Sword sneered, “Do you think you can kill me? Even without that lowlife, I could have left unscathed!”

This time round, Dao Lord Cloud Rain did not say anything.

At that time, he was on the battlefield and naturally saw everything clearly. If not for Qin Pianran, Immortal Sword would have been a dead man!

Dao Lord Cloud Rain curled his lips and sneered internally, “Immortal sects and orthodox sects? Even those of the fiend sects can’t match up to someone as ungrateful as him.”

Now that he was on the same side as Immortal Sword, there was naturally no way he would say something like that.

“To think that once upon a time, I was ranked alongside someone like you as the Asura. That sure disgusts me!” Yan Beichen spat.

“You’re no longer qualified of being ranked alongside me,”

Immortal Sword said coldly, “Because dead people are not qualified!”

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